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So I was playing The Witch and the Hundred Knight Revival Edition via Japanese PS+ and it turns out compared to the US version which had beeps if you play the Japanese version with English voices all the fucks are uncensored. The T rating was for nothing.


Wait Serious Sam's Bogus Detour came out already? Is it the bug ridden Earliest Access version?


That unskippable Crash N Sane Trilogy youtube ad is gold and practically a 2,000s game commercial. They should air it on Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. Something about that only being an unskippable youtube ad doesn't feel right.


This is the very first time I'm watching the Konami E3 Conference. Wish me luck.


Gonna preorder crash for my kid. What would be the best place to start the remastered trilogy since I have played through 3 recently. Crash 2 or Crash 1?


So many people complaining about the Devolver conference being cringe. What if the entire thing was a ginormous middle finger to practically all the joyful messes E3 conferences have blessed us with except it's on purpose to disorient and confuse?


Devolver Digital's E3 press conference is the greatest thing I have ever witnessed in my 20 years of life. Truly the best way to blow thousands of dollars on a professional conference. When can we buy that Devolver Digital Controller?


The Mummy Demastered has peaked my interest. Besides Ecks Vs Sever and Chronicles of Riddick what other horrible or mediocre movies ended up with licensed games that were not only good but better than the actual movies themselves?


We live in a world where Bubsy 4 Shaq Fu 2 Knack 2 and a cartoon episode roasting it's Chinese Knockoff can co-exist in harmony. Isn't 2017 wonderful?


I recently purchased Persona 5. Is the battle music any good or is that a justifiable reason to buy the DLCs that change the battle music to older Personas?


The new swirl is an evolution of our existing logo that marks a new era for Ubisoft, one with an increased focus on live and digital games as well as a player-centric approach to creating immersive worlds. - Ubisoft Soooo does that mean Scott Pilgrim?


You remember the company responsible for those maybe erotic PS4/PS3/PSP themes Smobile? They finally released a game and it's an M rated Arkanoid clone called Brik. I don't know how to feel about this.


I can 100% vouch for Pacman being a DLC character in Tekken 7.


Tekken 7's narrators sounds like an even more bored Ben Stein. Glad to see House of the Dead 2 styled voice acting hasn't died. This is amazing.


Can anyone vouch for Frog Fractions 2 from the Humble Bundle being a standalone Frog Fractions 2 in Glittermitten Grove without having to access it in Glittermitten Grove?


Dat feeling when Regular Show Mordecai and Rigby in 8Bit Land had only 2 cutscenes the shows opening lasts 5 seconds and the game's version of the show opening is 2 minutes long. JG Quintel was legit fucking with people.


I am going to die before Megaman X Corrupted comes out.


Thank you UFO for bringing Raiden V to Steam and PS4. Now if other companies could get Rare Replay and Sunset Overdrive and Bokosuka Wars 2 on something that isn't an Xbox One I have run out of reasons to buy an Xbone and can save money.


Just beat Emily is Away 2. It was a journey but I actually got a happy ending which is impossible in the original. Also I listened to YTMD's about cake. Huge improvement over the 1st game.


You know what would be a even weirder Koei game than Warriors All Stars? Wulin Warriors.


I'd argue Project Rap Rabbit would have a better chance of succeeding if they didn't use Make Rhythm Action Great again as the game's slogan. I get the joke but most people will be turned away by it and this isn't even relevant by 2017.


I swear that Retro City Rampage Duke Nukem Forever Aliens Colonial Marines La Mulana's Wiiware Port and The Last Guardian have come out before Ape Escape 3's PS4 PS2 Classics release. Is Konami holding it for ransom because of this section?


To any PC players who witnessed Shadow Warrior 2 I am a console peasant. Will a supposed 30 FPS lock hurt that game's playability?


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