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Tim Horton's put cream in my tea. Why would anyone do this?


Does anyone really know?


I wonder if the Chibi Robo image was a teaser for an edgy reboot of the series. Chibi Robo, obsessed with cleanliness, wipes out all of humanity then finally self-imolates to achieve bodily and spiritual purity. Chibi Robo 2: Total Cleansing.


Oh my God, a Nintendo Direct that didn't disappoint, even after all the hype? What sorcery is this?


Happy fun rock music for good kids.


Got the 60fps hack working on Xenoblade Chronicles in Dolphin. With that plus the HD textures, I'm never going back to another version again.


#desktoid I should rearrange a few things here and there, there's a bit of empty space near the keyboard.


This may have been the best 8 minutes of my life.


Now this, this looks too good to be true.


It feels like -40 where I live. It doesn't matter if you use Fahrenheit or Celcius because it's the same.


Played through Night in the Woods. It was alright, I guess. It's no Hot Fuzz, that's for sure, but there's definitely worse ways to spend 7 hours, even if the first 3 are basically nothing.


I like that when it comes to Nintendo Direct rumours, "realistic" is synonymous with "disappointing."


Took out Cloud Sea King Ken. Only 20 levels below him too. I'm sure he'd be a lot easier if I were max level, but I wanted to kill him early.


I finally got all the rare blades in XC2. No more mindless grinding, time to take care of some real quests!


I was going to do a GOTY blog thing, but nah. My top 5 are: 5- A Hat in Time 4- Cuphead 3-Xenoblade Chronicles 2* 2- Super Mario Odyssey 1- TLoZ: Breath of the Wild.


Damn, it looks like Demon's Souls is basically unplayable online now. That's a damn shame. Audio issues, horrible framerate drops, and hard crashes caused by the game's server. Offline works fine, but online just doesn't anymore, even with the servers up.


It's so cold that it hurts to breathe. That hasn't happened in a while.


Started a new Xenoblade 2 file to see what the rare blade pulls were like using the cores from the expansion pass (10 rare, 1 legendary, 5 common.) Pulled 5 before getting to the common cores. Adenine, Finch, Azami, Nim, and Kora.


I'm enjoying Asscreed Origins so far. It's not bad, looks good, feels good to play for the most part. It's a bit bloated mechanically though, and they should just ditch the whole modern day animus thing. It just detracts from the game at this point.


I've gotta give props to the ARMS team for consistently hitting it out of the park with their character designs. They're all fantastic and this new character is no different.


I got Asscreed Origins for free with a new hard drive, so I guess I'm getting ugh, Uplay on my PC. It's fine though, there is a cancerous growth shaped hole in my PC now that I've ditched Origin.


I tried to get the 10gb for 60$ plan from Rogers today (which is basically the best you can get in Canada btw) but since I'm on contract with them they won't let me. I love how easily and thoroughly Canada's telecom companies screw over their customers.


Finished Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Current status:


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