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Started FF7 again. Trying to get Beta from the Midgar Zolom. The party is level 16, so that's plenty strong enough to do it. I got the skill, but the next turn the zolom booted Cloud from the battle, thus making me lose. God damn it.


Yooo my Hollow Knight Collector's edition is about to ship. This is perfect timing for several reasons, but I can't wait to get it.


So my job is getting new uniforms soon. When we do, there's supposed to be a big ceremony where we "transform" into a new type of employee. I think I work for a cult.


Hey, I started working on some new music Friday. I think it sounds really good! The name being similar to Alphadeus' recent post is a coincidence, I had this named before that was posted.


It's about time I played through DS2 again. There are still a ton of builds I've yet to try, so I need to get on that.


Started playing through Arkham Asylum again. Apparently newer Nvidia cards don't like its PhysX effects. The game dropped to like 5 fps during the second Scarecrow encounter with my 1070.


Got my new phone, and finally got everything set up the way I want it to be. Put a bit more effort into it this time, made a few more new icons for myself. Should probably redo the Steam icon, since I did that a long time ago and it's kinda trash.


Super real Detective Pikachu leak comin at ya!


Getting a new phone soon. Probably going with the Samsung S10, to replace my LG G5, which has been frankly awful since I got it two years ago.


I just had a great game in Ultimate where I got a super hard Falcon Punch read and finished with a Knee of Justice. But I forgot to save the replay. Life is pain.


My take of the 3.0 patch notes: Making rolling worse, and making projectiles worse against shields. Not a whole bunch of other changes.


Also I was hoping we'd be able to share stages online. I'm genuinely surprised that not only will we be able to do that, but it won't be limited to download codes through the app nobody likes, we can actually do it in game! (Also editing videos in-game!)


Smash Ultimate's Joker/3.0 trailer is finally up. He's lookin good.


My tax refund is literally 20 times higher than I thought it'd be. I guess my Visa is paid off.


Nintendo just goofed and confirmed Stage Builder for Smash Ultimate in their new ad. Right at the beginning haha.


Preordered the special edition of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Mainly so I didn't have to get that awful default box art. Actually, it was only for that reason.


Hottest take: Sekiro is just a visual overhaul mod for Guitar Hero.


Finished my second playthrough of Sekrio. I probably would have been wowed by the final boss if Gerhman didn't already exist. May post a blog with some more thorough thoughts at some point soon.


Only comment on the Anthem article I'll make is this: It seems like the team was trying to make a metacritic score, not a game, and that bit them hard in the ass.


Best Buy leaked Joker's Smash Bros render, in a weekly ad. I guess we'll be getting some news about him this week at the very least.


It seems this cheese with a Sekiro mini-boss I found is easily reproducible. I'll post the video in the comments to not spoil a lategame mini-boss right here in qposts.


All Borderlands 3 needs to be great is to have Mister Torgue be the protagonist. Instant classic.


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