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No context required.


Probably getting laid off tomorrow. I would have liked to say that sentence without "off," but that's just how the world is right now.


Goddamn sheep in my town has had fleas three days in a row. I wish you could evict villagers for being filthy, dirty sheep.


I wonder if you can create waterfalls at right angles. Something to test when the time comes.


It's almost April. Pic related.


Rantula. Also I made a custom design of Shulk's shirt and jacket. (Needs a few more tweaks, but it's fine.)


I don't know if anyone has pointed this out yet, but New Horizons' 5pm music is funky AF.


95 fish bait later, I finally caught my stringfish. Now the only available fish I don't have are the golden trout, barreleye, and coelacanth.


I will catch a stringfish, even if I have to kill every clam in the world to do it.


This island didn't have many flowers left after I was done with it.


Just giving a public shoutout to Fivefinger Delta for helping me out with ordering the good Xenoblade Chronicles special edition! He's the best!


I want to preorder the Xenoblade special edition from Game UK, since they have it available, but I can't since they require an actual UK phone number. Damn.


Yo the May release leak for Xenoblade Definitive was real. At least we don't have to wait for much longer. Only two months away!


Playing Borderlands 3. Vaughn is the worst person in the entirety of fiction.


I got a few months of Game Pass with my processor a few weeks ago, so I've been trying a few of those games out. Particularly World of Horror. It's an interesting RPG. Very difficult. Not really scary at all, but there's some cool looking monsters.


Not a fan of my work's strategy for the virus, which is "If you don't want to get sick just quit, but if you can't afford that too bad we're cutting hours in half anyways."


My CPU was running really hot, and I just figured out why. My BIOS had set my 3900x's voltage to 1.45. I turned that shit way down.


Getting better every time (File 3 has all the cutscenes included too, since I recorded that one for a video. The time would be under 5 hours for sure without those.)


Playthrough 2 of Will of the Wisps down, got the 100% completion in 6 and a half hours this time. That time can definitely come down a lot too, there's one boss that kicked my ass for a good 15-20 minutes- way harder than anything else in the game.


Ori and the Will of the Wisps 100% complete. Under 11 hours, with probably 1-2 hours of faffing about getting lost. I'm going to start another file later today to see if I can halve that time. Awesome game, but it really needs a BUNCH of bug fixes.


Current global status: I didn't expect us to hit track 4 so soon, but that's how it goes I guess.


PC build underway. Everything posted first try, so now I just need to make backups on my old PC, transfer drives, and get installing everything again. Update: Everything's up and running, now to get everything back to the way I want it.


Building my new PC this week. Decided to go with the 3900x as my processor-if you're gonna go big, may as well go all the big. Going to transplant my 1070 and nvme drive into the new build, since I don't need to replace that stuff yet.


So season 4 of Castlevania is coming out next week, right? RIGHT???


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