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Tfw you're almost finished a video but then decide to rewrite a third of it.


Finally got around to making a new Mario Maker level. This one changes a bit depending on where you go and what you do! I don't know what the fastest route is, but I'm sure someone can figure it out.


Work on my next video is going well! I decided that I needed a piece of music for the end of the video as well, so I made this up. It's a nice, jazzy thing, and I think it'll fit at the end of any given video.


Hey @RiffRaff, here's the video of me completing your level here. @Rasori, you may want to see it too, if you're wondering how I beat your time by two seconds. I was just as surprised as you.


I felt fine this morning until someone told me to feel better. Now I feel like I'm getting sick.


I have accepted my role as Destructoid's Mario Maker 2 final boss.


Finished the script for my next video, and got a lot of the narration recorded. This one is going to be a lot more ambitious, and I'm working on it a lot so I hope I can actually release it in a relatively short time period after the last one.


Took a break from Mario Maker to get Joker into Elite Smash. Man, that character is so broken lol, I lost one match on my way up, and it was due to me SDing twice.


I got my HD60 S going, and decided to record myself running through my own Mario Maker levels. Only Lost Key and Mushroom Harvest, since they were kind of built to be played faster, so it's easier to replay them.


I've got to get my Elgato HD60 S up and running again. The Switch's video capture is trash, and I would have liked to have a higher quality version of my clearing of TheBlondeBass' 1-1 stage. And yes, I do think a time of under 12 seconds can be done.


So I don't want to self-promote too much, and it won't get much traction here, but I released an album recently. It's tracks I made over the last year, so have a listen if you want to!


Seriously, adding record times to Mario Maker levels has added so much longevity to that game beyond the first. I would just play a level once and be done before, but I go back dozens of times now for better times.


Video is up aaaaaaa. Don't watch it, it's bad. For real though, I would like feedback, so don't hold back! One last bump! I've got some great feedback, but I'm looking for more, more, MORE.


Ayy, my next video is effectively done. The script ended up being over 3000 words, full thing front to back ended up being just under 19 minutes with a preamble and post video section. Put a lot of work into this one, will likely upload it tomorrow.


I simultaneously couldn't sleep last night and had a hard time getting out of bed this morning. It's going to be a good day, I can tell.




I'm actually almost done with my next youtube video, finally. The last one came out over a year ago. I really need to find a way to streamline this process a bit.


Hey everyone should stop what they're doing and play Smash Bros instead.


Had fun smashing it up with Gimic and Sam, and got to play some characters that I don't play too often. We've gotta get some more Dtoid Smash Bros nights going.


Bloodstained Spoiler: People die when they are killed


Ori and the Will of the Wisps is February 2020. E3 is already ruined.


May be time to play through Xenoblade Chronicles 1/2 again soon.


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