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BRB, getting new t shirt


I resisted temptation to continue my last Fire Emblem route to instead play Dota 2 Turbo matches. I need a new game one of these days


Devilman Crybaby sure was weird. Reminds me of Undertale a lot. Good soundtrack.


Duck soup for breakfast


Went to the casino and broke even. Then went to the barcade and beat Ehrgeiz and Strikers. Someone was making fun of me for my Tapper skills, which I thought was odd. Who doesn't fucking love Tapper??


Shamelessly stolen from Reddit. Live sea shanties sounds amazing.


What would your signature cocktail at a bar be? Mine would be a Oaxacian, a riff on the Manhattan. Old Overholt and Ancho Reyes in equal parts with an Aztec chocolate bitters, garnished with a Taza chocolate wedge.


Always remember when boxing that your King Hippo is brachiocephalic, so take special care not to have him box on hot days or leave him in your car!


Asked my friend if he could help me plan a war for D&D. Forgot he was ex military brass, so I think I lucked into finding the perfect person for the job.


How does Netflix not have 2FA?


Building out a West Marches style D&D campaign, because I'm "inspired". Probably giving myself a month to get the details down. Would anyone be interested in a DToid D&D with yours truly?


Only 1 route left in Fire Emblem, but I may be too burnt out to do it. May switch to DotA or Final Fantasy Tactics.


It would be cool if a game like XCom or Fire Emblem did the Superhot thing and showed you how the battle went in real time.


Pausing at the climax of the Golden Deer route to watch TI and grab a beer. Had Brazilian Steakhouse for dinner. Its a change of pace for the month that life is pretty good right now


What is the best use of techno/dubstep in a game's soundtrack?


Kind of sad that the international is in China this year, but only because it means its only on when I'm asleep. There have been some amazing games, and I'm hoping OG takes it simply because their PMA is amazing!


Good shirt for DMing some D&D tonight


PetToid shenanigans in the comments because work is slow today


Found the next article for Chris on a slow news day


Eye's been twitching all day and as I lay down to sleep I was like "heh, I'm up to my eyeballs in stress". Then I was sad, because I got too real.


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