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Ah, the PS5 Deep Dive inspired me to write another blog (only fair, I wrote about Xbox), stretch those fingers. Hopefully, you like it when it comes :)


Happy New Year to every 'toidhead! Hope it's full of joy, gaming and good health. Last one is tricky, as I want to clear my backlog on PS4, Xbox One and Switch; at least 100 games in-between 2020's games and consoles. What are your gaming resolutions?


A colleague of mine brought me this today. He used to work in the local Sony branch, but he simply can't remember what this is; back then, they just told him it's rare. I can't, for the life of me, understand what it is! Anyone that can help?


Ah, here I am, actively a part of the community at last and not just a reader anymore! Some account problems excluded (*cough* Disqus *cough*), everything's smooth as butter. Glad I had some spare time to write my first blog, too!


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Greetings, from the land called Greece. I am Christos, and I am fascinated by everything (mostly, SFW) coming from the land known as Japan.

I own more than 1300 physical games and over 60 consoles plus a gaming PC, as, evidently, I also quite like games. Sources tell me the color of the sun is green; need to go outside once, to confirm.

From the many different experiences I have, came my love of writing about games, and so, here I am.

P.S.: Insult Okami and/or Final Fantasy, at your peril.