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Dark Souls Remastered is 50% off on PC for people who have the PTDE. I figured we'd get a discount, but I'm glad nonetheless.


New Xenoblade Chronicles 2 DLC info! New Poppi form! Another Xenosaga Blade! AAAAAaaaa


So Night Trap is coming to Switch. Oh how times have changed.


Just heard that my sister had to put one of her cats down today. He was only 3 years old, fuck.


Setting up virtual audio cables to work with Discord is a pain in the ass. Every time anything on my computer updates, the cable install breaks and I have to redo everything to get it working again. Install, setting preferences, and hoping Discord sees it


Haha, Guru Larry and Brad Jones are the only two people left on Channel Awesome, and Larry is only still there to see if he can get the Highlander powers over Brad. Edit: Larry is saying that Brad just left, so I guess he is the Highlander.


How have I not listened to Blur's Magic Whip album until now? It's so good. Ice Cream Man is a better Gorillaz song than anything off of Humanz.


I just realized while playing through Bloodborne again that in the past like 5+ playthroughs I haven't actually fought Micolash's second phase. Breaking the fight entirely is a lot better than dealing with A Call Beyond's nonsense.


Oh hey I think I finished the title card I'll be using for my next few videos, at least. Pretty minimalistic, but that's what I wanted.


Started working out again. Current status:


Working on a little intro jingle for my youtube videos. WIP in the comments.


Leave me alone, winter. You were supposed to be gone two weeks ago.


Oh also Chrono Trigger's PC port is getting updated to allow toggling between the new trash and proper original graphics. So that's good, as long as they allow original UI as well.


Hey Shadow of War is ditching its loot boxes. I may pick it up after that happens, since I wanted to play it but swore off buying any game with loot boxes.


I'm upset Dtoid's April fools joke wasn't Queuetoid. It's Qtoid, but you get a random number, and you can only post when the number comes up.


My new baby. I can't wait to get using it. I've already got it working in Pro Tools, I just need some time to put my nose to the grindstone.


Gonna order myself something nice soon. I'll post the pic of it in the comments, since qpost pictures are borked.


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