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Chicken Korma, or as white people call it: literally lava in my mouth


Hahaha, you cannot match my schtoyle


Had a hot dog wrapped in a crab rangoon last night. Des Moines food is a weird bunch


Sanest choice in this insane World: beware the beast but enjoy the feast he offers


While I'm salty, fuck the monster closets in Strafe.


Whats your poison tonight, DToid?


30 CS, 15 denies at six minutes, winning lane hard...enemy team DC's, no first blood, game not scored. Even when I win hard, it feels like I lose. Fuck this week, month, and year, man.


Starting up my own DAMA. Don't ask me anything. Don't you do it.


Ever wanted to know what a toe without a nail looks like a day after they removed it? No? You are a sane person. For everyone else, pic is in the comments. Happy October, bitches


Is there a costume suggestion database? If not, someone should make one. I.e. I am a [male], with [mustache, glasses], looking for a costume from [pop culture, sci fi, comics]


So whatever happen to inspirobot? Anyway, this one got me good


Big toenail has been forcefully removed and burnt off. See you in hell, shitnail


2:40 Link to the Past rando run, but absolutely 0 save states, and with my mom backseat gaming. I call that pretty decent.


Oh potatoes and molasses


This situation has only been made worse by the addition of yet more bees.


Whats this? A qtoid woefully underpopulated by bees? A large influx of bees should help this


Bugles are "Americas #1 Finger Hat", and that's adorbale


Ni Oh has a PC release date this year. Neat.


The DToid work week in 1 picture:


Put up a blog about buying all the games for the SNES classic. A colossal waste of my time, but hey, I made it fun. Check it out


The Cost of the SNES Classic By Game

The alternate title would be "Justifying spending 80 dollars on a raspberry pi, with Nintendo's fabled seal of quality" Marvel at its seal like qualities So I went out to Amazon and found the listing for every game (except Star Fox 2, ...


"I wonder if you could buy the games in the SNES classic for cheaper..." And then I just googled earthbound, and no, you cant.


Any mods or things of that nature that are 'essential' for Fallout 1?


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