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Titanfall 2 is pretty good, right? I have no idea, I never played it. For anyone else in this position, free code for it in the comments. Don't say I never gave you nothin


I kind of want to fire up XCom 2 again. I just miss the bullshit.


NSFW Magic eye in the comments


The rusty nail is the final weapon in the war against sobriety


Man, I remember when pre gaming was a thing. Going to get drunk, so I might as well kick it off by getting drunk


Found out I was playing Darkest Dungeon on hard. Lets turn it off 'XCom on crack' and down to 'enjoyable?'


Laphroaig: the sophisticated man's Malört


Googled butts. Was not disappointed.


Well, my small sports memorabilia collection has grown by 1. I'm soon to own an autographed card by NASCAR driver Dick Trickle


I do not wish to evade the world, yet I will forever build my own


You are stuck on a 10 hour car trip and can only listen to 1 game's OST on repeat. Which do you choose?


So much to live for, so much to die for, If only my heart had a home


Just made a pair of cops in Divinity. A loose cannon who plays by nobody's rulea but his own, and the veteran who is sick of filling out his paperwork


Hah. I just realized that Pride (month) does come before the Fall (season). Made me laugh


I looked for this for an unacceptable amount of time


Is Furi the Dark Souls of Cuphead?


Blind magic: Every question you ask costs 1/4 life, every misplay costs 1/2, ever illegal action costs 1. Someone tells you your starting hand, and each card you draw


Day 3 of Flu. Current status:


Yay, I'm a silver level blood donor!


Whats a good 'turn based' style game for the switch to play with a fever?


As of today, I have been on DToid for 10 years. A decade of dicks.


I don't understand loyalty to colleges and sports teams.


The third character is out for Slay the Spire. He's pretty fun, but feels a little underpowered, I think


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