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Oh hey, here's a track I'm working on now that I can thanks to my new sound library. Doesn't sound too bad for being pretty out of practice.


Octopath Traveler is still gorgeous. The only issue I have with it is the blurring effect on out of focus things is too strong. I hope there will be an option to turn it off. Only played Tressa's prologue though, so it may be better elsewhere.


Yo the new Octopath demo is out! Go get it!


Yo my boy Ike is super quick now I love it.


Final E3 card here. Pretty average E3, not a whole lot of major bombshells, and the ones that were there were just titles, a la ES6.


Gamecube adapters spotted at the Nintendo setup for the Splatoon 2/Smash tournaments. Maybe they'll get a rerelease when Smash 5 releases.


So is everybody ready for the Skyrim conference in two and a half hours?


Best part about the Microsoft conference: The Ori and the Will of the Wisps trailer. The worst part: The 9 at the end of the trailer not being an 8.


Oh yeah, the latest Dark Souls Remastered patch got rid of the microstutter. Now it's 4k, 60fps and not a dropped frame in sight. Good stuff.


Finally grabbed Komplete Ultimate. There's only one thing I can say for that purchase- OOF.


This is the Battleground game everyone likes, right?


Voting day in Ontario


Got my E3 report card ready. Maybe you can guess which conference I'm skipping.


Fortnite data has been uploaded to the Nintendo Switch eShop. #hmmst


Who's about to spend 900 bucks on a sound library? This guy! My wallet's status this month:


Welp, I lost my first two matches of Aces, but I have been on a winning streak since. Got my first tournament win, too. I like this game.


Hey this sounds like Gorillaz again.


Oh, one more thing. You know why people aren't mad about this different, spinoff title in a main Nintendo series? Because in their announcement they said that a traditional title was being made too. Some other series should keep that in mind.


I think it's funny how some people are freaking out about there not being a core Pokemon game this year. It's a one year gap, and it's not like Pokemon has never taken a year break before.


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