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You can beat Mario without ever running. Neat.


Brennevin and soda. I miss the rains down in Reykjavik


Was missing a 'do nothing' game on the Switch, for watching twitch/Youtube multitasking. Binding Of Isaac was on sale, and man, that sure is still a game. After other roguelikes, this one seems particularly...spiteful?


Man, remember Strafe? That was a game that I put a decent amount of time in, and could almost be tempted to get into again.


Well, I guess it's official then


I need a really good game on the Switch that I can play while watching streams. And a good game to test out a new HOTAS. And a drink.


Mowing the lawn and saw something in the corner of my eye, under some shrubs. I don't remember planting an Apple tree


My tattoo has reached the 'peely' stage. Urge to mess with it grows by the hour.


Going to see Andrew WK tonight in Des Moines. How hard can you party on a Tuesday? Time to find out.


Home sweet home. Iceland was fun, but Iowa is always a party ;)


Getting work done to commemorate our first "family" vacation


Never thought I'd see the day


On location for Halo Nightfall. Lava tube in Iceland


There's a punk museum in the bathroom. Not the other way around


I'm eating Belgian fries with "buffy sauce" in my shoebox hotel in Reykjavik. Life is awesome


Made it to the eve online monument


In less than 24 hours, I will be 3000 miles from home.


I realized that the strangest aspect of playing my character in D&D is that I have to role play in a world where gods definitely exist.


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