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I don't understand loyalty to colleges and sports teams.


The third character is out for Slay the Spire. He's pretty fun, but feels a little underpowered, I think


You know the fake gang sign that trashed white girls throw at college parties... Any idea where that originated?


If you count to ten in english, 7 is the only 2 syllable word, and this bothers me for some reason today.


Hah, there's a Lebowski bar in Iceland. Totally going to try and convince my sister to go. 24 kinds of white russians! https://lebowskibar.is/


Got those hatch marks. Pork and farro!


The president has met with Kim Kardashian to solve the prison reform problem. Fuck this nation, man.


Got a bottle of Space Ghost - a beer brewed with ghost chili peppers. Its a spicy brew, to be sure


Every now and then I get a little bit nervous That the best of all the years have gone by


I'm tempted to change my steam name from Bobson Dugnutt to Hamurai. But I do love the Dugnutt.


Poorly describe a Dark Souls boss in 6 words or less!


Got tickets to see Aunty Donna in Des Moines, because why wouldn't there tour, and why not in Des Moines.


Dota has a compendium that lets you get cosmetics with points. You can tip anyone in your game points, whenever. Pros are now tipping their opponents when they kill them, and that is just hilarious BM.


Can you imagine being blind your whole life, then regaining your sight and finally seeing your dick for the first time and just being like "WHOA....WHOA...that thing is just...a horror show"


Pretty sure this was on Dtoid's front page for some reason a while back


Just found jigsaw's parking garage in Fallout 4 and what the shit is that about


I recognize that Fallout 4 is a bit of a black sheep, but man, I love it. I've spent 30 hours just wandering, completing quests as I find them.


Its official - I'm going to Iceland


Ok, now I want a VR sniper game that plays like Keep Talking and No One Explodes. Player 2 is the spotter and has to look up how to dope the scope given distance, wind, etc.


Neat premise for a game/story would be if a town held a fighting tournament to pick the best champion to fight some great evil...but everyone knows whoever wins the contest will die fighting the evil, so they all phone it in.


Entertaining the idea of going to Iceland in a few months. Any thoughts/things to do/things to avoid?


Ooooh, you can play Keep Talking and No One explodes over voice chat.


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