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Hey, something showed up early.


Jace the Mind Sculptor is coming back again in Masters 25. God save us all.


2 tru 1 ly: 1. My Youtube channel was big enough to not be demonitized in their last massacre 2. Bloodborne is my least favorite Souls game 3. I helped build an orphanage in Juarez when I was younger.


This is what I'm at after completing all sides in Celeste. All but three of the deaths in the Mirror Temple C Side were on one screen, because it was garbage and I hate it.


Here's the big Xenoblade 2 patch boiz. Recruiting Torna members, changing your level at will, not just increase, loads of quality of life changes, and NG+. NEXT WEEK.


Ooh, looks like my phone is finally getting the Android Oreo update. Took LG long enough.


Fuck yeah, got the secret strawberry for doing chapter 1 dashless in Celeste. Nearly doubled my death count for the chapter, but I did it. There are a few basically pixel perfect tricks, so it took a while.


The first B-side I did in Celeste was chapter 7's. I think that was a bad idea.


Huh, so Xenoblade 2 was made by a team of 40 people, and three of their UI programmers left mid-development. That definitely explains a bunch of the game's issues, and just cements the idea that it should have been delayed into 2018.


So Nintendo's online thing is launching this September. I hope they delayed it to roll the online app into the console itself, and ditch that useless pile of crap.


Wes gave me a paper cut on my pinky finger. I think this is the worst thing anyone has ever done.


We're being invaded by Disney!


I wonder if modding will be possible in Monster Hunter World, if only to multiply drop rates by several dozen times. I Remeber fighting Brachydios for like 15 hours to get equipment because the drop rates were so bullshit.


I saw a lisence plate today that was literally just "TINY RICK." I could feel their superior IQ from my car.


144hz monitor update, 60fps has never looked so bad.


Grabbed a 144hz monitor today. I can't wait to see how it looks, I've been stuck with 7+ year old cheap monitors forever.


RIP the meme 2017-2018


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