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Trigger warnings always trigger me. Every single time I see the words trigger warning, I remember being told I was triggering someone and feel such shame, guilt, and dishonor. Stop trigger warning things world, it triggers me.


I'm worried that the video game bubble is going to burst sooner than later, these consoles aren't what people were wanting and everyone keeps arguing about nonsense. I love you guys. I'm scared of the future.


Games Played This Month - November!!

Just one more month, before I'm done with this. I can't wait for this year to be over, I'll be a little closer to death and a lot farther from sitting here writing this. And I'll be that much worse catching up with all my video games. He...


Games Played This Month - October!!

October has been an interesting month, Bonerquest was supposed to release this month, but time makes fools of us all. As I assembled this together this afternoon, I�m in the midst of a vicious cold. My head hurts, I�ve thrown up, and I mi...


Just my old werewolf comics!

Yesterday, I posted them with all the author notes stuff and it sort of clumped together badly. So today, I present without any interruptions, my old werewolf comics. And remember, only silver can...


I want you to read my werewolf comics.

In the year 2007, I did some werewolf comics. I can only sort of recall doing them, they were a part of my final internet comic experience where I would try out many different styles of story telling and characterization. This particular ...


Games Played This Month - September!!

I made the mistake of checking out twitch.tv on the Destructoid community channel. It worked well enough that I want to invest in equipment and show you guys how awful I am at video games. If you've played online with me, you've seen how ...


I for one, am really proud of Anthony Burch!

People come and go from our little community all the time. Some disappear without any big announcement of where they go, some go off and write about games elsewhere, at least one guy went to draw cartoons, and then some dudes actually mak...


Games Played This Month - August!!

This month has been busy for me. My work has picked up a lot, I do night shift stock crew at a krogers, and this month starts the trend of nightmarish nights for the holidays. Plus, I've been writing a book you might have heard of, that t...


Games Played This Month - July 2012!

It's late at night, I was going to post this Sunday, but I wrote that big long thing instead. So yeah, I'm going to sneak this in here for the morning. That's a picture of me in the Batmobile, which was fucking awesome. Here are video g...


Games Played This Month - June 2012!

Every month I write down what I played, then post it here the first weekend of the next month. I do this on my iPod at work, where I don't use any spell checker or any bullshit. I just write and publish this thing, done. I'm sure somebod...


Games Played This Month - May 2012

Every month I keep record of what I played, and then publish it here on the first Sunday of the next month. This month, I barely played half the games I usually do. I moved this month, as well as just exhausted when I'm not at work. I bo...


Games Played This Month April 2012

April� Every month I keep tabs on what games I played and what I thought about them!� I forgot to do this, until like the last day of the month. I meant to start doing this before Boston, but I stayed busy all month. Bonerquest is totally...


Games Played This Month: March 2012

Today's the first of March, at least it was when I wrote some of this part. I always write a big thing, then erase almost all of it when I finally publish these things. Going to Boston in April, by that I mean this Friday. PAX East is a t...


Randombullseye on Mass Effect 3�s ending

I tried not to spoil stuff, and just allude to things, but fuck it. If you really want to play the game, play it. I�m considering giving my 360 copy away, so ask nicely, maybe I�ll let you have it. Last night, I managed to finish what wa...


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