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Need a new game to take up my time - something that plays well on controller, isn't super reaction based, over say 15 hours, and has some depth to it. Any suggestions?


Shadow Warrior 2 is absolutey not what I thought it would be...but as soon as I adjusted my mindset to play the kind of game it is, it started becoming much more fun


Ok, I lied: Szechuan pepper crusted tuna with lemon mustard dipping sauce, salad with homemade vinaigrette, almonds, and feta cheese. Strawberries, grapes, olives and a quarter avocado. And one glass of Pinot grigio.


I'm still kind of sad we never got a Kinect game where you played as a swat team leader and had to silently navigate your entire team by only hand signals.


And then dinner. I'll stop posting these after this one


I'm excited to start my mediterranian diet, if only to expand some of my cooking knowledge. Salmon steak, tuna steak, cast iron pan, feta, olives, nuts, and avacados.


Starting up a mediterranian diet. Any suggestions on recipes?


Anyone interested in watching me stream games? I made a poll of some of the options at Edit: Afternoon bump. Sounds like I may be jerkin it


FF12 is done, so its time for that sad and almost self destructive time in between games where I torture myself with DotA and Magic until I feel like playing another game again.


If I ever get famous on twitch, I want my sub/donation jingle to be "To Xibalba!" from Road to El Dorado


"Not a phishing scam - please read on". Actual text from a work email that, for some reason, sounds a lot like a phishing scam


Freezing rain left a thin layer of ice everywhere, meaning I have what looks to be glassed over dog shit in my yard.


Grinding levels to NPR. Baasch is going all Brock Sampson with the one true godsword while the two kiddos tag along leeching experience.


Remember the bug planet, Vegeta?


Ohhhhhgod Yiazmat's dead. What a waste of a night


Do you think there was a lot of affirmative action at Hogwarts?


RNG + Treasure chests in FF12 has me quite angry. I just want techniks, and I don't want to re load a zone 20 times to try and get them


Only Yiazmat and Omega 12 left. Dare I try to 100% Final Fantasy 12?


How can we make a boss harder? Lets give him immunity to all kind of damage at 25% health,alongside the ability to instantly kill your whole party! Seems fair


So far, black orbs have been the worst part of ff12


What was the NES game where if you lost they put your dude in a guillotine but the blade fell off the track and the execution was just like 'welp'?


A woman's voice of the radio can convince you're in love. A woman's voice on the telephone can convince you you're alone. #TMBGThursday


The macaraoni was fucking good, and the fucking was good macaroni. Wait, what. VT cheddar, swiss gruyere, and sbrinz cheeses in a chicken fat bechemel, with panko on top. Good shit


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