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Looks like a new Smash patch is dropping tonight, and it's going to contain character changes, not just bugfixes. It probably isn't much, but I'm always hoping.


Cancelled my preorder of Pokemon Sword. I wasn't bothered by dexit or anything, but so much more as come out about the game that is making me decide to wait. I may still get it at some point, but it's officially not a priority.


So Terry has easily one of the bottom 5 worst recoveries in Ultimate. Like wow, the only worse I can think of are Little Mac and Dr. Mario. Terry even gives those a run for their money too.


I was orinally thinking about upgrading my GPU, but I decided to get something a little more useful. I can"t wait to put it to use.


Early Terry impressions: Slightly easier, less explosive Ryu/Ken. Some really weird hitboxes that don't quite work the way you'd expect. Strong combo game though overall. Really bad disadvantage and recovery.


Terry 99% releasing Wednesday. Sakurai is doing a 45 minute presentation on him Wednesday morning, so he'll probably release that night.


Hot take: stealing boiling water


This is a great video on VPNs, and more specifically, why you probably don't need one.


Lots of stuff from Sword and Shield are leaking, like starter evos and such. A list popped up for what is apparently the returning/cut mons. This is a rumour, so don't put too much weight into it, but I'll pop it into the comments to see if you're curious


SNK copyright was added into the most recent Spirit event in Ultimate- which runs until November 4th, so chances are that Terry will release before then. Considering the second and third are a weekend, that means Friday is probably the most likely date.


New video is up! It's on a really bad game, Vampire Rain: Altered Species. I had a lot of fun making this, but very little fun actually playing the game. Please give it a watch if you have some time! It's ONLY half an hour long ahahah. One final bump!


This song is pretty #darksiders4, I have no idea how something like this would be made. Probably lots of drugs.


I want to be playing The Outer Worlds right now, but I have a stupid job thing that I have to go to instead.


Today must be a great day for Obsidian. Not only is The Outer Worlds a critical hit, but we all wake up today with a nice, good 'ol helping of "Fuck Bethesda". Clearly a good day.


You know, I'm interested in Ring Fit Adventure, but I'm definitely going to have to wait a while. I'm interested, but it's 100 Canadian moneythings, and I definitely can't justify that now, maybe ever for that game.


Video production update: Oh no


Probably going to start the process of building a new PC soon. I'm hoping for some good sales on stuff coming up in the next few months. Will be buying parts as I find good deals, hopefully I'll be ready to build by January.


My Halloween video script is over 5000 words long. I repeat: Five thousand. Getting this one out before the 31st may be a challenge.


On a Pokemon related note, I'm playing through a randomized Leaf Green. Brock has been replaced with Entrepreneur Landon, and his level 12 Rapidash with Sunny Day, Heat Wave, and Megahorn are completely sweeping me.


Not sure if a regional variant of Ponyta/Rapidash deserved a 24 hour stream, but here we are.


New video is up! It's on The Neverhood! Give it a watch if you want to, and let me know what you think! One last bump for the weekend!


Hoo boy, my next video may be out by tomorrow, if I can manage to do something I've never tried before on my first try. I guess I'll just have to try.


Windows has downloaded Metro Exodus on my computer without my consent like 5 times over the past few weeks. Nothing I've tried has stopped it, so I guess I'm just going to wipe my computer and reinstall Windows.


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