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The bell rings dear children, drawing in the swine from the gutters and the nobles of palaces alike to the Recap Mansion. We are currently looking for a new recapper of tuesdays blogs, and you should feel free to submit yourself for consideration.


Cblogs of 10/07/2017 + Remasters

There's been some awesome remasters this year. Kingdom Hearts 1.5+2.5, Kingdom Hearts 2.8, The Silver Case, Crash Bandicoot: Insane Trilogy, the Final Fantasy XII remaster seems to be pretty great too. And we've still got Yakuza Kiwam...


Cblog recaps of 7/8/17 - Going to [Title]

Praise be to Nicolas Winding Refn, I'm temporarily off the before even the earliest crack of dawn shfit for a few weeks, now I just need to get through a marathon of a week of working then I get a nice 3-day weekend. Honestly I can't ...


Ssshhh, it's okay, the recaps are coming soon...


Cblogs of 06/29/17 + Busy, Dizzy Times

It has been quite the news-filled week for my good self. I've been hit with a lot of headlines, both good and bad, and processing it all has led to some panic and sleepless nights, as well as some worry for the well-being of my closest...


Cblogs of 6/26/2017 + Losing my 3DS

It seems such a shit way for this relationship to end. I have been playing games on the DS family of systems for more than 10 years. Starting with the Fat DS and ending up with my beutiful Hurule gold New 3DSXL. Probably, I would make...


I hope you have yourself a lovely little day surrounded by the people you love who love you too. Maybe even use all the sales going on to send someone you care about a gift? A small game to let them know that someone cares about them no matter what.


This new podcast I'm listening to about Revolutions makes me worry about the Roundheads in the Reservist Shed. Must make sure to install a fake duke among them to make sure that I know exactly when they plan to overthrow the crown.


Cblog Recaps of 6/16/17&6/23/17+Run boy run

 Dying Light is basically Dead Island but not shit. Its also an interesting example of cribbing stuff from other games to make your own pretty good game and how thats not always noxious if you do it right and make a worthwhile ga...


Cblogs of 06/22/17 + Ch-Ch-Changes

'The times they are a changin'' warbled Bob Dylan way back when, and how right he was. Who knew then that his song was actually about the acquisition of our beloved Destructoid with Toronto-based effort Gaming Enthusiast, That Dylan su...


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Current "Bloggers Wanted" assignment
The Adaptation

Some things don't belong in this world and yet they are conjured time and again by humans that wish to pay them tribute. A video game, book, comic or TV show becomes popular and later becomes adapted to another medium entirely or, worse, a mobile phone spin-off.

Sometimes you get Telltale's The Walking Dead and other times you get Super Mario Bros.: The Movie -- one a great tribute to the comics and TV shows and the other had its soul stolen and made a '90s movie executive's slave.

And here comes another classic game series with hopes of becoming a Netflix hit as I brace myself and hope it doesn't turn out to be a miserable pile of secrets.

Castlevania is a beloved series and with Konami it's sort of a surprise they'd do anything with it at all after running out the people that made their games good and running the franchise into the ground soon after. Yet here we are with an anime series debuting this week and I'm kind of excited for it.

History should leave me a bit more cynical, sure. I remember the Street Fighter live-action movie, the Zelda cartoon and much more, but Mortal Kombat was perfect in its camp and The Witcher games are pretty faithful to their source material. We even have games being adapted into other kinds of games by different developers. Borderlands is now a looter-shooter and a point-and-click adeventure and that works really well, actually.

So for this month's "Bloggers wanted," we want you head over to the community blogs and tell us about your favorite adaptations of games to other mediums or even your favorite adaptation of another medium to games. Use "The Adaptation: [Your game/title here]" in the title and place "Bloggers Wanted" in the tags.

Enough talk, have at you!

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