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Made it to TVHM in Borderands 2. Some of it is obnoxious, but making it through alright. Would like to hit the level cap in UVHM, but that may require more patience than I have


There's a place where everyone can be happy, its the most beautiful place in the whole fuckin world.


Wes likes bunny girls, eh? Have I got a game for him... https://store.steampowered.com/app/991600/Rabbit%20/


Old photo of my dad. It's like Buddy Holly and Anthony Bourdain mixed together. Amazing.


I always like the idea of playing chef in house, making awesome tikka or whatever, but in reality being a chef would suck. I can go to any greasy diner and get dirt crusted food and be pretty happy with that. Having a good palette must be a curse.


I was satisfied with the end of Game of Thrones.


The end of an era tonight. How strange


John Wick 3 was hella good, and when 4 Seasons started playing I got shivers


Hot diggity daffodil, Berserk is a combo of a quick read and a page turner.


Latest Game of Thrones inspired me to learn Hells Bells on guitar. If you haven't seen how those are related, look it us because it's awesome


Curious if its possible to make a Trouble In Terrorist Town inspired card game. May post a cblog with my thoughts, but I would be curious to metagame it out. Needs more elegant solutions than what I have right now, though, for sure.


This book is a heckin chonker


John Wick 3 is out Friday! It's a good time to catch up on the series (as I plan to do). If you haven't seen the first, take this digital code in the comments for it - it's probably the best action flick this decade in my mind


Man, the latest episode of [TV Show] was really good! I've actually been pleased with Game of Thrones as well as One Punch Man, and no one can take that away from me


Happy birthday, taterchimp! Love that guy.


I like practicing safe sex. When I really have to have sex sex, I'll be so dang prepared.


Today is brought to you by tilt


I love the phrase mild euphoria. I'm so exited, so happy, I'm on cloud nine, tripping balls.....kinda


Oh, consider your cardboard ass purchased and added to the collection!


I can't tell if this is something Phil or Occam's would do


Taco Bell vs Taco John's. Who is best?


Selfietoid? Fuck. Heres some loser


Borderlands 2 still holds up to be pretty fun, although the DLC is kind of head and shoulder above the main story I am finding.


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