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Looking at FF14 Stormblood's new update and then I see that the alliance raid can only be done once a week is just disappointing as hell.


Ys 8: Lacrimosa of Dana (Vita, Spoilers) Review

I've played a few of the previous Ys games, but this is the first one I've played that I really liked. Despite having a Vita for like 2 years, I still don't know how to take a screenshot with it... Story: The game follows Adol, who is ...


Ys 8 is like Digimon Next Order but 1000x better


Digimon World: Next Order Review (PS4)

Open world survival games at this point just makes me groan. The concept was interesting at first, but more often than not now, these games are borderline frustrating rather than enjoyable. Digimon World: Next Order is no different. It...


Valkyria Revolution Review (PS4)

I finally slogged my way through this game to finish it. It took a long time, but I finally got it done. Now, the question is whether I want to torture myself with finishing Digimon: Next Order or go on to Tales of Berseria Story: The ...


It feels like loot crates are in almost every single freaking game now. First we lost side quests. Then we lost unlockables. What's next? Every game going episodic?


Warriors All Stars Review (PC, Steam)

So, this is the long awaited follow up to Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate and the combination is a lot of mixed results. Story: The game follows one of three furries depending on which starting character you chose. They all have the same go...


Weekly caps and limits in any game makes it feel like they're automatically not worth playing -_-


Path of Exile 3.0 Review (PC)

People keep telling me I should play this over Diablo 3. Now that I've dropped almost 80 hours into this game. I have no idea why people like it. This is one of the most tedious and boring ARPGs that I have played. People keep telling ...


Sigh Valkyria Revolution. What the hell did Sega do to this franchise? It's like they want it to die.


Final boss of FF14: Stormblood has as many instant death mechanics as a typical extreme boss. It's like he stole all of Susano's and that's why Susano only has high damage and no instant kills.


FF14: Stormblood is still broken. Looks like Square-Enix isn't going to do anything about it for a while. The $55 you spend on the game (subscription not included) only gets you half of two maps, two jobs, and a higher level cap. What a disappointment.


Almost 16 hours and most people still cannot access the FF14: Stormblood main story quest to continue. Looks like Square-Enix screwed up big. The 95%+ of the expansion's content is already unplayable.


Day 1 of FF14: Stormblood and the game is already broken -_-


Marvel Heroes Omega Review (PS4, Beta)

This is based on the PS4 beta version of the game, not the PC version. The two are vastly different from one another. Story: The game begins with, who has somehow gotten his hands on a Cosmic Cube and sets forth trying to get other ite...


Persona 5 Review (PS4, SPOILERS)

The reason why I have not gotten around to writing this is because the Palace post battle screen's red and black combination appears to be like color bleeding to my eyes on an old TV and hurts my eyes if I play for an extended amount o...


Black Desert Online (BDO) Review (PC)

I can't believe I let my friend talk me into basically throwing away $30 for a game I thought was garbage to begin with. It didn't take me long to realize how awful the game really is. It's a B2P game with all the disadvantages of...


So far, Persona 5 is looking like they needed an extra proofreader for their script. Not FE Fates or Atelier Shallie bad, but just very awkward writing in character dialogue. Now I see why they banned streaming the story.


The Atelier games on the PC all have the stupid menu frame rate problems =/


Final Fantasy XV Review (PS4, SPOILERS)

I've dreaded this game every step along the way. It's like I have no idea what the game is trying to do. It's like they took the weapon system of Drakengard, mixed in some Final Fantasy Type-o, then threw in the story of Final Fan...


Woot Atelier Sophie on PC! Please don't screw this up Gust!


Fire Emblem Heroes Review (Android)

More mobile games! I kind of wish this game was released as a full fledged game instead of Fates. It still has a better story, which is sad. Story: The story follows three individuals: Alfonse, Anna, and Sharena as they try to figure o...


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