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Next-Gen: We Have Arrived Onto The Future

Prepare for down count... The future is coming. The Wii-U marks the start of the next console generation, and it's assumed that the Nextbox and PlayStation 4 are not too far behind. I'm curious what the next generation will bring, and spe...


(NVGR) Movie Review: The Amazing Spider-Man

Blah blah Flixist blah blah Super hero movies are definitely the big thing these days in Hollywood, especially with big blockbusters like The Avengers gobbling up all sorts of cash (and with Dark Knight Rises expected to do the same). Ob...


E3: Dusty Finish & A Flair Flop

The big three of 2012�s E3 (Microsoft, Sony, & Nintendo) have had their big events and the only appropriate way I can describe how I feel is by calling this whole thing a dusty finish. For those of you who are not overly familiar with pro...

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Dreaming: Back in time

[For his Bloggers Wanted essay response, SephirothX dreams of a world in which the past rules the present and future. Want to see your own words appear on the front page? Get writing! --Mr Andy Dixon] Pardon the misleadi...


Dark Souls � Prepare to Cry Edition

It isn't exactly unknown that gamers will cry about anything given the opportunity whether it's for a legitimate reason or a stupid one; 10 minutes of Mass Effect 3 apparently ruined 200+ hours of fun, Devil May Cry being handed to develo...


HD Remakes & Why They Aren�t A Bad Thing

Or, how this isn�t an industry wide conspiracy to make you buy your old games again HD remakes have happened sporadically this generation, however, in the recent few months we�ve seen a few of them pop up, examples including Metal Gear S...


10 things you didn't know about SephirothX

Hey I missed out on this trend last time it was popular too so I wanted in on some of the fun, I don't get many chances to totally kick back on my blog. Honestly, I had a little bit of a hard time thinking of things to throw in here becau...

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InSephtion � Mega Man�s Blue Bomber Brats

The InSephtion is a semi-frequent (read: when I feel like it) series of opinion pieces were I attempt to implant, or otherwise remove, a thought or series of thoughts from your mind. The InSephtion is back with its second episode, and I ...


InSephtion: The Online Pass

The InSephtion is a semi-frequent (read: when I feel like it) series of opinion pieces were I attempt to implant, or otherwise remove, a thought or series of thoughts from your mind. In this inaugural edition of the InSephtion I�m going ...


Behold the (un)Official Destructoid WWE �12 Arena!

You know what a non-work day, boredom, and Dayquil can do to you? Well, for me somehow awoke my creative side a little and shot me into WWE 12�s arena creator mode. My goal? To create an arena that would fit both the glorious image of Des...


Lets Talk Some Metal Gear Rising

The new trailer for Metal Gear Rising debuted at the Spike TV VGA awards this weekend, and I have to say I�m a little surprised by the high amount of negativity floating around the response to the trailer. Now while I haven�t looked exten...


Obscurity: A Boy and His Kaiju

I love Godzilla. Long time followers of my blog (all seven of you) know this to be true as well. Godzilla is awesome & he does everything like a boss. You know what�s more fun than watching Godzilla stomp through giant cities while wasti...


Sephy�s Top Five Dumbest Weapons in Video Games

I�m going to cut right to the chase; I like to think I�ve played a lot of video games in my lifetime. Over the course of this time I�ve seen some video games that have some pretty cool weapons (DMC3�s Nevan, Demon�s Souls� DragonBone Smas...


�Mortal Kombat� Surpasses 3 Million Sales

And now a rarity for my blog, I actually put on my journalist hat and deliver you some news! NetherRealm Studios� reboot of the Mortal Kombat franchise surpassed the 3 million sales mark globally. The game received pretty stellar reviews...


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