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OK, fine Netflix. I'm interested in your version of this. You better don't fuck up this one.


Welp, the Bowsette craze is finally dying down... time to take it to the next level.


I noticed quite a few obvious easter eggs in Castlevania S2 but I'm honestly impressed with the cabinet one (around 4:18). Mind blown on that one.


Goblin Slayer confirmed as Doom Slayer's drinking buddy.


So I just found out EA gave the different editions of Battlefield V different release dates and the more expensive the tier the earlier you can play it. Why the hell does people actually buy games with BS like this? and published by EA no less.


You gotta admit the Path of Exile devs know a good trolling chance when they see it, if you type PlayDiablo4.com in your browser you land in the game's website.


Netlix has renewed Castlevania for a 3rd season. I mean, a certain important character not being there makes the announcement a bit... lackluster? but I'll hold any criticism until I see the final product.


It's official, Sony's gaming division has gone full SJW and the demands they're making out of Japanese developers are borderline mental. In hindsight Omega Labyrinth Z not getting localized was no coincidence.


Bushiden got fully funded and even might easily reach it's first stretch goal. That's one to add to my "to keep tabs on" list.


Bushiden got fully funded and even might easily reach it's first stretch goal. That's one to add to my "to keep tabs on" list.


So like, NPCs discovered Goblin Slayer exists and are going ape shit and near comatose en mass over it. We should tell them Berserk exists, that could potentially kill of a shiton of them with a single ep/chapter.


This puts a whole new spin to the Rip and Tear meme. And yes, I know H-Doom is a thing


This is actually my main complaint about most indie games. Most are amazing experiences that get marred at the very last 1% of the game.


In today's edition of most unexpected crossover:


Damn it, Internet!. I wanted lewds, not feels!


Guys, guys! I found a way to smash Walui- eh, I mean get Waluigi into Smash.


The crossmeme-ing is spreading!


Apparently Florida Man is starting to develop some actual useful superpowers


At some point it will stop, but right now is not that point!


Can you imagine the obscene amount of money this would make?


To be honest this is far from the worst re-imagining they've done to Sonic. Hell, better than some official re-imaginings even.


This... this is shop, right? RIGHT?!?


This has really taken quite a few spins


I just found the most brain dead, tone deaf and borderline insane Spider-Man review I've ever seen. Link in the comments.


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Better halfs birthday Going out to a nice dinner with friends before demolishing them in lazer Current prep phase:


Got a bit of a bittersweet mood going on on this cold October Hopefully you guys are doing


Lookie what finally arrived in the mail today! Cant wait to


If a portal to another world suddenly appeared before you, would you step through it?


No customers today :( I played a few games but kinda hard to start anything w/ Outer Worlds a couple days Rewatching last 2 seasons of Breaking Bad, only seen them Saw the first three seasons 3 times, but somewhat forget the


Current Status:


Linktober 22 prompt was Ok I drew koroks earlier but I really wanted to draw Saria today and shes kinda a Korok


Ring-Fit Adventure is a huge step up over Fitness Feels nice to get fuller feeling workouts from it, but man this mightve challenged me even back in my Track Its tough but rewarding honestly


Before the hunt!!

able to think

I just ate an entire medium I am immensely disappointed with



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