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So, as of today I've gone three months with no fast food or carbonated drinks. I was really tempted to get myself a can of Pepsi today, but I've decided that I won't drink any of that until I hit my goal. I'm 215 now, hoping to get to 190 this summer.


TFW Primrose gets you a 100x EXP bonus. My party jumped like 15 levels.


Therion confirmed the next Jojo.


I like the path actions so far. It seems like Alfyn and Cyrus are pretty redundant, but everyone else has their own unique applications. It's hard to choose what party members to use, but I'm going Tressa, H'aanit, Ophilia, and Therion (team THOT) now.


Yoooo, Canada Post to the rescue. Best Buy only shipped this out this morning, and it's already here. I was expecting it Monday.


So it looks like the theorized final area of Octopath has been found. Good stuff.


Welp, Best Buy finally charged me for Octopath. They're saying the shipment probably won't be here until Monday at the earliest though, so I'm not too happy.


Best Buy still hasn't shipped my copy of Octopath Traveler aaaaaaaaaa


Oh hey I actually finished and mixed my new song. I think it's way better than it was before, I hope you all do too!


Yes, four new jobs announced for Octopath Traveler. I was a little worried that subclassing would be a little bland if there were only the eight from the main cast to sub into. Knowing there's more makes party building more interesting.


Just an FYI, there are now eight days until Octopath Traveler releases.


Hey I wrote another piece of music. It's my take on a battle theme sort of thing. Have a listen and tell me what you think!


It is done. 100% completion on Steel Soul mode. Now to never do that again.


Fun Fact for any non-Canadians (and some Canadians). On days where Canada Day would fall on a Sunday, it's moved to the 2nd. Today is the anniversary of Canada's confederation, but Canada Day is technically tomorrow. #funfacteh


Also, the Switch version of Hollow Knight feels a little unresponsive. It's probably just me though, since I'm used to the game running at like 300fps, so the drop to 60 feels huge.


Whew. Got the Steel Soul achievement in Hollow Knight. Now to survive for the last 40% completion, so I can finally unclench my butt.


I weighed in at 219.8 pounds today. That's 21+ pounds lost over the last two months, and the lightest I've been in over a year. More than halfway to my first goal, and we'll see what happens from there.


Playthrough 2, and the other two speedrun achievements get. I should have played on Steel Soul mode, since I didn't die at all either.


Finished my first playthrough of Hollow Knight. I know there's a lot I missed, but getting the Speed Completion achievement for my first full playthrough is nice.


There isn't really anything I'm seeing from the Steam Summer Sale that I want and don't already own. Is it possible that I already own all games?


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