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Thoughts on Tokyo 42

Tokyo 42 tries to be a mix of old and new. A beautifully stylized world with old-school shooting taking place in a supposed peaceful future that is all about killing. However, not all elements work and creates a game that is gorgeous t...


How Power Curves Motivate Players

Power curves are an effective form of progression in just about any game to motivate someone to keep going. For today's post, I want to talk about the three elements of power curves and what they mean towards motivating someone to cont...


The Debate of Streaming Games

Streaming games has become a major part of the industry in recent years. For consumers, it's given them another avenue to experience games. Streamers have become big names and have even turned it into a job. Through streaming, develope...


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My name is Josh Bycer and I run the site Game-Wisdom where we examine the art and science of games. We've been going strong for over two years now with daily pieces and weekly podcasts and we are expanding our content with reaching out to other sites and beginning to do livecasting. Check out https://Game-Wisdom.com for posts and podcasts and https://youtube.com/c/game-wisdom for a variety of video content.