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So this is pretty damn tasty


Akavit and Ancho Reyes kind of night. Because fuck it, am i rite?


Tracking a package, and as of today it is in Poland. Expected delivery is Monday. I have my doubts.


People have gone nuts on the Steam Workshop with Alyx - Bioshock, Resident Evil, and Goldeneye campaigns. This might be the game that keeps giving.


If I were to do mukbang videos of me eating Zombie Burgers, would yall be interested?


Just put up a NVGR blog about my sports card collection and hey wait! dont leave yet! Its all the errors and oddities I have collected so far. Wanted to give the entire view with some explanations, full of spelling eerors and dick jokes.


tater's Card Collection

One thing that my family is totally in to is antiquing.  My sister and her husband are both archaeologists, my mom just really lives kitchy stuff (lots of candlewick), and my brother always enjoys rummaging through a store.  ...


So I came back to DotA and it feels like I'm slightly thrashing as a core instead of a support lately. Its nice to be needed.


Pro Tip: Elevate your sandwiches with a silpat. Get your shredded cheese, make a mound, put it on the silpat under the broiler on high for 2 minutes, BAM cheese crisp. The slightly 'burnt' bits add so much flavor and texture.


Took the ol doggo for a walk and I'm now a witness to a car crash (other car was empty & parked). Good times.


My order of buzz buttons came in today. Tastes like garbage, then it literally shocks your tongue and mouth. Each time you breathe in, it increases severity like an electric spearmint. Then you start salivating the most delicious tasting spit. Curious.


Changed my phone background to this awesome Berserk x Dark Souls 3 piece by Boobieborn on reddit


Bust a Groove is worth much more than I would like to pay to own Bust a Groove, especially considering I don't have a Playstation. That soundtrack, though..


New favorite thing in Half Life Alyx: ejecting my magazine to throw at trip mines, Metal Gear style.


People need to learn from Klaussen pickles how to be - always chill, never heated.


Played some more Trials of Mana. I am convinced that Angela is best girl because she squeaks like a chipmunk when she jumps. My last party member was Kevin, because its a high fantasy game and there is a dude named Kevin.


Man, VR is still dope. Playing Half Life Alyx and having no clue where the hell in my living room I am while blasting combine and chucking grenades.


I found a hidden cache of spicy pickle flavored almonds. Score! And I'm making beef and broccoli soup because that sounded like a good way to spice out what I had.


"ROSCOE'S HOUSE OF HORRORS: waffle bun, fried chicken strips, pepper jack cheese, fried egg + bacon-bourbon maple syrup."


A package? What could be inside? Mildly nsfw


So around Thanksgiving my folks got me some butter flavored salt, because they know I like popcorn. Ive used it on popcorn a handful of times, but mostly I just use it as a salt like because I'm a garbage human being and love salt and fat.


I think this suits the mood for the night


Finally, a decent looking lunch


My VR sea legs aint what they used to be


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