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Got all my characters back in DQ11, and the game really doesn't hold much back, now does it? Still much to go, it feels.


Back at home in Des Moines. Maine was a hoot, but there's no place to drop a deuce like the throne you know. This is my favorite picture from the trip, and makes me want to get a Dark Souls bonfire tattoo


Had my bag pulled aside at TSA (didn't take out a Switch controller). The agent noticed my Devilman book and commented that he loved Go Nagais work. The agent was at least 50, so I definitely didn't see that coming


Fishing. Splitting logs. Chili dogs. Maine


Business pitch: Brazilian Steakhouse meets Hooters


Got Sushi Go for a dollar and Devilman Crybaby manga to read whole in the woods. Hooray!


90 minutes until I'm Boston/Maine bound. Taking a week off to spend a weekend in the woods.


Between the mermaid and your dad, DQ11 knows how to kick you in the feels sometimes.


When do you decide to start/stop grinding in an area? I'm usually ~15/20 encounters to a level before I move on to the next area.


My dad is looking after my pets while I go camping in Maine next week, so I got him some snacks. First time buying cigarettes and I have to say, they are rather light for something so "heavy"


Healijah is the best character ever made. Full stop.


Been wondering - what was the reception on Sylvando like? He rubs me the wrong way, but I can't quite put my finger on why


Looks like Aragami is 4 dollars today on Steam. I found it to be a really fun Tenchu like game, and one of the few games I worked to get all the achievements in (before DLC)


I'm glad we live in a time where this game not only gets made, but does so well.


I forgot how dogshit the start of this year was. Here's hoping for a killer closer, or a better next decade


I just buy art to hide all the nails in my walls


Sweet, someone made Bayonetta jeans!


Wildly NSFW Felix Colgrave art in the comments


Someone wake up Billie Joe Armstrong, quick!


Took me all night, but I got the good sword from the first casino in Dragon Quest. What a hassle


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