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Valkyria Chronicles 4 releases tomorrow. Let's hope that Amazon ships that Memoirs of Battle Edition soon.


Coheed was great. Protest the Hero was probably a bit more solid in terms of the live mix, but they were both super good, and I had a great time.


Going to see Coheed and Cambria tonight. Protest the Hero is opening for them. It's gonna be goooooood.


Playstation Classic is now a thing. Sony does what Nintendoes years after they do.


Peace Walker update: Started over with the Legacy Collection on my new PS3, and it makes a world of difference. Oh man actually using a stick to control the camera instead of the face buttons is super important, not to mention the better controls overall.


Oh my God I just saw that DHMIS is coming back I'm so excited


I like the combat system in Spider-Man. It really makes you feel like Batman.


Player data and rankings for Mario Tennis Aces will soon be stored at a Nintendo server. This is how all online games should work and I hope for dedicated Splatoon players' sakes that it starts to do that too.


I now have a spood game and a new PS3.


My only regret with Nintendo's online service is ever having hope that it could be not terrible.


Bethesda has talked to Nintendo about Smash Bros. Imagine, during the Direct, instead of Sakurai in that room, it's instead Todd Howard, and he reveals to the world that the hidden mode on the main menu is just Skyrim that you can play in Smash Bros.


Peace Walker is ok so far. I'm not sure if it expands later on, but so far it seems just like a worse (in gameplay at least), portable version of MGSV.


That's MGS3 down, on to Peace Walker next I guess. I've never really played much of it, even though I've owned it for a couple years now.


I've never tried to play through the Metal Gear Solid series chronologically. I should probably do that.


The one thing I want from tomorrow's Direct is a future plan for the Online service's VC-like games. Like, a roadmap for when SNES and beyond games coming to the service. Nintendo is really overestimating how much people like NES games anymore.


Alright, I've completed The Messenger 100%. Really good game. I'll definitely play it through a second time at some point.


Ooh, found another reason why I'm glad I preordered the special edition of VC4. Two DLC packs are releasing in December for it, but are included with the special edition at launch.


Bojack Horseman Season 5 and Torna: The Golden Country release on the same day. Oh no.


Repentance is Antibirth+. I repeat: REPENTANCE IS ANTIBIRTH+. Antibirth with extra stuff added in on top of it. Isaac Rebirth is now the best game ever made.


That logo is the same as Antibirth. If they managed to port Antibirth to AB+ I will lose my mind. And if I get it back it will explode and kill me.


Started trying to lose weight four months ago. As of today I'm only 205lbs, making my weight loss over 35lbs! Still have 15 more to go, but it feels good to make progress.


Eerie night. Visible full moon, stars above, violent lightning to the east and north, not a peep of thunder. Weird.


Ooh, one really nice feature added to Hollow Knight in the Godmaster update is remappable controls. That's one thing I wanted more than almost anything, so now I can use the same control scheme on both PC and Switch.


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