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So I'll be competing at three fighting game tournaments coming up: Live & Let Die in November, NEC in December, and Winter Brawl in February.


I may or may not do a Splatfest stream this weekend due to SoulCalibur VI, but we'll see.


It has been a long time since I did a fighting game stream. Here's a replay from the SoulCalibur VI Beta Network Test.


So I'm releasing a video from my SoulCalibur VI stream replay that was done two weeks ago. Until then, enjoy the final Sonic Mania Plus video.


Bass, Tina, and Mila return in DOA6. This is the first trailer that has an English Dub.


Forgot to promote the finale of Sonic Mania Plus. Either way, it was WAY PAST COOL.


Streaming SoulCalibur VI Beta! https://twitch.tv/virtuakazama


The Sonic Mania Plus Let's Play is almost over. But after that, that will be my last long LP project until next year because I need to get back into making fighting game videos again.


Tails has a fear of thunderstorms. Here's Part 19 of Sonic Mania Plus!


Mighty is GOOD. Here's Part 18 of Sonic Mania Plus!


We get Sonic back in Part 17 of Sonic Mania Plus!


I failed to mention this last weekend, but September 13, 2013, was the year I first started competing in fighting game tournaments.


Nintendo Direct was actually pretty go- OH NO, SONIC! Enjoy Part 16. Sorry about the choppy framerate.


I have a pinball addiction. Part 15 of Sonic Mania Plus is now live!


We finally come back to Sonic Mania Plus as we take on Encore Mode!


How is my experience in Mega Man games? Not that good... Enjoy!


We play one more game for SAGE 2018! Enjoy Sonic Z-Treme!


I am so happy that my DOA main, Marie-Rose, is back in DOA6 once again!


After playing the Mega Man 11 demo, I almost had Block Man beat. It's a fun game, but difficult for first-timers. And this is coming from a guy who rarely played Mega Man growing up.


Continuing on from the SAGE 2018 train, we take a look at Sonic Advance Revamped! Enjoy!


We interrupt this Sonic Mania Plus Let's Play for one of three SAGE 2018 fangames that I'm playing for this channel. The first game I'm playing from that channel is the fanmade remake of Sonic Chaos!


My optimism is gone on this one. Part 13 of Sonic Mania Plus is out!


Well... fighting game talk on Part 12 of Sonic Mania Plus.


I forgot to share Part 11 and 12. Here's Part 11 of the Sonic Mania Plus LP.


I need to prepare for Virtua Fighter Month soon.


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