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If Patapon 2 can come out somewhere at Sony is a lone PS4 with a digital copy of Ape Escape 3 PS2 Classics. I really want that to be next. Please? Or remaster Legend of Dragoon?


Holy shit yes Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition is coming to switch!


Hell yes Close Enough is finally coming out on HBO Max. We just need one more particular very specific announcement and I'm ready to jump ship from Disney+.


I know that Disney collection is going to get a lot of flak but from the one gameplay video I approve of the behind the scenes videos as extras. Haven't seen that in a licensed game since the 2000s and it's a welcome surprise.


Just finished the Super Monkey Ball demo after many game overs. I thought the Wii version from years ago was supposed to be easier but I guess it was always this hard? Looking forward to the enjoyable pain and upbeat everything else.


Apparently I'm living in some altered timeline because freakin' Cube World is coming out on Steam finally just when 2019's releases couldn't be more blessed than it already was.


Oh god the Simpsons E3 Panel is legitimately the new worst thing of E3 2019. It's like a podcast except they're not doing anything and it's so boring!


What happened to Metal Wolf Chaos XD? It just disappeared and the ESRB hasn't even rated it yet.


Playing Devil May Cry V with the live action cutscenes is the most fmv ass experience since 428 and I love it. Shame that it's locked to the deluxe edition and deluxe upgrades only.


Tetris Battle Royale is the best GOTY announcement this year since Bubsy's Kickstarter, Chiitan's anime and Goat Simulator switch. I feel like in some way we are living in a satirical dystopian future.


PSA if you are a newcomer to Kingdom Hearts and just watch the story so far segments in the patch it only explains the leadup to the new keyblade war so could get lost with III;s plot. I recommend this particular video to help understand the plot. Maybe.


Just played through the first Katamari. It was both super fun and the best family friendly genocide simulator.


I love how after I listened to the Fallout 76 cover of Country Road youtube immediately autoplayed Never Gonna Give You Up.


Spyro Reignited Trilogy and Secret of Mana2018 are respectively what you should and shouldn't do with a hd remake. But screw those! The remake GOTY Asterix XXL 2 HD adds upgrade systems and ps3 graphics to a ps2 game with too many video game referenceswhy


Oh man, I waited on a 67 gig download that took all day but the wait will finally be worth it for this. The best PlayStation revival since Nsane Trilogy.


Man I love how Stick of Truth is one of the few switch games that let's you capture video with the share button so I can't do it on an innocent indie game yet I can record my in game parents fucking. I now have porn on my switch whoo! Also good port.


I can't believe the same character I used to dominate in Mario Kart can now be used to beat the shit out of the other characters. Truly the best crossover since Infinity War.


Is it possible to have an option to filter out flixist articles from being shown on destructoid? I dunno there’s just this different feel to flixist articles that I don’t seem to like from what I have read and I just prefer the gaming articles.


I look forward to Shenmue HD Collection tomorrow becoming the most hyperbolically reviled thing on the internet in 2018 since Teen Titans Go! To The Movies. You know it's gonna happen!


I just played Megaman X7 last night. How was every copy of this game not Burned to the Ground. I’m glad a new generation of gamers can experience this wonder on their new systems and pc. *sarcasm*


Someone please leak Teen Titans Go To The Movies from Comic Con. I want to see it out of morbid curiosity but at the same time I don't want to give Warner Bros. money.


Just beat Cuphead with the Hyperkin Duke using its dpad. It was surprisingly comfy.


I was unsure but after my Undertale playthrough I I can go ahead and say that I loved this game. It's not the greatest game of all time but it was a pleasant surprise and a 9/10. Still eff the fandom and the rabid haters like shit its just one videogame.


Can the 3rd game in the South Park trilogy be an RPG streets of rage type game that does to Star Wars and sci-fi what Fractured But Whole did to superhero movies?


Man Pop Team Epic and Devolver's conferences pretty much prove the whole humor is subjective thing. I love both so I guess I'm a douchebag? Looking forward to part 3 in the Nina saga. I still wonder if Ubisoft will bring it like last year.


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