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A package? What could be inside? Mildly nsfw


So around Thanksgiving my folks got me some butter flavored salt, because they know I like popcorn. Ive used it on popcorn a handful of times, but mostly I just use it as a salt like because I'm a garbage human being and love salt and fat.


I think this suits the mood for the night


Finally, a decent looking lunch


My VR sea legs aint what they used to be


Today's disgraceful political events in PA have me pretty riled up. Just disgusting.


I am feeling fat, and sassy


To anyone who has played Half Life Alyx: would it be fine to play seated? I want to play, but am feeling lazy.


Queing up for some DotA 2 tonight. Been a hot minute, so I'm probably trash, but its fun to play anyway. twitch.tv/taterchimp


Oh man, glad I saw this or man would my face have been red.


Things that almost every piece of media get wrong that make me irrationally mad: radiant heat from lava would be enough to melt anything within like 50 feet.


Serious Sam 4, to no ones surprise, is more of Serious Sam. Its a good thing.


What is your favorite way to BM, or favorite way that someone has BMed someone in a game? (BM = bad manner = taunting, gloating, etc)


First game dusted of the year is Control. Time to move on to Anime Dark Souls.


Just got through the most tonally dissonant part of control (The Ash Tray Maze) - when did the game finally decide it wanted a personality? Damn.


Christmas gift came in today from my sister and her husband. Cut from one piece of paper. Looks so good!


Reverse seared filet mignon, truffle salted mashed potatoes, veggies is sesame oil, soy, and ginger, all with a pan sauce made from the fond, beef stock, cognac, and butter. Paired with a 14 year aged single malt scotch aged in cognac barrels. NYE feast.


This video makes me smile.


Malort is for when the night is over. Rusty nail is for when the night is nearing the end.


I knew I forgot to take my multivitamin because my pee wasn't florescent yellow, clearly a sign that something is wrong. Anyway, streaming Control some more tonight. twitch.tv/taterchimp


Poker. But with Babybel cheeses instead of chips


One detail I noticed while playing Control that I really liked was that the main characters eyes randomly tracks little things when idle. It adds something very human to not just have a dead eyed stare into the void.


New favorite moment in Disco Elysium: failing a skill check to casually slink away unnoticed made my character sprint at full speed, make a flying backwards leap extending both fingers, and crash into a lady in a wheelchair. 10/10


Played a bit of Control. So many unloaded textures, but it seems fine. Its taking up room on my SSD, though, so it must be beaten.


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