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Currently pllaying Spider-Man on PS4, such a great game!


Currently playing Jedi Outcast on PC. Better controls, graphics and overall gameplay, definitely a step up from Jedi Knight, even though I miss the cheesy live-action cutscenes.


Why do I insist on beating Call of Duty games on the hardest difficulty? Currently struggling through WWII


Phantasy Star II. Giving it another try after giving up on the Sega Collection for the XB360. Boy is it tough, without a map for the dungeons sections you are guaranteed to get lost, and the random encounters are too frequent. Good music and story so far.


Watched Wonder Woman yesterday, definitely the best DC movie since TDK. Not without its problems, but very entertaining and solid overall. Also, we finally got a good female superhero movie! (I do have a soft spot for Supergirl though).


Watching Iron Fist and boy is it awful. Predictable and yet incoherent, boring and laughably bad at times, I have to agree with most reviewers. Best? Jessica Henwick and Rosario Dawson. Worst? Iron Fist himself, the Meachums, and so much more...


Playing The Witcher 3, took me two years to beat 1 and 2 first!


Worried about Batman V Superman.We've come to expect a certain level of quality from Marvel, but not from Snyder, whose best work is the falwed adaptation of Watchmen. I guess I am also wary of including too many chaaracters in one movie, it never works o


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