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I do not wish to evade the world, yet I will forever build my own


Date went well last night - she watches Team Fourstar which is awesome. I also got to play Viper, which is one of the more interesting cabinets I have run into, and Strikers 1945, a cabinet I now wish to own


Oh man, you know those days where you just wind up exhausted? But its the kind of exhaustion of slaughtering your enemies, fulfilling your dreams, and securing your kingdoms? I've got that.


Barcade date tonight. Hopefully shes easily impressed with my Ms PacMan skills. Hoping to high score, if you know what I mean.


I googled "Weird blackface music video" and got the exact result I wanted. Google gets me.


I made an old, old, old, old recipe for a drink called 'fish house punch'. Like, no joke, George Washington drank this, allegedly. And holy crap, it is way more delicious than I thought it would be!


If anyone has an extra Amaterasu courier laying around and wants to give it to poor, lonely taterchimp, I can give you an internet high five for it.


Um, Actually is the best thing College Humor has put out


Got my dad the wallet from Pulp Fiction for Christmas. I enjoy that that is a gift I can provide to him, and expect he will enjoy


800 matches in DotA! Woo


This is for long-forgotten Light at the end of the world. Horizon crying The tears he left behind long ago


Know when you poop for so long, it isn't poop anymore, but just some oil and pain? That's where I'm at


Make 1/4 batch sugar cookies. Do not include egg. Mush with fork. Do not cook. Eat from bowl. #Protips


Whats a game that you really like, but will never play?


Kindle: set. Raspberry Pi: Set. Christmas: Set.


New goal is to play every hero in DotA at least once. Last 2 will be Meepo/Invoker, but its been fun going through some of the offlaners.


They speak the true true


our bm is never prioritized over our macro


Getting a sandwich at the Des Moines Christkindlemarket called the Hogfather. This town is great


100% winrate in offlane Dragon Knight. That's right, I won BOTH my games.


No one in the world gets what they want, and that is beautiful. Everybody dies frustrated and sad and that is beautiful.


Pretty cool stuff on this channel:


Wolfenstein 2 50% off PC at gamestop. Will this fill the gaping hole in my soul and cure seasonal depression? Probably not. DotA might, though


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I also covered the progress of building my own gaming PC. I had no experience, and overall, it wasn't all bad! If you are on the fence about it, I suggest you read about my efforts

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