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Having a good run in Eden that was looking like another unlock, then the game crashed on the Switch. I don't even have the energy to be mad


Went 5/2 in Arena cube on the back of End Raze Forerunners!


Have two tinder app like ladies talking to me - what would be the best game to suggest for a skype and play, assuming they only have a phone?


Ah, the familiar ennui of finishing a long game.


Finished Final Fantasy X today. Spoiler free meme review included


Boss just 1 shot my whole party. Now to sit in a 15 minute unskippable cut scene. Sometimes old RPGs blow


Introduced my party to Marboros transported from Final Fantasy straight into D&D. They make fun boss monsters for the DM at least.


Arbitrary non metal wednesday?


https://twitter.com/ADongDM/status/1245384821939077120 Found a local business that is really putting in the work


Oh, and before I forget, the FF10 battletheme sounds like a mix between Gypsies Tramps and Thieves and Africa.


I feel like Saturday will be the end of FFX (and the beginning of X-2). I'm just about out of the mountains, and the story is getting good. Thursday is D&D Day, so Ill have to tkae a minor pause.


What is your favorite meat & potatoes, no bullshit RPG?


Put up a short little blog about an idea I had for a game. I was thinking through mechanics in bed, and I kind of fell in love with the idea. It will never be made, but I think it would be sweet anyway.


Game Pitch: 'Katamari Racing'

I saw a gif of someone glitching out in Forza the other day - the road suddenly disappeared underneath the car, and the car was suspended in air doing 600 miles per hour.  It got me thinking about how fun it would be to have a gam...


The white mage has learned black magic. Run for your lives! (FF10 Update)


Tried to make burek at home. Overly crispy, but otherwise great


Got a 6 pack of nitro Budweiser, because thats a product you can buy with money. Looking forward to trying it. I like Bud heavy, and I really like the mouthfeel of a nitro


Better luck next time, don't worry so much


I now see the potential in Rikku, especially if she gets hasted. The opening two lines of the battle theme are haunting my nightmares, however.


The Farplane was pretty cool. Some things are starting to grind on me, so I'm hoping I'm decently far in the game


If at least one person replies to this, I will get drunk


First half of the cornavirus inspired D&D dungeon is cleared. They passed the social distancing puzzle, killed off Tiny Tina's skeletons, but didn't want to rest in the safe room.


Burek for dinner, then a special virtual coronavirus dungeon in D&D. Pumped for tonight


Every time I attack with Wakka, I laugh. Its just that grade school instinct of someone getting hit by a dodgeball, but in a jRPG.


Looked up how to tell how leveled you are in FF10, and found "You know what level you are when you MAX out the sphere grid. Because you know your [sic] DONE". Good to know


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