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Watchin AI just crush people at DotA 2 is pretty amazing.


May have fucked up pretty bad last night. On the other hand, though, I have introduced chaos into my life, so at least it isn't so dull.


There was a dungeon in tonight's game. Inside the dungeon? Dragons. This has literally not happened with any group I have played in that I wasn't the DM.


Act 2 of D&D starts tonight! Adding in a 5th PC, and shaking up the encounters a bit. After a simple dungeon, they will explore the plane of ice, then they will have to hold out for an hour while forging a sword in hell on high alert. Should be fun!


Traditional Midwest cuisine...I think


Found a keto taco just for Wes!


BooTwo? MehTwo? EwwTwo? MooToo?


Suck it, St Paul. https://www.kcci.com/article/des-moines-ranked-no-5-best-place-to-live-in-us/27102273


Motorcyclists are just hardasses to stubborn to admit they want to be the little spoon in the bedroom. Change my mind


My computer of Theseus continues to grow as I replace the last of the original case fans.


Now I'm hungry and thirsty


I have joined the elite beat agents! Of Sekiro. Holy cow that lost boss might be the hardest thing I've done in gaming.


Could be a blog prompt, but I'm lazy tonight: What is the best victory lap in gaming?


I have played 400 hours or so of Dark Souls and only encountered a Vagrant once


Quick tip in the comments I was proud of for an optional late game boss in Sekiro


I don't endorse animal violence, but killing monkeys with absolutely no martial arts experience is hilarious in Sekiro. Probably a pressure release from all the hard fights


I got FromSoft'd be Sekiro. I was hating it because I had missed the main path in favor of 17 side paths, so I was beating my head against enemies that should have outclassed me. That 3rd boss fight was actually really rewarding.


Game of the year gets thrown out there a lot, but Sekiro just let me kamehameha a group of monkeys, so 10/10


If you like Fluxx, you would like Baba is You, and vice versa


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