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Saw some cool arcades today. No ddr because there was a Moobys pop up. Sad day


Playing DBD while drinking Mojitos on stream. Twitch.tv/taterchimp


"UNDEAD BREAD: French toast buns, fried egg, Canadian Bacon, bacon, maple-bacon cream cheese, maple syrup + powdered sugar". I fucking love maple, but have to cut sugar so this one is unfortunately a pass for me.


Sweet zombie Jesus.


EA has announced The SIMpS, q3 2022! Stan for your favorite females from Apex Legends, Star Wars, Madden, and more!


So we doing The Council wars today?


Its so annoying leveling up in Dead By Daylight, because the survivors keep getting better. Its unfair. I just want to hook scrubs all day.


Started playing Dead By Daylight again (colorblind mode, bored) and they had killers on sale. Playing as the pig is amazing! You can crouch, so survivors run up and boop your snoot and it makes the killer/survivor BM loop non existent.


Got these on a facebook ad, and I am praying that they are 'real' - the seller is completely unknown to me. But they are adorable enough where the juice is worth the squeeze. Link (hopefully) in comments.


What if Megaman had souls that you could use to buy E Tanks and levels to make your buster stronger, give you more health, or like a better jump? Do you think people would rush to it or roll their eyes?


African farmers dont pay much attention to world events; they just herd the gnus about Tanzania.


So is that new 3 player coop just serious Borderlands? If so, I'm pretty sold and dibs on the snipper.


In a state of boredom/depression where there's just nothing I really want to do and nothing to be held accountable for....so I've been fishing some. Finally got nice weather today, so maybe Ill actually catch something.


Stressful day, so I'm going to do some comfort food style gaming and start up FF6. Been a while since I played it, so I'm happy to check it out again. twitch.tv/taterchimp


Sometimes when I wake up the first thought is "so it has risen again, the great Daniel Fortesque". I only ever had the demo disk from pizza hut or whatever had the Medievil demo, but I played that first level quite a bit


Yeah buoys Ive had alcohol,so AMA if you are a fool and I may answer. But most important is the fact that I am happy for a fleeting moment.


Guys I have a problem with collecting mtg cards. Plus I'm making another cube....


I wish I liked Monster Hunter more than I do. Its like Dark Souls, but the bosses have 10x as much health, and will run away from you every health bar to another room. If you don't kill them in five minutes, you lose.


"GEORGE A. ROMERO’S PITTSBURGER: American cheese, ham, fried egg, coleslaw, French fries + mayo." Used to be on their regular menu, and I can confirm this shit is delicious.


Another specimen for my collection


Think I'm going to play Hades while working out on twitch, followed by either Warhammer: Inquisitor or Phasmophobia. Twtich.tv/taterchimp . Edit: doing Phasmo with guest @EpicSarah!


Got one of those 'grower' hangovers where it really started around 2 today, and I haven't kicked it yet. Tried out some Warhammer Inquisitor. Has some jank to it, but Ill dig in some more this week


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