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D&D campaign idea: Forcing players to fight a skinshifter in order to retrieve their ominous verdant object of power, AKA: I have to fight a Wendigo to get my green cube!


"I hate Guinness". "We don't care". The hotel bar giving me a laugh


Des Moines spanks Dublin in the burger game. Can't beat grass fed Iowa beef in a burger.


Technically this is a bread post not a vacation post from the oldest lib in Dublin


On to year 6 of Atomicrops! For some reason I just had an amazing year 5 run. Had like 30 chickens, and the best tractor. Very fun run.


42 hours later and I have an autoclicking gelatinous cube.


It feels good to be good at something


Free D&D Idea: everyone in the village has The Hulk disease. If anyone, for any reason, becomes angry, they have to be put down before they transform. Forced smiles everywhere.


"CAOS: crispy fried Graziano Bros. sausage patty, sliced roast beef in jus, fresh mozzarella, pizza sauce, hot giardiniera + South Union Bakery hoagie" GOD YES. I could go without the pizza sauce, but a good beef n sausage is one of my favorite sandwiches


I love that the trombone game exists. I can't stand to watch the trombone game. Shitty borping to music ingrained into my head from the age of four is a personal hell.


Ok, cool, there's a new Dota Auto Battler, I can play that for the rest of forever.


Addicted to the stupid D&D clicker until I get back home from vacation and can dedicate time to real games.


I wish I could go on vacation without stressing for weeks ahead of time about going on vacation. Anyway, soon.


Finally, a screen accurate Deathscythe gunpla


One thing that I like about the D&D idle game is that I did more damage than I have done in every other game combined. It is however, predatory as all get out.


Part time schmoo farmer.


So, the Spells Wars Anihhlageddon Nacho Cheese 2 deck builder is pretty fun


Getting excited - booked tickets for a Jameson tour, a daytrip to the Cliffs of Moher, and a football game!


Game 35 of 2022: Castlevania Symphony of the Night: Holds up incredibly well. First time playing it, but I played all the Advance/DS games previously, so I felt right at home. Controls like a dream, full of secrets, and just a really good romp.


By the way, last 100 DToid review scores. Got bored at work.


"DUCK EAT DUCK WORLD: Swiss cheese, tempura bacon, ramen slaw, fried egg*, duck sauce + soy mayo" I mean, yeah, sounds good.


Just did 2 hours of playing Forza while singing to the entire TMBG Discography to unwind after work.


Someone on twitter made a joke that Elon Musk retweeted, then reddit made a thread about it, which apparently is good enough for news sites to report that a chess grandmaster is cheating using anal beads. Did I get that right?


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