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Bought Fall Guys. Played it for about half an hour. Refunded Fall Guys. Battle Royale style games are already a harder sell for me, but then add on the fact that its primary gameplay feature is frustration, and I just noped out of it.


Huh. Nintendo dropped a new patch for Smash out of nowhere, and actually added a new stage, seemingly designed for competitive-style battling. Also it's apparently easier to get into Elite Smash now online.


Finally finished a new video. I had the script for it done back in early June, but it just didn't materialize until now. I think it's a good one, let me know what you think! One final bump for the weekend crowd!


It is finally done. I guess I can finally go kick the final boss' ass. It's been waiting for a while.


Welp, if things go as I think they are, my Origami King script looks like it'll pass 10000 words. I am going to be taking 0 Toads as prisoner.


I have two achievements left to get in Xenoblade, then I've finally completed it 100%, not even using NG+. But man, this is when it finally has started to feel like a grind. Whoever thought it was ok to require 2000 burst affinity procs is insane.


Welp, Origami King is beaten. I've started writing a critique of it, but of course the first thousand words of that is just explaining why Sticker Star and Colour Splash are bad. This'll be a long one and take a long time to make.


5 minutes in and I've already experienced the worst thing about The Origami King.


TFW you have to pull a 16 hour overnight shift.


Well that was boring. There was what, two actual game announcements, one of which being Far Cry 6, which we already basically knew about.


Avalanche Abaasy? More like Avalance Abaasshole, am I right? (That's the last Xenoblade superboss left, and he's hard, being level 120/124.)


You know how I was playing Paperball and doing speedruns of a level set? Well my times have gotten a bit better since then.


In better news I'm binging all of the Studio Ghibli films now that they're on Netflix. I forgot how Kiki's Delivery Service kinda just ends with like 10 minutes of story left to tell. Still a lovely movie, either way.


Be better. Be like the Leffen Bot.


Hey Dtoid, anyone want to play some Smash later tonight? I want to try out the new character changes with some real people. Edit: Got an arena open! If anyone wants to join, check the comments for info.


Min Min patch is available now, and it looks like there's a shitton of changes to other characters too. This may be our big balance patch.


https://thehardtimes.net/harddrive/vault-boy-skin-introduces-dozens-of-glitches-to-smash-bros/ Oh Todd, you did it again!


Finished Future Connected. It's a good epilogue, nothing it does is really mind-blowingly great, but it's more Xenoblade, so I liked it. Now to finish off the rest of the superbosses, and I'll finally be able to say I'm done for a while.


Disassembled, cleaned, and transplanted some parts into my old Gamecube controller yesterday. Looks and feels better than it has in like 15 years. I kinda want to do the same with my Switch Pro Controller, but I don't have a dummy to practice on.


Hades' next big update is out, and it's a massive 6 gigs. Like, holy, and this isn't even the 1.0 update. It's already basically a Hades 1.5 from the last update.


Ok, I've completed every optional quest in Xenoblade Chronicles, probably for the first time, actually. Now onto the superbosses, so I can finish the collectopaedia.


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