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Werewolves Within is upon searching an E rated game. I can't believe they made an R rated adaptation of a family friendly game. METAL


Oh boy I can't wait for the hit Ubisoft game Tom Clancy Presents Tom Clancy Game Featuring The Legendary Tom Clancy or another Assassin's Creed!


Just discovered that the 2019 project to restore the infamous Super Mario Bros. movie's original cut has been completed. Maybe get it before Nintendo assassinates it? https://archive.org/details/super-mario-bros-1993-the-morton-jankel-cut-extended-vhs


Uhhhh how do I comment on my Destructoid account with the new redesign? I'm not seeing any option to go into the new interface without using disqus. Do I have to use a new account?


Fieriest take. If you still participate in Console/PC Wars and make gamers feel bad for using and enjoying a system you don't like you deserve to have your console brick and PC smashed open with a sledgehammer because you don't deserve video games.


So I just checked the PSN store on PS5 and Cooking Mama Cookstar for PS4 is being sold for 40 dollars. I thought they weren't allowed to sell this game but I guess it was greenlit?


Man that Biomutant Preorder Bonus locking content is pretty dumb. Should have given an option to get the preorder class without ever preordering eg you do this really impossible and super long side quest and the reward is unlocking that class for free.


Where is Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga? It's like the one kids game I'm looking forward to and it just vanished and was never seen again.


I just discovered that Final Fantasy VI was on the SNES Classic. How did I miss this?!


As we have slightly more than 1 year until the 5 year anniversary of the infamous Yooka Laylee (comeon it wasn't awful) and Patch 1.2 was delayed today I have no concrete idea if the hate bandwagon was worse on that or Cyberpunk. Probably Cyberpunk.


Apparently Stubbs the Zombie is coming back with a remaster in March. I hope that's true that game was bitching and I hope the soundtrack is unchanged.


Awwww man I can't wait to make the most incredible sandwich after I get to the credits of Scott Pilgrim Complete Edition


Played Stinkoman 20X6 Level 10. I have never felt so bittersweet about playing a fricking Flash game but here were are. Rest in peace Flash. At least you live on under Flashpoint and Archive. U.Z. Inu is the best composer since Jake Kaufman.


I know Cyberpunk is buggy but no one actually mentions the settings glitch. Everytime I play it on PS4 Pro I have to disable motion blur chromatic aberration and film grain because I'm sensitive to that stuff. When I quit the settings always reset wtf?


Yo I know its Ubisoft but from what I've looked up Immortals Fenyx Rising looks like the best sequel to Kid Icarus Uprising that Nintendo is never going to give us or even port Uprising to switch. I hope it does not blow.


Where's Persona 5 Scramble?


Hot take: I don't get people complaining that Mario's 35th anniversary wasn't good. Like on the 25th anniversary all they did was burn one SNES rom to a Wii disc. The kart game the admittedly still lazy game and watch and 3d all stars are improvements.


Man with all the licensed garbage thats been coming out I think Scott Pilgrim and AVGN Deluxe are the only glimmers of hope in that subgenre. We're potentially going from AVGN is too hard to AVGN is the only truly good 2020 licensed game next to Scott.


Man Destroy All Humans' remake looks great. Is there going to be a full length B-Movie in it? The PS2 could handle Teenagers From Outer Space I feel like a blu-ray and large download could house that or another movie.


Kamen Rider Memory of Heroez looks like the greatest Power Rangers character action game I always wanted when I was a kid. Aaaand that's a loaded sniper aiming at my head.


Crysis running on the switch is still the most borderline witchcraft thing I’ve heard all year.


Man I hope that direct is actually happening. I need No More Heroes 3 and P5S. Also this underrated game called Mario? Probably not but the same week CN has a Comic Con panel with no TAWOG movie announcement I'd like 2020 to not kick me in the dick again?


As far as I'm aware E3 is over today with Devolver. Unless we get a Scott Pilgrim remaster tomorrow nothing aint topping that.


What non-announced Atlus game will you take as a reluctant apology present if they don't release Persona 4 Golden on Steam after the pc gaming show? For me it would be 3D Dot Game Heroes because it's a PS3 exclusive. What's yours?


The Borderlands 2 switch port has no right being this good. It runs circles around the Vita version. Its very overpriced and that download is rough but other than that the devs knew what they were doing. Now can we get Duke Nukem Forever on switch?


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