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Here's Part 6 that I forgot to promote because my scheduling messed up on me.


Before you watch Part 8, watch Parts 5-7 first, starting with the one where a sample was used.


Streaming Splatoon 2's Splatfest! Pancakes vs. Waffles!


Lastly, here's Part 4, which came out yesterday!


Here's also Part 3 from last week!


I forgot to share Parts 2-4, so I'm going to be spamming for a bit. Enjoy Part 2 from last week!


It's a brand new year. Time for a brand new Let's Play! Enjoy Part 1 of Sonic Adventure DX!


So this is my next Let's Play for Next Monday. Subscribe to VirtuaKazamaLP on YouTube!


Here's what I have planned for 2019 in regards to Let's Plays, Fighting Games, and more!!


I'm thankful I didn't release the blog yet now that I got the news that DOA6 is delayed by two weeks.


Disregard the last message about the wall game in DOA6. It's based on certain moves that you can hold out from, not all of it.


It seems you could hold out of wall stun in DOA6, just like in DOA4. A feature that I'm NOT looking forward to...


The 16th Beat-Tribe Cup (Virtua Fighter Month)

Two years ago when I did VF Month, I made a blog based on the history of the Beat-Tribe Cup series, covering from the Athena Cup of the 1990s to the series that we know and love today. The last Beat-Tribe Cup tournament that was held ...


The last blog for VF Month is done and ready to be posted on Friday. Right now, I'm currently making another Fighting Games & DLC article as we speak.


After my performance at NEC19, I need to make changes. I need to stop choking during matches because I'm giving up easy wins. Self-Confidence wasn't there for some reason.


VF in Pop Culture (Virtua Fighter Month)

In 2011, AlexMD made an interesting post on VFDC compiling the franchise’s involvement in pop culture. It was resurfaced once again due to Akira’s appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as an Assist Trophy. Virtua Fighte...


Streaming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: World of Light!


Streaming Super Smash Bros Ultimate this Friday! Will be unlocking characters on stream, but need to pick one of three options.


The Quest to GIT GUD Series

When I revamped my main channel last year, I made a pledge to make more fighting game videos after I’d get settled. So I decided to create a series dedicated to showing my progress in fighting games, and also seeing the fun of l...


New blog is coming tomorrow based on The Quest to GIT GUD. Speaking of which, here's Episode 3, which I should have promoted earlier.


Because I forgot to promote Episode 2, here it is. Episode 3 is also out, which I didn't promote either.


Good to see Kokoro and Lisa back. NiCO... is interesting.


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