DeS: Smash Ultimate: Ridley hits it big time, moves explained
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How passively can you play Octopath Traveler? Like, could I rock it while half watching Rick and Morty? Picture unrelated.


What to do tonight...hmm...Hollow Knight...Everspace in VR...Dota...or worry about dying alone and the meaningless of existence? Basically, I'm feeling Arby's.


Gaming pet peeve: when you jump vertically on a moving platform, and land noticeably further back from where you started. That's not how physics works!


Do you remember where you were when you first heard of the Bowling Green Massacre?


I was going to become a rapper, but I realized it was just a def wish.


Can we expect a review of Mothergunship? Looks awesome, and I loved Tower of Guns.


That special time on Sunday where I reflect on life and all of its sadness. And write up the revamp for 5 Hit Fighters.


Everspace is pretty fun in VR.


I like good bosses. The kind where you wonder how you can possibly beat the first time, but then feel like an idiot if you get hit fighting them an hour later.


Poor idea: combine hair salon with benihana style stylists


Thinking of getting some Bosnian style burek for dinner, because again, Des Moines is weird


What is your favorite first line of a song?


Still think Ancho Reyes is one of the most interesting spirits


Do you ever sing sugar Ray's I just wanna fly but replace fly with die because I do every fucking day


Beardfolk of Destructoid, what are your thoughts on beard oil?


My modem is installed in my basement, so I had to route a ethernet cable through the entire basement, drill a hole in the floor, and bring it up to attach to the router. 50 trips up and downstairs later, and its finally done. Christ.


Arbitrary Metal tuesday?


Getting drunk on a Sunday because fuck the past 7 days


My raspberry pi PCBs were made in the UK. Huh


The official cake of twitch chat


Well I'm just fucking done. Anyone got a length of rope handy?


My late grandfather was a Freemason. Stopped by the folks home and his ring and cufflinks caught my eye. Beautiful.


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