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Word on the street is that Stranger of Paradise is essentially Nioh 3. Can any Dtoiders that tried the demo confirm this?, here's a waifu for your troubles.


So Konami just announced this Getsu Fuma Den: Undying Moon game and while I like the concept (a Metroidvania in the Nioh setting with Okami's aesthetics) the only thing I can think is how they plan to botch it. Your thoughts Dtoid?


So it seems Miranda's butt was too much to handle in the ME remaster and has been "changed". I wonder what else was "upgraded".


Nioh 2 devs got crafty with Big Sudamas, turns out the only way to get Tajikarao and Sukunahikona's graces is with them. Details in the 1st comment.


Today Nioh 2's final DLC is out and I have to wait until tonight after work to play. So, to those already playing: any comments on it Dtoid? new enemies? new abyss? any weapons?


Well this was unexpected, Horizon Zero Dawn just got a release announcement over at GOG for November 24.



Word around the gravepine says the Series X can't play physical discs unless it's connected to the internet. They did it, the SOBs did it, they gave us a DRM'd console and didn't tell us this time because they knew we'd lose our shit again.


There's already full details on the sets of Ethereal Graces on Nioh 2. Spoilers in the first comment.




So I just realized Chris never posted a Very Quick Tips for Nioh 2. Any kusarigama experts on Dtoid to recommend what skills to focus on? I can't really get my groove with it even with after earning it's mystic art.


Me: 2020 can't get any worse. 2020: Bitch please, try this for size


Anyone else excited for Nioh 2's first DLC releasing today?


Well this is a shitshow, Amazon just pulled the No Game No Life light novels from the Kindle store. I suspected shit was gonna go down when they banned the Hatsune Miku toys over concerns of "promoting child exploitation" and this confirms it.


PSA: GOG is giving the Eye of the Beholder Trilogy free. Go grab it.


PSA: GOG sale's current giveaway is Hitman Absolution, just in case anyone's interested.


Soooo, seems Florida Man got himself a sidekick


Anyone else notice something odd in these screencaps?


PSA: The Nioh 2 Final Chance demo is go, I repeat, the Nioh 2 Final Chance demo is go. Link in the comments, get it!


Does anyone know when the Nioh 2 demo will be available on the PSN? I've been checking the store almost every couple of hours the last days and I've seen nothing yet. Did I miss something or it's not out yet?


I find this kind of masterful trolling much superior than any boycott: https://www.warcraft3refunded.com/


The EGS revealed their next free game and it's actually 3, one of them being Pandemic. I think Epic is trying to be trendy.


Merry Cursedmas, ya filthy animals.


Another one because a) it's baby Yoda and b) I lost it with this one


Here's a funny pic to cheer up while disqus unborks itself.


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