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Anyone remember Toribash? I spent way too much time on that game in college during lectures.


Halo 2 Anniversary really went all out on the cutscenes, huh? Looks great. Realizing that I like the tone of 1 and 2 a lot - very campy kind of feel to it.


This week sucks already, pray 4 mojo


Going to be streaming a bunch of games today, because games are fun and I have nothing better to do. twitch.tv/taterchimp


Silent Cartographer is such a good level


"GARDEN GROVE: fresh mozzarella, heirloom tomato, elote fritter, iceberg lettuce, house quick pickle + garlic mayo.". They really shot that mayo all over, huh?


“Windmill or no windmill, he said, life would go on as it had always gone on--that is, badly.”


"I really want to watch this chess show on Netflix" 2 hours of orphanages, drug addictions, neglected housewives, 10 minutes of chess. "Huh"


The Silent Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music


tater's Dead by Daylight Postmortem

I am not the biggest into multiplayer games, something about them just really brings out the salt in me.  Once in a while I will fall into one for some reason or another, and the more depth that the game has, the longer I wind up ...


I now have every single killer in Dead by Daylight at level 40. This is as beaten as the game is going to get for me (I enjoy survivor gameplay so much less). Post Mortem blog incoming soon-ish.


New state fair food, and this one stood out to me: "A spin on the classic jalapeño popper, Tennessee Twinkies are a mixture of smoked chicken, pepper jack cheese and cream cheese stuffed into a cored jalapeño pepper. Wrapped in bacon"


Got the girl of my dreams in front of me. Irish/Canadian, good head on her, sweet, nice mug. Name is Ginger N. Jameson


Iowa's finest Nashville Chicken for dinner, in their XX ghost sauce. Damn tasty


"KAIJU’S PITTSBURGHER: mango-habanero-sesame glazed patty, SPAM, Swiss cheese, French fries, kimchi slaw + fried egg." Not for me, but I do love random kimchi.


Sniper Elite VR is out, and I am definitely curious. Will probably bite this weekend.


I have a really hard time playing Dark Souls on Switch because the A/B mapping in my head between an XBox and Joycon constantly gets crossed up.


What a ride of a day - woke up after heavy drinking at 8 AM, ready to go. Played 4 hours of Loop Hero, 4 hours of Dead by Daylight, and 6 hours of Raft with friends. Only stopped to eat and watch music videos, pretty much


I hype Zombie Burger because its fun to look at, but for real one of our best restaurants is A Dong


I need more cheese, in queso emergency


"'MERICA: Double bacon cheeseburger with American cheese, bacon + zombie sauce wrapped in dough and fried. Topped with more zombie sauce and an American Flag Garnish! ". Oh my goodness, oh my damn. This meets and exceeds my expectations.


Most types of metal don't enjoy ska, save ferrous.


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