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In today's edition of most unexpected crossover:


Damn it, Internet!. I wanted lewds, not feels!


Guys, guys! I found a way to smash Walui- eh, I mean get Waluigi into Smash.


The crossmeme-ing is spreading!


Apparently Florida Man is starting to develop some actual useful superpowers


At some point it will stop, but right now is not that point!


Can you imagine the obscene amount of money this would make?


To be honest this is far from the worst re-imagining they've done to Sonic. Hell, better than some official re-imaginings even.


This... this is shop, right? RIGHT?!?


This has really taken quite a few spins


I just found the most brain dead, tone deaf and borderline insane Spider-Man review I've ever seen. Link in the comments.


Thoughts on MM11 demo: at first I had mixed feelings, seemed the game was overtly difficult and tricky but after actively using the double gear system it's grown on me. I still think the controls need to be tighter as they feel a bit stiff and delayed.


So I'm considering picking up a Titan One to use my old X360 controller on PS3 with the side benefit of having more options in the future (PS4/Switch/Wii U). Any Dtoiders out there owning one of these to clear one doubt about the device in the comments?


Are you feeling happy today? let me fix that for you.


PSA: Sony just dropped another Flash Sale over at the PS Store. Not as good as others but not half bad. Is Rise of the Tomb Raider good? I'm going throught Tomb Raider 2013 and at first I wasn't feeling it but now I'm really liking it


I just watched the Doom Eternal gameplay, holy shit I'm totally down to kill a few thousand mortally challenged come release day.


Question to PC Dtoiders: is there a site or surefire way to confirm if a Steam game STILL has Denuvo (before buying)? I found a wikipedia list for games with Denuvo on release but I want a way to know if a game still has Denuvo instead of on release day


Specter of Torment is 100% completed and officially out of the backlog. I really enjoyed this one way more than the rest. It's a fantastic spiritual successor to the NES Ninja Gaiden games inside the Shovel Knight universe


Plague of Shadows is finished. What a fun ride that was, my only gripe would be the useless reward for getting the 100 cypher coins but otherwise I liked it. Also, I find hilarious Yatch Club games "customized" some portraits for the Japanese version


Plague of Shadows is a nice little twist on Shovel Knight. It really took me some effort to get accustomed to the more tricky combat, specially aerial combat.


Holy shit, Netflix! between Voltron, Castlevania and now this you're officially the hero of my inner child.


This is two weeks late but I just saw this and I can't stop laughing.


God of War: Ascension is now finished. Not half bad a game but I found it lacking for some reason. Maybe I'll have better luck with the portable games.


I can relate to this


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