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Alright, my next video is finally out, this time I'm talking about One Piece Odyssey! Check it out if you're interested!


Oh baby, I finally hit 3500. I've also been working my ass off, and it looks like I'm going to have another video entirely done and ready to go before my next one goes live on Friday. Gotta do that grind.


My next video is already done, but since I don't want to release it just yet, I decided to take some time to redo my endcard music. I tried to lean into the jazzy feel to it a lot more. My jazz arrangement experience is zero, but it sounds alright!


Man, I love this game. If they don't remaster 2 and 3 I'll be very, very upset.


Got my T4 in today! I can't wait to get home and do my favorite Valentine's Day activity-meticulously prepare my taxes for filing.


I guess I'm finally done talking about Paper Mario for a while, so instead I talked about Bug Fables, a very, very different game. Check it out if you're interested! Bump for the weekend crowd!


One of the best Directs in years. It was banger after banger almost the entire way through. And holy shit, not only do we get the Prime remaster, but a Baten Kaitos collection? I like, couldn't ask for much more.


Rig Fit sequel. It's gonna happen this time.


Started playing One Piece Odyssey yesterday. No full thoughts yet, but it's surprisingly polished. You would not think this was the same studio that made Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl.


My shiny army grows- everything in the box is shiny. Also, I got a great deal on a 14tb hard drive over the holidays, I can't wait to fill that up with way too much pointless game footage.


Hey, PS5, thanks for automatically deleting Bloodborne and making me redownload it. I definitely wasn't in the middle of a playthrough at all.


It's that time of year again


I'm not sure if I mentioned this, but I was taking part in a Metroid Dread speedrunning tournament, along with another 19 of the best runners in the world. I just got eliminated, but that puts me tied for 9th, which is pretty good, all things considered.


And here it is, it's finally done. It's by far my longest video to date, I sure hope I don't cover anything else that requires this much detail any time soon. Give it a watch if you have like an hour lol. One final bump for the weekend crowd!


See? I told you all I wasn't obsessed. I didn't even play it every other day this year!


Hurdy gurdy man is my favourite.


Oh baby this is getting fast.


So, the Callisto Protocol reviews are basically "It's just Dead Space. 10/10", or "It's just Dead Space. 6/10." I guess I'm sold.


New Pokemon game, same shiny luck.


I broke what I imagine will be the final 5 minute barrier in this category (for me at least) unless the route changes again. Very happy with this, despite losing a ton of time at one point. (Run is in the comments if you want to see it)


Got like zero sleep last night. Being awake is entirely pain. Pretty average @monday


Denim laminated. Past illuminated. Evil stimulated. Future pixelated. Laminated Denim!


I bet EVGA is laughing their asses off right now. It's just like Nvidia to send out a bunch of partner-exclusive GPUs, then turn around and say, "Actually, we're not going to launch that card, lol."


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