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Debating with this new Hearthstone expansion, which class will rise to the top, and predicting the new meta. Reasons like this is why i love Hearthstone, and Magic the Gathering.


Future of Esports, Fear ? Excitement ?

Short answer - Possible but lets talk about it. Is this going to be a bright future for us? Lets take a moment and think about it.In order to think about this, we need to take a step back, back when games wasnt on the agendar and fun m...


Hearthstone, Going in the right direction ?

Short Answer - Yes, most definetly.Hearthstone has decided a while back to go into the form of "standard" and "wild" which is new way of seperating new and existing expansions into catergories, Standard being the past 2 expansions, whi...


Is Division really, all that ?

Short answer, possibly. The Division has set off a great progression, currently the player base enjoying which direction the game is heading into with the Incursion's being released for free with this first one. Adding Item sets m...


Destiny, The Taken Dreams

For everyone who is a Destiny fan like myself, the new DLC The Taken King is about to hit us on the 15th, and i want to know your hopes and dreams of this latest installment. From Previous experience within Destiny im hoping they make the g...


is it still that bad ?? i remember playing it in BETA and it wasnt the greatest but since launched it went full downhill


Mine is Imagination


Blizzard has done it again via Heroes of the Storm. The release of Rexxar seem to be a promising feat, edging a role in the game in a new direction. However, the character isnt working correctly. Traits and Model Mechanics are broken causing another upset


Hyper Light Drifter is going to be one those games not many people have heard or recognised yet, but for me, its most likely going to be game of the year. This Indie Developer started out on kickstarter to produce all new inspiring 32bit adventure, <3


Finesse with blogging

Hey guys, im looking for a few bloggers to band with to create a small group focusing on a few games such as League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm and upcoming releases which grab attention such as the game No Man Sky.  I want to blog...


The state League of Legends is becoming isnt one i like. The developer want a fresh new game which i understand but when a patch is released, and the meta hasnt changed just one item path for jungler . . . Also its still the same junglers no new viables ?


Beginning of the End of Beginnings ?

So welcome to the mind of Me ... Venasaur ... yeah i spell my name wrong i have to hide from Ash you see plus i didn't even get my own Game! Red and Blue no Green pfft! Anyways welcome to the beginning of my rant aggressive or passive revie...


About Venasaurone of us since 9:07 AM on 06.18.2014

Okay lets put it down to the basics, im a gamer, im a engineer, and i can be harsh about games ... at times. But its what and who I am and hope you enjoy my blog and reviews ;)

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