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Streaming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: World of Light!


Streaming Super Smash Bros Ultimate this Friday! Will be unlocking characters on stream, but need to pick one of three options.


The Quest to GIT GUD Series

When I revamped my main channel last year, I made a pledge to make more fighting game videos after I’d get settled. So I decided to create a series dedicated to showing my progress in fighting games, and also seeing the fun of l...


New blog is coming tomorrow based on The Quest to GIT GUD. Speaking of which, here's Episode 3, which I should have promoted earlier.


Because I forgot to promote Episode 2, here it is. Episode 3 is also out, which I didn't promote either.


Good to see Kokoro and Lisa back. NiCO... is interesting.


Streaming Splatoon 2 Splatfest: Salsa vs. Guacamole!


In the name of the Moon... you catchin' these hands! Enjoy the playthrough of Sailor Moon for the Arcades!


So I have four blogs ready for Virtua Fighter Month next month. I think I'd do something for its 25th Anniversary.


Well, I got VF Month planned for next month, and I already see Akira Yuki as an assist trophy in Smash Ultimate.


If you wanna know how Day 1 went in SC6... it was rocky. Enjoy Episode 1 of The Quest to GIT GUD: SoulCalibur VI!


So I'll be competing at three fighting game tournaments coming up: Live & Let Die in November, NEC in December, and Winter Brawl in February.


I may or may not do a Splatfest stream this weekend due to SoulCalibur VI, but we'll see.


It has been a long time since I did a fighting game stream. Here's a replay from the SoulCalibur VI Beta Network Test.


So I'm releasing a video from my SoulCalibur VI stream replay that was done two weeks ago. Until then, enjoy the final Sonic Mania Plus video.


Bass, Tina, and Mila return in DOA6. This is the first trailer that has an English Dub.


Forgot to promote the finale of Sonic Mania Plus. Either way, it was WAY PAST COOL.


Streaming SoulCalibur VI Beta!


The Sonic Mania Plus Let's Play is almost over. But after that, that will be my last long LP project until next year because I need to get back into making fighting game videos again.


Tails has a fear of thunderstorms. Here's Part 19 of Sonic Mania Plus!


Mighty is GOOD. Here's Part 18 of Sonic Mania Plus!


We get Sonic back in Part 17 of Sonic Mania Plus!


I failed to mention this last weekend, but September 13, 2013, was the year I first started competing in fighting game tournaments.


Nintendo Direct was actually pretty go- OH NO, SONIC! Enjoy Part 16. Sorry about the choppy framerate.


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