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What is the best use of techno/dubstep in a game's soundtrack?


Kind of sad that the international is in China this year, but only because it means its only on when I'm asleep. There have been some amazing games, and I'm hoping OG takes it simply because their PMA is amazing!


Good shirt for DMing some D&D tonight


PetToid shenanigans in the comments because work is slow today


Found the next article for Chris on a slow news day


Eye's been twitching all day and as I lay down to sleep I was like "heh, I'm up to my eyeballs in stress". Then I was sad, because I got too real.


Once I'm done with Fire Emblem, I downloaded Final Fantasy Tactics for iPad. Pray for me that its a decent port.


Its in my head, so it should be in yours, too


Reached the 3rd timeskip. Debating what I should do for my last playthrough. All house characters? All mages?


Spent at least 45 minutes helping a drunk bro without a cellphone charge get back to his party bros so we can have a clean conscience. Basically a party, right?


Saw a spoiler of FE 3 Houses upcoming super hard difficulty, and I am disappointed if its true. Image related


Do y'all dry off pickles before eating em?


Dinner brought to me by picking random nouns: spicy black bean and kimchi quesadilla


Fire Emblem Hard+ Difficulty Brainstorm

Three Houses is my first Fire Emblem game, and from playtime alone, I adore it.  I beat it just outside a week on my first playthrough, and again in just over a week on my second.  The character building is great, and seeing ...


Holy crap the last battle in the Blue Lions route is just...unfair. Lost a few good men that day. On to the Deer!


Going to be writing a blog on Fire Emblem 3 Houses in the next few days, regarding how I would balance a Harder difficulty.


Almost done with Blue Lions. I have a problem.


When you are alone you are the cat you are the phone, you are an animal


Drunken AMA time? Drunken AMA time.


Monstercat, Taco Bell, and Fire Emblem. I guess thats a weekend plan


May spend this whole playthrough just trying to ship Dedue and Shamir.


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