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Good golly Miss Molly, it's FFXV Cup Noodle ASMR.


WEIRD video game product placements. 😱


LOL indeed. Cid's carefree existence vs. the emo-miasma wrapping itself around, well, everyone else in FFVII, brings back fond memories of the Tifa vs. Aerith YT video I made with my mom. (^^) 🎥 ➡ https://youtu.be/piaCYkmXOGQ 🚀


Why is K.K. Slider the only naked animal in Animal Crossing?


K.K. Slider confirmed to be an exhibitionist

As an inspired young animal says in the accompanying image, "I'm going to challenge myself a bit too! First, I'll have to get naked like K.K. Slider..." At last, K.K.'s shameless nude performances have been acknowledged for what they a...


Pokemon series cracks 300 million units shipped

The Pokemon franchise hit a new milestone this month, cracking over 300 million software units shipped of its roster of 76 games (including spin-offs). That's a big number. For comparison, the Grand Theft Auto series has shipped over 2...


Tight remix. Also, are you familiar with the controversy surrounding Michael Jackson's involvement with the Sonic 3 soundtrack? Here's a Huffington Posts story that's worth a read: http://testkitchen.huffingtonpost.com/michaeljacksonsonic/#2/


Nothing needs to be said about this trailer for Episode Ignis other than that if you love Final Fantasy XV, then you NEED to watch it!


Upcoming PS4 exclusive「Death end re;Quest」(nice name, guys) now has a release date: March 1, 2018. 💙 Are you a fan of the Re: series? https://www.famitsu.com/news/201710/24144574.html


The Switch is switched on

The Nintendo Switch is running amok on the sales front. Here's a recap of some fun facts that have come to light in the past few months: → Two-thirds of September game hardware sales were comprised of Nintendo products (Switch, 3...


Team Rocket invades Southern Japan

Southern Japan's Saga Prefecture has partnered with Team Rocket for a big "Sagaprise" next month. ðŸ¦„ On what appears to be the prefecture's official website at first glance, Meowth can be seen lurking above a pink button that r...


Japanese rental chain Tsutaya closing stores

    According to the article in linked to below, in just two months, Japanese book / DVD / CD / game rental and sales chain Tsutaya has closed over 29 shops across Japan. Wowzers. Now on to my thoughts on this spankfest. In...


Bandai employee jacked 2億円 (~$2M) of company $ over 4 years for food & drink & just got spanked. In typical Japanese fashion, prez is taking a 30% paycut for 3 months. 11 more execs taking cuts too http://www3.nhk.or.jp/shutoken-news/20171018/0001972.


"Darkness approaches". Well, this trailer was a tad darker and more dramatic than I anticipated. :-)


TCG sales in Japan are down more than 40% in Sep. 2017 compared to Sep. 2016. Sad to see the physical card market weaken but the digital TCG age is well underway. Sucks to be a card shop owner right now. (;-;) http://blog.esuteru.com/archives/20020356.ht


I went back to the basics (not to mention Stage 1s) and made my own evolution stones! 😃⚡️🔥💧 Which Pokemon evolution achieved from a stone is your favourite?! 🦄 (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


Happy Friday the 13th! Here are some sweet new Pokemon evolution stone replicas that were just announced in Japan!⚡🔥💧Also included are my Japanese ➡ English translation ➕ impressions 🦄✨ Flareon plz 🔥🔥🔥


FF Piano Collections always hits the sweet spot. Love the tunes from these earlier entries in the series, not to mention that the old school fantasy art is so very endearing.


How to style your hair like an ANIME or JRPG character. Ganondorf styling vid to follow... contingent on how much further my hair recedes over the next decade.


Great cover. Did anyone watch and enjoy this anime? I thought it was excellent and inspirational, although the ending felt a bit rushed.


I wanted to know what Japanese cosplayers think about people becoming interested in Japan through games/anime. So I interviewed several at Street Festa in Osaka this year. What are your thoughts on cosplay & on stigmas attached to being into games/anime?


This is an excellent vocaloid experience and worthy of being tethered to your next gaming session!


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