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In honor of Tyra's hot new show "True Beauty" premiering soon: it's officially TYRA TUESDAY! NO DRAMA IN THIS POST BITCHES. PRINCESS TYRA IS HUNGRY. I wish that was me :( Tyra celebrates diversity! GTFO ANN COULTER YOU AREN'T TY...


Destructoid Review: Sacred 2

As someone who spent a significant portion of his middle school and high school years playing hack-and-slash games (two in particular – can you guess which ones?), I was pretty excited to get my hands on Sacred 2. It’s been a wh...


The Greatest News Story in the World (NVGR)

I'm not providing any commentary, aside from pointing out the terrible writing style (You don't need to say "The Baltimore Examiner reported" three times fuckers) because it speaks for itself. Enjoy. Man Goes to Court After Butt Stapled S...


Looking for something to do the Thursday before PAX?

This is for everyone who is getting into Seattle on Thursday before PAX starts and doesn't have plans yet. We found this awesome restaurant and figured that I would let you guys know about it if you don't have plans for the Thursday nigh...


25% off at EBay

Since I'm posting this so late at night, I'll probably repost for the benefit of people tomorrow morning. However, if you're up now, you should take advantage of this. Currently, Microsoft and EBay have a deal going on. If you go to live...


The WiiSpray - Awesome new Wii controller

So, this is something I think is quite cool. As part of his thesis, a university student in Germany rigged up a Wiimote-style spraypaint controller he’s calling the “Wiispray”. His eventual plan is to create software that acts as a ...


Is this actually the end of PC game piracy?

Nolan Bushnell, the founder of Atari, made some very interesting claims yesterday when he was speaking at the Wedbush Morgan Securities annual conference. During his talk, he stated that, right this very moment, a stealth encryption chip c...


For game designers, less gaming means better games?

Here's another interesting article I came across today, this one from Ars Technica. You can read the article here. For those who don't want to read it (although I encourage you to), the crux of the article's argument is that game develope...


Grand Theft Auto makes you a model citizen

As some of you guys might know, I have a degree in psychology (and a legitimate job related to it, thank you very much), so I always get excited/interested whenever people do studies on video games and how they affect people. It was ann...


The greatest PSP peripheral ever created

As most people know, the PSP is a versatile handheld capable of doing many different things. Gaming, listening to music, watching movies, etc. There're just so many uses for it! However, there's one thing that's always really frustrate...


Blizzard's Digital Download Store is now live

Last night, Blizzard announced that their Digital Download store is now open and ready to be used. While it currently only has the Diablo series, the Starcraft series, and the Warcraft series available, I'd expect that more Blizzard game...


Epic NARP was epic (Pictures!)

Hi everybody! As most of you know, Chad threw an EPIC party last night for Hamza and Polo Guy, who were down here in LA. Also in attendance were Dexter, Ark, Charlie, Naia, Zero Atma, Suff0Cat, Teknomcr and his friend Juan, Britini Marti...


Win one of Rick Astley's Gold Records

That's right! Rick Astley is giving away the Gold Disc he won from the Netherlands for his "Whenever You Need Somebody" album. What do you have to do to get your hands on this glorious prize? Just make him a tee-shirt, banner, poster, ...


(NVGR) A Challenge to our British Community Members

When reading a recent article in the Metro, I came across an astonishing statistic. I don't want to say what it is because that will ruin the fun, but I've decided to run a test. Theoretically out of Wardrox, Sterling, Gemsi, and Atheistu...


Point & Counterpoint 9: Smash Bros. Melee is Better

This is the ninth part in a series with Caffeine, you can view his part on Smash 64 here. In honor of Brawls release this Sunday (2 MORE DAYS!!!!!), were doing a special Point/Counterpoint this week. Back in college, I found that gamers...


Point & Counterpoint 7: Best Zelda - Link's Awakening

This is the seventh in a series of dueling cblog editorials I will be doing with CaffeinePowered. You can check out his opinion on todays topic HERE. If youve missed any of the previous Point & Counterpoints, you can access them thro...


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