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Alright AMD, you have my attention.


I kinda hope NVidia gets a bit of this with their 3070 reviews. Everyone knows they delayed it so they could take press away from AMD and make sure AMD couldn't use 3070 performance numbers to compare against their new GPUs. Stock is still gonna be nil.


On an anime kick again. The Promised Neverland was fantastic, Kill La Kill was fun if nothing special, and Code GEASS is good so far but Code MENT was better.


Have you heard the new King Gizzard song? Me neither! I just grabbed the stems and mixed it before even listening to the official release haha. Have a listen and tell me if my mix actually sounds any good!


Yoooo, King Gizzard released the stems for their new track, Automation. I'm downloading and making a mix of that one ASAP dude.


I don't know how many people here have played Phasmophobia, but it's a great co-op spoopgame for the season. It's a blast with friends, and manages to do horror even with co-op.


Happy #caturday! My cat has found a new bed in a pile of stuff in our basement. She can sleep basically anywhere.


The Steve patch isn't too interesting aside from Steve, who is dumb. Ice Climbers are probably fixed, Bowser Jr. got some buffs, and Lucario's aura is now stupid, and loads of multi hit moves are better at connecting, but that's basically it.


I can't believe I'm me again.


Song Machine is probably going to end up being one of Gorillaz's best albums, alongside Demon Days and Plastic Beach- so many of these tracks are just so good, this new one is no exception.


The 3080 hunt is true sorrow.


Has anyone here beaten Hades on a new save file yet? I want to know how many runs it takes to trigger the true ending, and when I did it on my existing file, that was win 45 or something like that.


Ayy my copy of Mario All-stars came in earlier than I expected, but I'm not going to play it until my next video's script is done. So I guess that'll just sit on my desk and taunt me until I stop procrastinating.


Did some deep cleaning around the house yesterday, and found some cool stuff. In particular, I found the pillow case that came with the collector's edition of Catherine (boxers are still MIA) , and a Warframe bandana I got when I visited Digital Extremes.


Decided to give in to the trend and look at that Backloggd site. I wish there was an "Abandoned" option, since there are a lot of games that I've played, but didn't care for enough to finish. I have played them, but just didn't get to the end.


And here it is, I finally finished the video on Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones! Have a look if you're interested! Tuesday afternoon bump!


I am really excited for the 3D All-Stars, but in the era with things like the N-Sane trilogy, it's a shame Nintendo isn't doing more to touch these games up. I know they're classics and all, but if Mario 64 doesn't have proper camera control, so help me.


Any of you swood grommets gonna be shredding some half-pipes this Friday? I can't wait to pop shove-it then fall on my face.


Not sure if it works for a #sadsongsunday, but Coheed and Cambria wrote a sequel to Rick Springfield's Jessie's Girl, and it ends up exactly like you'd expect.


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