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I feel like games don't understand the point of multiple endings. It's not really multiple endings when there's clearly a best ending.


Magic the Gathering: Arena Review (PC)

I've played the paper format since Ice Age (barely have any of my old cards), but I haven't played this game in the competitive scene because I hate the competitive scene for trading card games. It has its own air of toxicity that you ...


Kingdom Hearts 3 Review (PS4, Spoilers)

Hooray for borrowing a game from a friend! Kingdom Hearts 3 is a sequel to Kingdom Hearts Unchained, the mobile game. I really hope you're up to date in the game's story and did not just rely on Back Cover otherwise you're going to be ...


Disgaea 5 Complete Review (PC, Steam)

Another day, another disappointing port. All of the online features seems to be missing in this version of the game. I guess they had the decency to at least include all the DLC in a re-release for a game that came out about three and ...


I tried to open Warframe for the first time in five months to find out I'm banned until 2035 for no apparent reason. The only other time I've been banned for not playing a game was Guild Wars 2.


So none of Disgaea 5's online features seem to be in the PC version of the game.


Warriors Orochi 4 Review (PC, Steam)

Sigh... This generation just feels like a step back. The magnificence and grandeur that came with Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate is gone. In its place, there's a game with a lot less and even feels clunky at that. It is rare that a sequel ...


Somehow, Warriors Orochi 4 seems worse than 3.


I'm starting to see why people complain about Denuvo games. I can't even run around the freaking zone without FPS drops.


Closers Purification Update Rant (9/16/2018)

Sigh, who actually thought this was a good idea? This is an example of how not to design end game content. Luck based progression is not what you want to do when you need said gear to unlock content. First and foremost, the biggest pro...


Sigh, Closers why must you make end game progression luck based?


Two Point Hospital Review (PC, Steam)

A long time ago, I was a fan of various tycoon games. This year, we got a new one in the form of Two Point Hospital after the only title being on the market for a long time was something like The Sims. Story: Two Point Hospital is abou...


Even at $30, Tekken 7 is just a disappointment. Season pass that doesn't include all DLC. No difficulty setting. Loading times longer than actual matches.


Reboot The Guardian Code is insanely stupid. Why are you going to pretend like its a sequel or reboot of the series if you're going to ignore everything that happened past Season 1 and change even the very basic function of everything it was built on?


Closers Review (Post 7/3 Update)

Whenever a game I play receives a big update that I feel like changes a lot about the game, I will revisit it. For Closers, this is the major update that removes fatigue because it puts everything in the game in a new context and sudde...


And fatigue is finally gone in Closers! Can't believe it actually happened!


It's actually happening! https://closers.enmasse.com/news/posts/thanks-to-your-feedback


MTG Arena is incredibly frustrating. Literally everybody is running absurd control decks that run close to a dozen counterspells and half a dozen board wipes.


FF14 needs to bring back Need rolls for all the Alliance Raids. What kind of MMO forces you to share your loot rolls with every other player in your party?


Wow, Closers actually doubled down on all their problematic features and somehow made it even worse.


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I studied to be a teacher, but I only have a tutoring job right now that has very few hours. When I'm not busy, I'm trying out random games that get my interest and writing reviews about them. Keep in mind that these reviews are based on my own opinion and what I think about the game. I generally dislike F2P features that exclude players by making the top items only obtainable with real money or are absurdly expensive and P2P games that limit a player's ability to play with something like fatigue or stamina systems. I also tend to be late with reviews as I only purchase games when I have the time to actually play them.