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Hiren's BootCD is a Godsend.


Obligatory comment about how "x of the year" awards shouldn't even be considered until that year is completely over, not just mostly.


My Mipha and Revali amiibo came in today, woo! I also grabbed the Kingdom Hearts 2.5 for PS4 on Amazon for 25 bucks, so that'll be my weekend.


Haha, there's a mobile style credit cooldown in Battlefront 2's Arcade mode. You play it too much, you stop earning credits for x number of hours. Boogie2988 got a 3 hour cooldown, and I've heard that time could vary.


Just a reminder that EA aren't the good guys for "fixing" Battlefront 2. They set your house on fire and are pretending to be the heroes by saving your dog. They did this on purpose so people will think they're making changes for the player's benefit.


Odyssey 100% done. That's two massive 50+ hour Switch games done this year, and one more to go. Please Nintendo, I need to sleep.


One thing interestingly absent from the Xenoblade Direct was amiibo. I'd have thought there'd at least be a Rex and Pyra available. I guess Nintendo doesn't have a whole lot of (merch) confidence in what is essentially become their flagship JRPG franchise


Another really cool detail I love about Odyssey: Mario's dance animation automatically syncs to the tempo of whatever song he's dancing to.


Oh god, I'm redownloading my New Vegas mods. I'm not even done with Odyssey yet, but I can't resist the siren's call.


This movie is looking so good, I can't wait to see it.


My turn for a new avatar. Still your friendly neighbourhood Tabooty, just a little less spoopy.


I hope everybody has a terrifying Spoopnight!


Ooh, so Nintendo has increased their shipment forecast for the Switch up to 14 million from 10 million this fiscal year. The Switch's chances of outselling Wii U in one year are getting higher and higher.


Koopa Freerunning is a pretty good way to farm coins in Odyssey. 50 coins per win, and if you find one you can do really quick (sub 20 seconds in Cascade for me) you can get coins pretty fast.


Can't embed tweets, so I'll post Cappy saving my life like a bro in the comments. (New Donk City, level shown in Treehouse Live events)


I have one word for Odyssey postgame content. "Yoooooooooooo!!!!"


I haven't eaten in 10 hours because of Mario. Is that a problem?


The pain of getting Mario physically and not having any midnight launches around.


Mario Odyssey's life system and progression is largely tied to coins. I guess you could call it a game about cap-italism.


We back yo. Also Mario Odyssey is at 97 on Metacritic. If it stays there, Nintendo will be the first company ever (in the history of internet reviews) to release two games with ratings that high in one year. In the Switch's first year at that.


Just so Destructoid doesn't report on it; Nintendo didn't remove Gamecube adapter support in 4.0.1, people were just pulling a Polygon and freaking out over nothing, then not testing to ensure that their hysteria is warranted.


The Gamecube adapter works on Switch now! Yooooooooooooo this bodes well for Smash and possible virtual console stuff. Going to test out the Wii U Pro controller as well.


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