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This is an excellent vocaloid experience and worthy of being tethered to your next gaming session!


Tifa or Aerith? I asked my mom!


Do you guys like vocaloid? Loving pairing it with my gaming sessions. Hatsune Miku's Glass Wall, Ten Thousand Stars, and 39 Music are a few that I dig. ^^


Where do you think the Zelda series is headed after Breath of the Wild? 💚


Pikachu McFlurry came out in Japan today! I tried it out and picked up a Pokemon Happy Meal to boot. :) The new movie, Pokemon 20: I Choose You, comes out in theatres here tomorrow and I'm stoked for it!


What's your favourite game? 😃 Also, if you have any fun game-related questions for me that would be awesome. I'd like to include them in a video I'm making if that's alright. :)


What are you favourite quotes from people in the game industry? They could be inspirational, funny, or anything that's stuck with you over the years. The one pictured is mine. I'm also thinking of making a fun video featuring my top picks. :)


E3 2017 in summarized in three minutes! Core Pokemon RPG for Nintendo Switch? Yes please. ;)


It's cool that Harvest Moon: Light of Hope will have visual style similar to the SNES original. Hope Natsume doesn't shit the bed on this one!


Nintendo E3 presentation in just 13 minutes, oh boy. :3 Hoping my prediction that a new Metroid will be announced will come true! You guys expecting anything big aside from Super Mario Odyssey?


What's your favourite fighting game on PS2? Looking to get something my biz partner and I can unwind with after work. ;)


Favourite Sonic game? Sonic 3, CD, etc. are great, but for me it'll always be Sonic Adventure 2, regardless of how heavily panned that game was. I logged over 270 hours into that beast in spite of some undeniable crapulence in aspects of the game's design


What are you all playing / watching / reading these days? I've been crushing a bunch of Japan-only N64 games like Custom Robo and Robopon, watching some solid anime like Attack on Titan and Spice and Wolf, and reading the Pokemon Special manga. (^^)


Sony will be streaming their E3 press conferences in 85 theatres across the US, Canada, and Latin America again this year. Anyone attended one of these screenings before? Sounds fun though I'll be streaming from my living room in Japan lol.


Aerith or Tifa?


Have you all been blasting through Magikarp Jump? What do you think of it? I've put together my thoughts on the game before Magikarp JUMPING to the conclusion that it's another nice filler title if you approach it with the right mindset. Your thoughts? :)


In my quest to determine the ultimate anime girl gf material aka WAIFU, I've also been thinking about who the supreme WAIFU of video games may be. Samus, Yuna, Cortana, Birdo... who is your #1 pick?


Most underrated N64 game? In my opinion, Aidyn Chronicles! Cool RPG with an interesting story and unique battle mechanics. I really loved this game even though there were some haters. ;)


Dragonball Ball Super happy meals at McDonald's in Japan, you say? LED dragonbawls, you say? Why yes, I do believe it's time to feast on tender cheeseburgery goodness for the next week 🍔🍟 PS: would love more DB games in the vein of the GBA games! Yo


We live in a strange world. What do you think of the artwork for the new Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle, ASSUMING that this leaked art is actually real?


Hayao Miyazaki is coming out of retirement AGAIN to work on a new film, which made me think: what Ghibli movie would be best suited to a game? I think Castle in the Sky is a no-brainer! ^^ Would love to see more Ghibli involvement on the game front.


Relocated a great series of lectures delivered by Warren Spector at the University of Texas. I highly recommend checking them out as you'll get a lot of very cool insights into the game industry!


2004 GTTV Dreamcast documentary - a great watch. What do you think of the Dreamcast? Did you own one?


What's your top pick for a game that should be made into an anime? There actually was a 1997 OVA of Fire Emblem but I think this series would lend itself to well to a proper run in anime form!


How much overlap do you think there is between the gaming and anime communities? Trying to get a rough handle on this, as there is definitely a large segment that enjoys crossover. Curious what your thoughts are!


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