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Final boss of FF14: Stormblood has as many instant death mechanics as a typical extreme boss. It's like he stole all of Susano's and that's why Susano only has high damage and no instant kills.


FF14: Stormblood is still broken. Looks like Square-Enix isn't going to do anything about it for a while. The $55 you spend on the game (subscription not included) only gets you half of two maps, two jobs, and a higher level cap. What a disappointment.


Almost 16 hours and most people still cannot access the FF14: Stormblood main story quest to continue. Looks like Square-Enix screwed up big. The 95%+ of the expansion's content is already unplayable.


Day 1 of FF14: Stormblood and the game is already broken -_-


So far, Persona 5 is looking like they needed an extra proofreader for their script. Not FE Fates or Atelier Shallie bad, but just very awkward writing in character dialogue. Now I see why they banned streaming the story.


The Atelier games on the PC all have the stupid menu frame rate problems =/


Woot Atelier Sophie on PC! Please don't screw this up Gust!


First Kiss: Persona 3

This is actually my first time doing one of the Bloggers Wanted thing, so I'm not sure how to tag it. If someone would like to tell me, that would help. I have been playing video games since the days of the first Game Boy. My first gam...


That new Marvel Heroes update is going to be super disappointing once it finally rolls out. Out of all the characters that I owned and got to level 60, only two of them are somewhat enjoyable anymore in the test center.


Paladins Review (PC, Steam)

Paladins is another game that tries to combine FPS with MOBA like abilities on characters. If it sounds similar, its because its like Overwatch. That is the game that it is best compared to. With my interest in Overwatch having waned, ...


Hearthstone has one of the worst progression systems I have ever seen in any card game. It is painfully slow and restrictive to an insane degree.


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I studied to be a teacher, but I only have a tutoring job right now that has very few hours. When I'm not busy, I'm trying out random games that get my interest and writing reviews about them. Keep in mind that these reviews are based on my own opinion and what I think about the game. I generally dislike F2P features that exclude players by making the top items only obtainable with real money or are absurdly expensive and P2P games that limit a player's ability to play with something like fatigue or stamina systems. I also tend to be late with reviews as I only purchase games when I have the time to actually play them.