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It's Friday, it's raining all weekend, and I have enough beer to last me until Monday. WOO!!! Hope everybody is ready for some FNF.


Blipfest: Day 1 (slightly NSFW... sadly...)

Hello! Before I get started I just wanted to give a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Wardrox! May your mohawk stay upright and yellow! <3 ... Well, it's certainly been awhile hasn't it? Sorry that I haven't been terribly active, but I am stil...


Happy Birthday, Scotty G!

I meant to post a bit earlier, but I was out back tossing some eggs around with the guys. Just wanted to wish a Happy Birthday to one of the cool guys I met at PAX. In honor of your birthday, I toast to you! Everyone, please feel free to...


PAX 2008: My experiences

Hello everybody! I recently went to PAX, and heard of a website called Destructoid. Seemed like an okay enough place for people involved in video games (like myself, he he), so I thought I’d share my experiences. Let me start off by sayi...


About Black Yoshione of us since 8:07 AM on 09.06.2008

Hello! I'm a Black Yoshi!

After meeting a lot of you at PAX '08, I stuck around. Mostly lurking, but trying to keep in touch. I recently had another chance to experience the insanity that is Destructoid live at Blipfest '08, and was reminded why I stick with this site. <3