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I miss Weekend Destructainment.


I'm a man! I'm 40! I'm drunk! Is bueno! ETA: Not my birthday, just like the I'm a man I'm 40 rant. Am drunk, doe


This feels so rare. I felt a bit rude playing it right next to the bar while their music played, but was still a trip down memory lane


"BULLDOGS OF HELL: bacon, caramelized onion, sautéed wild mushrooms, blue cheese, pesto mayo + balsamic glaze.". Drake Relays! That means stay inside for the weekend, crazy drunks will be out. Also, check out my charity stream blog! May 1st! FF6!


I found the last one, too, but not in time before someone died. Still, I had fun.


I'm noticing a trend in humor where the punchline is the lack of a punchline, and it is very hit or miss with me.


Tonights plans were supposed to be playing Final Fantasy 6 in a state of retro comfort and self pity. Instead, I spent 4 hours in the ER to keep a friend with anxiety company. Give and take.


This is so Code Vein it hurts.


Did you guys know Timesplitters 2 is in Homefront?


I think 5/1 I'm going to do a Final Fantasy 6 Extra Life Charity Extravaganza for like 12+ hours.


Man Final Fantasy 6 is really, really dense. Forgot how much is packed in there, and would love to see it remade with the same quality as 7 - really just fleshing out all of the horrific scenarios that feel rushed in the early game.


Used to have a ramen place that had whiz tots - 5 spice tots with miso cheese sauce. I made some miso cheese sauce on my own and hot damn it's good. Did it with broccoli instead


I fucked up today. No food in the house so I got Zombie Burger for lunch. Blood sugar spiked above 250. I'm bitter, I'm tired, I'm sick of all of this, but this is my life now. And I am salty at multiplayer games. Time for a chill pill.


Ya boi tater is drunk. I recommend you make your own top 10 food blogs. I'm writing a 'keto' recipe blog. And uh...yeah. Like you guys. Keep being you.


Char siu, chicken, egg rolls (lol) and veggies in a ginger sauce. This is a more than adequate burger replacement.


Saddest of days as there are no Zombie Burger specials this week. I'll have to explore some other wonderful Des Moines options for dining.


Its a Bambooyah kind of day


My A1C is down from 10.0 to 5.6 and I'm off my 'betus meds. Still have to keep a really sharp eye on carbs and sugars, but its managed.


I'm excited to play the Warhammer 40k ARPG more today, but I still am not convinced its very good.


Lightly fried pork chops with a vegetable cauliflower risotto


Played a bit of XIII. It was pretty okay up until the stealth section, then I decided to take a pause. I also wrote a food blog of my top 10 meals right now.


tater's Top 10 Food Stuffs

GyrosGyros have the highest floor of any food that I have ever eaten.  For those unfamiliar with the floor and ceiling concept, what I am getting at is this - the worst gyro that I have ever had was from my work’s cafeteria....


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