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L4D2 banned in Australia :(

Well this morning L4D2 just got banned in Australia, It has been refused classification, No details have been released yet, but you can see it for yourself here http://www.oflc.gov.au/www/cob/find.nsf/5b6ebdff7f5b9a24ca2575ca00062226/1ab7...


Update: I can't wait to finish HSC!

As most aussies will know, from New South Wales anyway.. that the HSC exams are currently going on. As for non-aussies it's much the same as SAT's or whatever final highschool exam you take before leaping into university and etc. This is...


Update: I got my PS3, now what to do? :P

So I just finished setting my PS3, and I must admit that I'm a sucker for good looking things, even if you say it was inferior, it looks great! all black and shiny.. It matches with my sound system and LCD hehe. >_<" I've been tryi...


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