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I just got a thought of crazy taxi PVP. Like, a taxi battle royale with Burnout style crashes and chases. It sounds dope to me right now


Game 19 of 2022: Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. The parts that are Star Wars are good, the graphics are good. Having to do a sliding section every ten seconds, climbing for half an hour, and other menial tasks is not good. A fairly 'meh' experience.


My Nier Orchestral arrangement CD shows up tomorrow. So excited to listen to it, but I may have to finally hook up my cd drive to my computer. I dont think I have the sata cables for it, because I have 3 hard drives set up. May require some thinking.


How come nobody talks about Smash Mouth's song Padrino?


In case anyone hasn't screamed into the void lately, today is a new day, so fucking go for it.


If you threw an Amogus party, would it be a sussy bacchanal?


"THE PHOENIX: Spicy breaded marinated chicken breast with Mike’s Hot Honey drizzle, Fresno chile quick pickles, heirloom tomato relish, shredded lettuce and mayo". Their chicken sandwiches are legit really good.


My dog got pneumonia, apparently, so thats a lot of money gone. Think I'm going to treat myself to some new games this weekend, out of spite.


What are good time killer games lately? Story light, easy to play while podcasting


lol Vampire Survivors on sale. Like, dude, why?


Game 18 of 2022: Cruiiiiiiiisiiiinnnnnn. LETS GO. Curisn Blast - The game is really fun for about 3 hours, and then you have seen it all.


BD-1 is adorable, and I can already tell I will love it more than Cal. Also, this game looks damn good on Ultra.


I see comments along the line of "so glad I didn't skip the cutscenes in /this/ game" and realize some people play games very differently than I do.


"THE DEAD BALL ERA: American cheese patty, jalapeño cheese nachos, grilled beer brat, caramelized onions and spicy brown mustard all on a pretzel bun". Home run to me


Game 17 of 2022: I MAED A GAM3 WITH ZOMB1ES 1N1T!!!1: saw it had a steam port while drinking one day, had to have it. A fantastic piece of nostalgia. And free!


One volume left to finish the first 'arc' of Chainsaw Man. What a rollercoaster so far. Love it


Can you do Vick's Bap Rub recreationally?


Game 16 of 2022: Strangers of Paradise. Has rough spots, and is a style of game that doesn't click with me often, but I adore so much about this game. Super glad I got it.


I just realized its April. That means its time to gear up for my Extra Life part 1 for the year. Which means I can fire up Final Fantasy 13-2 soon. Hmmmm


I think my cat's litter box needs a poop fan. My god, dude


I really want that Stranger of Paradise OST, but its 42 dollars as a preorder. May have to resort to alternate means of listening. Like playing it more! >:3


I'm mostly enjoying Strangers of Paradise. A few boss struggles and tonberries are literally the devil, but the models and OST are great. The remix that plays for Gurg Volcano is my hightlight so far (3:15 ish in linked video)


Ok, but for real, can love bloom on the battlefield?


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