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Finished another playthrough of Dark Souls 2 with some friends. Meet Scrumcrust, the faithful king of the hobos.


They did it, Star Wars Battlefront 2's loot boxes be back, but will only contain cosmetic content and will only be earned in-game. https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2018-03-16-ea-drops-paid-loot-boxes-from-star-wars-battlefront-ii


I think I figured it all out.


Ugh, being sick sucks. I haven't eaten basically at all since Thursday, I'm working a 9 hour shift today, and I have to go to my sister's birthday dinner later. I just want to sleeeeeeep.


A Smash Bros teaser? At this time of year? Localized entirely within a Direct?


Oh one final tidbit I just realized from the Direct. It looks like Octopath Traveler is the game's final title. I guess they couldn't find a name that fit better than that haha.






Woke up sick today, if I'm like this tomorrow I won't be able to make it to EGLX. How I feel about the cold right now:


Nintendo Direct tomorrow. We can probably expect one Friday as well, since no Direct on March 8, 2018 has ever not had a Direct the very next day.


Oh shit, rendering my new video now. Then to watch it, nitpick the hell out of it, then go and do most of it over again. (Oh hey I uploaded the videooooo) Bump with the video for the daytime people.


Monolith Soft with the troll. (Xenoblade Chronicles 2 title screen spoilers in the comments)


Xenoblade Chronicles 2's NG+ patch is out let's goooooooo


So I've noticed that while you can't directly play with friends in Luigi's Inflatible Laytex Planet, friends' balloons seem to show up more often than randos. Not exactly what I want, but it's acceptable.


Oh my God you guys HoneyComb is good again you guys. This is Important you guys.


Haha, yes, I got OMFs working in Premiere CC. I'm working on a new video for my youtube channel, and my editing just went from "I should mix as I go" to "Throw all that shit in Pro Tools and do it later."


Luigi's Balloon World is pretty great. I only wish you could play directly with friends, in a party multiplayer mode.


Yo, Mario Odyssey's Luigi's Balloon World DLC is out now, it also includes a few more costumes for Mario, and a few more filters for screenshot mode. Pic related


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