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I got my new internet. I am not overwhelmed, nor am I underwhelmed. I am feeling the correct amount of whelm.


Playing through Dishonored 2 again. On mission 4 now, my second favourite in the game. The Jindosh Mansion is such a fantastic area.


Shulk players been making waves these past few weeks in competetive Ultimate. I always knew the Monado boy had it in him.


TFW you upload a low-effort smash bros clip to reddit but it gets 70 times as many views as you high-effort edited review videos.


So I figured out what bothered me about the XC: Definitive visuals. It's not the models, which XC2 butchered, it's just the colours. I edited the new Shulk to have old Shulk colours, and I already like the new design way, way more.


One thing I really wish we could do in the SNES/NES Online apps was remap buttons as we please. One thing I loved about the Wii U virtual console was being able to put any button anywhere on my Pro Controller, even properly using all 4 shoulder buttons.


Considering how little changed with this most recent Smash patch, I imagine we'll be getting a more substantial balance patch probably next month. If any characters (Hero) were to get reworked, they wouldn't want to rush that out and get it wrong.


I can't stress enough how happy the XC1 remake makes me. XC1 is literally my favourite game ever and it getting updated is amazing. Like, my "I can die happy after X event" has moved back to at least 2020. (Not literally, but you know what I mean.)




This is why I'm glad there are no children in Three Houses.


n a h . e m a i l u s .


Nintendo leaking their own stuff again. The website for Challenger 4 in Smash Ultimate's DLC has SNK copyright explicitly stated on the page. KoF rep maybe?


I should be getting (somewhat) better internet soon. 350gb data, LTE ping with a close tower, 25/5 speeds. Better than my current 100gb, satellite, and "Works if the wind isn't blowing west" speeds.


Amazon kinda just put this up for a short amount of time. Looks like you may be able to give Blizzard money for surprise mechanics on the go soon.


I found this cartridge holder on Etsy and it's pretty sweet. Now I can keep all my cartridges in one place.


My Transistor video is up! This was basically my last two weeks haha. It'd have probably been out sooner, if Three Houses hadn't happened. Please watch it if you have the time and tell me what you think! One last bump for the weekend crew!


Video is pretty far in the editing process now. Looks like it'll probably end up just over 23 minutes long. The Bastion video was just over 16, so that's a pretty massive jump, and obviously just keep finding more stuff to add as I go along.


New King Gizzard album dropped yesterday, and it's sick. It's super impressive how they can go from a folk-blues album to thrash metal in like 4 months.


You know, Lorenz is basically just the internet's interpretation of Waluigi: Purple memegod who thinks he's the sexiest guy on Earth.


First draft script of my next video is 3600 words. About 1000 more than the first drafts for both Hollow Knight and Bastion. I hope it doesn't balloon out too much more.


Current status:


So I've just finished Three Houses. 50 hours down my path. Easily my favourite game this year, and I can't say for sure yet, but it may end up being my favourite in the series. Loved almost everything about it, and I can't wait to play the other paths.


Yep, this is the Hero alright.


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