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Every once in a while, I go back and rewatch this. Such a great analysis of such a great game. It makes me miss having someone like Burch on the site.


Top song of the decade is "I ejaculate fire". Sounds about right. Also, Stairway is the cover by Frank Zappa. Just to clear that up.


Pitch: Nioh like stances, but for dogs wagging their tails


Good god the silver haired girl on Nintendo's site is beautiful. That is all


I think I'm done with Borderlands 3 for a while. I'm just rinsing bosses at Mayhem 3/4 for marginally better legendaries that will be outdated when DLC drops. So a break sounds lovely, but it was supposed to last me through the month


I like the way Scout came out in this, so figured why not share it?


Underlords is still pretty good, in case anyone was wondering


I am Kris, God of all the time and I will be there at the same time as you are able to get the money


Testing out Google Easter eggs and came across one for that "special someone"


Can any of you fine folks explain the process of getting a new unlocked phone? My mom is curious, and its a total blind spot to me.


Posting a very long and very personal blog tomorrow at noon about all the games I played, and why 2019 was a giant dumpster fire. Bump: should be up shortly


taterchimp's 2019 Games Played and Life Blog!

In previous years I have looked and evaluated each game that I have played and given a brief synopsis, but this year I wanted to do something a little bit different.  You see, 2019 is probably one of the second worst years that I ...


There's a class action lawsuit against AMD that I was apparently a part of. Hooray for random money 5 years later I guess?


Shamelessly stolen, but yet I feel like this is just as good of a home


Its funny how much a pint of scotch will knock you out


Its fun to smoke marijuana


My cartridge of Secret of Evermore caught my eye, and I realized I replayed that this year. Made me remember just how long and what a shit show 2019 has been.


You are your own cheapest hooker


Beat Borderlands 3 - now for the 2nd playthrough to get to max level, then the third playthrough to try another character.


One of my biggest pet peeves in games is when dialog has to 'load' or something, so a meaningful interruption is delayed by two seconds making everything feel janky and awful.


Not a reference I was expecting...


Relevant today as ever


This weekend has such potential. Hopefully there's also room for borderlands


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