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Just a reminder that the best Pokemon games (Gold and Silver) are now out on the 3DS eShop.


Samus Returns is beaten, 100%. 11 hours and 20 minutes. Time to go for another round, maybe try to get that time down.


Holy crap the bosses hit hard in Samus Returns.


Samus Returns is out tomorrow. Time to play through Super and Zero Mission today.


Someone posted a comparison between DOOM on PS4 and Switch. id confirmed wizards. Textures are definitely less detailed, and the lighting is a bit worse, but in motion, especially in handheld mode that won't really be noticeable.


The real news from this direct was that Mario manscapes.


Of course you know the only new Smash character will be Xander's horse, who will have learned how to use a sword specifically for Smash.


Hey, Nintendo updated their phone app so you don't have to exclusively use the Nintendo Online app and have the phone screen on at all times to actually use the voice chat. Now just move all that to the main Switch console and you have a start.


My new baby. I can't wait to start using it, my Performance MX finally bit the dust after like 7 years.


Watching season 4 of Bojack. Holy shit episode 11. Holy shit.


Good to see that the weapon systems used in Super are pretty much in tact for Samus Returns. I only really notice that Spazer can work with Plasma, Ice is separate, and Speed Booster has been replaced. That's a shame, I liked the Shinespark puzzles.


My mouse is finally dying. I guess it's about time to invest in that MX Master.


ARMS is getting customizable controls in an update eventually. That's good, I may actually buy the game then.


The art for the new Gravity Suit is pretty wicked. I hope they keep this design in the future, specifically Prime 4.


Yes good. Mario and Rabbids has crashing issues. It is a Ubisoft game alright.


I don't know about you guys, but I'm okay with Youtube's new layout because they also added a dark theme. It could be the worst layout in the world and I'd still use it if it had a dark theme.


Edge's new "Top 100 games of all time" list is pretty bad. Her story, Destiny, Fire Emblem: Fates, The Last Guardian, in the top 100? The recency bias is too strong, only one game in the top 5 is more than 5 years old.


Yep, it is a Ubisoft game alright.


So apparently Fire Emblem Warriors lets players choose to play at a higher resolution/30fps or a lower resolution/60fps. A Nintendo game with options? What even is this world anymore.


Had to upload this for #musictoid myself, since the album isn't on youtube in any way. It's off of Ramona Falls' new album, Coils. It's my favourite track on the album, but it's not a headphone song. Some pretty weird production that doesn't work on them.


A Hat in Time launches October 5th! At least late 2017 is going to be good for 3D platformers.


Not really seeing why the eclipse is such a huge event. Total solar eclipses happen almost every year, the next one is in 2019. The next total eclipse in the US is 2024.


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