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The good news: I unlocked everything in Sonic Mania. All I need to do is finish Knuckles' run, then I gotta do Tails next. Sonic & Tails run is already 100% done.


Sonic Mania is now my new favorite 2D Sonic game of all time. This game is too fun for me.


The next blog will be released on September 25.


Looks like Tekken 7 has the highest number of entrants at Summer Jam XI. Street Fighter V is 3rd highest.


Two things I'd like to say. #1: New blog coming out tomorrow. #2: I will be going to MAGFest 2018.


I swear... the mid boss theme from Sonic Mania gives off a Michael Jackson vibe. Like how MJ composed music from Sonic 3.


MASTER, a longtime DOA veteran known for using Hayabusa, has been named the new Community Manager for Team Ninja. I wish him the best of luck in his new path!


We found my frog! But it's not over yet...


So we got a Splatfest incoming. Mayo vs. Ketchup. And a new weapon.


Dear Claudio players in Tekken 7... His hopkick is unsafe on block. If I block it, I will punish it. Sincerely, your friendly neighborhood tiger tamer.


Do you remember your first girlfriend?


Tournaments like EVO are the main reasons why I love fighting games.


I lost it completely when Geese Howard appeared in Tekken 7!


EVO & 3D Fighters

Since 1996, EVO is known for producing one of the world’s best fighting game tournaments, starting with Street Fighter. By 2003, EVO expanded to more fighters from 2D and 3D since it was previously known for holding various tour...


New blog will be up by tomorrow, just in time for EVO. But until then, enjoy this video.


Audio will be fixed in the next video. But enjoy.


Tekken 7 released a new patch today. This fixed the Eliza infinite, fixed the volume for Tekken 1-4 songs, characters received bug fixes, and more.


Next weekend is Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3's final appearance at EVO.


Happy 4th of July! As usual, there will be a blog about EVO and it will be coming out next week. This is focused on the 3D fighters that made it to EVO.


Sundays finals lineup for EVO goes as follows: UMvC3 first, then Blazblue, followed by Tekken 7, then Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, and finally Street Fighter V.


Final Number of Registrants for EVO 2017. SF5: 2622, Smash 4: 1515, Melee: 1435, Tekken 7: 1278, Injustice 2: 883, GGXrd Rev2: 827, UMvC3: 648, Blazblue: 499, KOF14: 375


Tekken 7 has hit the 1000 mark in terms of number of registrants at EVO 2017.


So Gundam Versus will be at EVO as part of the AnimEVO lineup.


Happy 21st Anniversary to the Nintendo 64 and Super Mario 64. Also, Happy 26th Anniversary to Sonic The Hedgehog.


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