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I really don't understand Nier Automata's obsession with making sure camera angles are always as unusable as possible.


And here it is, my first review of Forgotten Sands! I think this one turned out really well, so have a look if you've got the time, and tell me what you think I can improve. One last bump for the weekend crowd!


Man, the first Forgotten Sands video is coming along waaaaay easier than the PoP2008 video. I think it'll be done and uploaded by tomorrow afternoon!


I finally started playing Horizon Zero Dawn and so far it's pretty great. My one question is why no one blinks. I don't know of that's the PC port being borked, but everyone staring at each other unblinkingly is pretty awkward.


I have now finished playing all four versions of Prince of Persia Forgotten Sands. I could probably make a video for each one, but I've decided to put the handheld games together so I only have to make three.


Got new monitor stands and rearranged my #desktoid. Still need to do cable management under the desk, but on top it's quite a bit more spacious now. Oh, and my main monitor is upside down because it's bgr instead of rgb normally.


Kinda surprised I played Animal Crossing more than Xenoblade, honestly.


I guess my top 5 this year is Xenoblade Definitive, Persona 5 Royal, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Tony Hawk 1+2, and Hades. This year was so mediocre that all the best games were released well before 2020. I've even been playing Hades for two years.


Early Sephiroth impressions are kinda worrying to me. He's crazy slow, is super light, and has very little he can do against any fast character. All the trappings of the heaviest without being able to survive anything.


A thought just dawned on me. Will Cloud's classic mode be changed now that Sephiroth is actually in the game? It would be nice, since Cloud's classic mode is just stages with vehicles, because he rides a motorcycle that one time.


May not make too many friends with this one, but c'est la vie. One last bump for thr weekend crowd. If you have time, give it a watch! I'd really appreciate it!


I can't wait for Sephiroth's final smash to be a minute and a half cutscene. Because it's definitely Supernova.


That's a nice box, would be a shame if some one were to, open it.


Nintendo C&D'd the Etika themed Joycon shells from being sold- for which all profits went to the Jed Foundation for suicide prevention. So basically, fuck Nintendo.


I never managed to find enough time to finish my Origami King video, so Arlo has stepped in and made one. I think he's being too easy on the game, because he basically has to, but he still expresses a good number of criticisms on the game.


Best Buy has charged me for the 3080.


Yooooo I actually managed to order a 3080. Shipping the second week of December.


A buddy of mine is in school for programming/computer science. He's making a game for a project, and has enlisted me to make music and design sound effects for it! I've done two songs for it, one here, and the other in the comments.


New Gizz album released today. Super sick. They gave these microtones groove this time around.


Christmas music has started.


Mario 3D All Stars has been updated, and Sunshine can now use the Gamecube controller exactly as it was in the original release. Thank god, that's the way it's meant to be played.


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