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My auto complete is pretty great sometimes. Mostly, whenever I type f it completes to fuckedmysister.com, which I assure you, is safe for work.


Pot is legal in my home/neighbor state. This may require workplace research. Could be an experience, but not worth losing a fairly cushy job over


Played some autochess/Underlords today, for the first time. Interesting little thing. Kind of like it except for it crashing, which may or may not be on me.


This hot dog is not a sandwich


OP level 2. 8 more to go then I can never play BL2 again


Some obscure enemies in Cadence of Hyrule. Wish it were harder right now, but its still pretty fun


Level 80 in Borderlands 2 as Zer0. Now the true Dark Souls begins.


This is the dumbest thing I have ever done. It is perfect.


Beat Fight for Sanctuary on UVHM. The last boss is a major pain in the dick. I'm only 5 levels away from the cap, and then 8 levels of OP to gain. I think I want to go through and do all missions once I reach OP8, and probably will Stream it on twitch


Bloodstained Spoiler: Atlas is Fontaine


I was curious if you could freeze Jolly Ranchers. You can, and they taste pretty good while cold, but the strange thing is they always break clean in half when you start to suck on them. Curious about the science on that one.


Game pitch: Diablo style roguelike with a limit of how many items you can pick up per life. You can only pick up 100 items. Do you swap out for an incremental increase, or do you grind with weaker tools to try and progress further?


Dear Nintendo: please make an Amagon reimagining like Blaster Master Zero. You can keep the soundtrack, they nailed it the first time


What's your approach for a character builder? I try to make mine in the complete opposite tone. For instance, my Shepard was a fish eyed, pencil mustached, pink armored, hero


I couldnt think of the name of an adult model last night because I hadn't thought about it in years. Was really frustrated because I had no meaningful way of searching. This morning it just popped in there. Happy Friday


On a scale of 1 to 10, I think I'm above .08. Makes sense for this week. Fuck June


German food, then watching the symphony play Star Wars, and drinking downtown. Feel like such a yuppie. It's wonderful


Had a dream I was doing LARP stuff, and they would throw you in prison for making bad jokes. I asked if they thought it was a harsh PUNishment. I literally never stop looking for puns.


Go to unwind, and a boss is literally unkillable. Fuck me.


"while four arrests were made, he does not blame Friday's fights on Summer Fam Jam." - Des Moines news


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