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Happy birthday, Wes!... Now to recede back into hiding for another 10 years or so.


This makes 7 hours on a plane worth it (and the rest of the family, of course!). Haven't seen this little lady in 6 months. I hope everyone is surrounded by people who love them unconditionally these next few days.


I know I posted about this already, but Spyro 2 is one of my favorite games of all time, and seeing it redone at all, with this much effort, is still unbelievable.


This is equally joyous and surreal. It's the same game I grew up with, but it feels so new. I'm so giddy it's embarrassing!


I hate writing essays. I want to express myself, but it might come off as unprofessional, but if I make it too professional, it might be too drab. Ugh.


It's nearly tomorrow, everyone I love is leaving for the winter, and I have to go back to a job I hate, so... AMA?


Just a friendly reminder that FLCL Alternative premeires tonight!




To be fair, they don't specify what kind of impact.


My favorite live performance so far this year!


I've been addicted to this album for months, especially this song (and one in the comments, which is a fucking jam!). This one illicites an emotional connection I rarely find in songs. It's beatuiful.


I thought I was just getting Shenmue 2. Little did I know, the real treasures were inside. Thanks, Occams!


"I swear, if I hear one more goddamn 'Need healing!'..."


Wait, it was people's birthdays yesterday!? Uh, uh, uh....


Just found out Peter Sallis died earlier this month. Wallace & Gromit was (and still is) one of my favorite things growing up. RIP.


If y'all haven't yet, watch and/or read Planetes. It's well worth your time.


When a manga you fall in love with ends with some dumb moral about love...


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