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It's actually happening!


MTG Arena is incredibly frustrating. Literally everybody is running absurd control decks that run close to a dozen counterspells and half a dozen board wipes.


FF14 needs to bring back Need rolls for all the Alliance Raids. What kind of MMO forces you to share your loot rolls with every other player in your party?


Wow, Closers actually doubled down on all their problematic features and somehow made it even worse.


FF14's Eureka is awful. Supposed, a year and a half of work went into this and all we get is a single map with a ton of dungeon tier mobs to kill for hours on end. Relic weapons needed something open ended, not whatever this is.


Finally have time to start on Digimon Cyber Sleuth 2


En Masse: How did we make a game that is too easy challenging? We permanently reduced your character's stats in the new content and will increase the penalty in all future content.


Really Closers? Your solution to air damage being overpowered is to make a boss fight where you just can't jump? Really?


Enmasse was pretty dickish about Closers. They basically used Early Access to test the game as a buy to play before going free to play after getting money and realizing it wouldn't succeed as buy to play.


Stupid Closers can't even keep their fatigue resets consistent. It goes from reducing by 170 a day to only resetting during server maintenance.


Closers Review (PC) - Updated 12/28

It says its Closed Beta, but it isn't. They already have regular updates and are basically trying to profit off of a few people before it official goes free to play in a few days. Amazon/Twitch Prime is giving away keys. If you really ...


Closers is another great side scroller ruined by a fatigue system.


I feel like I can't explain the story of .hack//G.U. games without going into insane detail


Just fyi, if you're going to play Marvel Heroes, its going down on Friday, not at the end of the year.


Lineage Revolution is another one of those stupid mass produced Chinese mobile MMOs that plays itself. Considering how long the game was in development, it's a massive disappointment -_-


3 crashes playing .hack//Last Recode so far and I'm only 10 hours in =/


Destiny 2 update. It looks like they will ban for anything that can hook onto Destiny 2 as a process regardless of what it is. GG Geforce Experience


Fire Emblem Warriors Review (3DS)

I haven't been able to do any of the bonus missions for lvl 60+ characters because I haven't gotten those characters to 60, just a heads up about that. Story: Rowan, Prince of Aytolis, and Lianna, Princess of Aytolis, are training when...


The only post by Bungie regarding this says everyone is legitimately banned. Keep in mind that they don't tell you why you are banned or appeal. Last mass ban had many false flags too.


Update on Destiny 2. At least it isn't showing up as YOU HAVE BEEN BANNED! message anymore. It now just says that I'm not launching through even though I am. EDIT: And now I'm banned again >.>


Seems like Bungie is lying about not having an automated ban system in Destiny 2 and its system is going crazy now. People Getting Banned: en/Forums/Topics/?tg=Help&tSort=3&tType=0&d=0&lang=en


Destiny 2 is bullshit. Randomly playing in a quest and then I get banned for no reason and they give no way to appeal a ban. EDIT: Found out why. They have the right to ban you for LATENCY issues.


Well, the story mode of Destiny 2 was short and disappointing for how hard they tried to build it up. For a $60 game, it leaves much more to be desired.


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