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Fallout 3: Anita's Journal

In an attempt to make Fallout 3 Fun again I've started playing it and writing down my impressions as a dairy, in character. You know that Pipboy 3000 can do some pretty cool things. Also installed some mods, but always looking for more.... ...


Stargate: Worlds' Trailer

For those unenlightened heathens that have no idea what Stargate: Worlds is, let me just say this... It's a game being made by a group of people called Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment, who looked at an already overcrowded market and said ...


Heroin Hero comes to life!

It looks like some poor demented soul has taken it upon themselves to create Heroin Hero. You know that game Stan plays in the Guitar Hero episode of South Park. So if your bored and stuck at your parent's house with nothing better to do, ...


Pretty Cool Mario Candy thingies

While perusing through the plethora of websites on the interweb, I came across this little gem. Apparently someone thought it would be neat to create a Mario Mushroom shaped tin and then fill it with mushroom shaped sour candies. (Sweet...


The End of the Console War..

The winner isn't the PS3, nor the Xbox 360, its not even the Wii... The winner is the Super Megason IV!!!! It's pretty tight y0, just look at those sweet sweet graphics.


OHRRPGCE: To the Edge of Chaos....

The first thing you're probably wondering is "Oh, Dorock, you're so amazing! But you see, I have been living under a rock for the past decade and I have no idea what the hell OHRRPGCE stands for!" Well that, gentle reader, is easy to expl...


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