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In case anyone missed the news, Team Ninja ended the support for the DOA5 series. Hayashi mentioned that the DOA team is currently active.


After DOA5 Last Round Top 8 finishes at NEC 18, there will be a surprise announcement by Team Ninja.


My last time playing Sonic Mania for the LP channel. Here's me playing & Knuckles mode.


While the next blog of VF Month is coming up this Friday, enjoy this short article I did on VFDC on WWE's Asuka and Virtua Fighter 5! https://virtuafighter.com/threads/wwes-asuka-virtua-fighter-5.20374/


More info on SoulCalibur VI. Gameplay is a callback to SoulCalibur II and an improvement over SoulCalibur V's mechanics.


So here's something I didn't know. WWE's Asuka was one of the motion actors for Virtua Fighter 5.


Sakura returns in Street Fighter V! Same with Blanka, Cody, and Sagat!


Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection has been announced. 12 SF games from SF1 to 3rd Strike will be included. SF2 Hyper Fighting, SSF2 Turbo, SFA3, and 3rd Strike will have online play.


Based on the SoulCalibur VI's gameplay, the meter returns. However it's not as bad as it was on SC5. For instance, Guard Impact is meterless now. Also, breaking throws doesn't damage you, and it builds meter.


So, SoulCalibur VI is a soft-reboot of the first SoulCalibur game. Expect to see old favorites back.


What a week this has been. Mega Man returns, and now we got a new SoulCalibur? Dude... I am so ready for 2018!


So I'm gonna be taking Q&A from you guys on Virtua Fighter Month. Got any questions about VF (characters, games, story, etc.), I'll make sure to answer them.


Streaming VF4 and VF4 Evolution. https://www.twitch.tv/virtuakazama


Based on what I learned on stream, Geese's Rage Art is an unblockable high in Tekken 7. Duck that shit, please.


Streaming Geese Howard! https://www.twitch.tv/virtuakazama


Geese Howard is out on Tekken 7. Virtua Fighter Month is tomorrow. NEC is in three weeks. I got work to do.


VF Month begins this Friday! Here's a livestream I broadcasted on Facebook back in February with VF5R.


FGC veteran Ryan Hart posted the 20 habits of leveling up in fighting games.


Happy Thanksgiving! The final part of Sonic Mania (Knuckles Run) is up!


If you are watching Somecallmejohnny's stream, hear his rage. R.I.P. Headphone users. https://clips.twitch.tv/HardBlightedCougarAllenHuhu


Well... Marina finally won a Splatfest for once.


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