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So yeah, Alien Isolation is real good, wears its age very well. Minor nitpicks, like how the facehuggers are 'do you have a flamethrower equipped' checks, but overall glad I finished it. Also had nightmares about it, so I hope those end with this closure


I'm off my pre-diabetes meds, after something like 2 years! Time to celebrate! And also beat Alien Isolation!


Bitter today, have this wonderful curse betowed upon you.


Played a board game called "The Quiet Year", and it was really something interesting. No win condition, loose rules, and just kind of a collaborative story telling game.


I think it might be a sign of my age, but as much as they push Fiora, Sharla is fucking stacked. Its honestly distracting.


"DRY JANUARY: Jack Daniels + brown sugar bacon, cheddar cheese, Busch Light-battered onion rings, Toppling Goliath Dorothy Lager cheese sauce, Goose Island Bourbon County Stout BBQ sauce + Templeton Rye caramelized onion mayo. " Sold.


Can't argue with that logic.


3rd game of 2022: Titanfall. Is good. And short.


Song Cover Wednesday? I can do that.


I really enjoy watching others play Inscryption, turns out. I think having played Magic regularly for 20 years and YuGiOh for a bit in high school really helps me get a handle on it.


Inscryption makes me nostalgic for the old pokemon gameboy game. Maybe Ill boot it up sometime this year


Played most of Ttianfall 2's campaign, and yeah, its pretty good. Going to finish it off on stream Wednesday. Only 5 dollars on steam until then, too!


Spent some time with Cyberpunk on PC last night. Nothing game breaking, but still full of bugs - T poses, objects appearing through scenery, lips not moving, guns with no sounds.


2nd game beaten in 2022 is NieR replicant. As good as ever


I saw someone eating Fritos and bean dip and it looked really good, and I can report that it is really good.


Inscryption is now my first game beat of 2022 and while I enjoyed it, it didn't live to the hype in my head


What monster thought up speed level 18 in Tetris Effect? By the time I realized a piece was dropping the next one was already stacked on top of it.


Without giving spoilers, how hidden are things in Inscryption? Is it just things in the room, or does it go deeper?


What should we call our beer? Hell. Whats on the front of the can? The stupidest god-damned eagle in the world. Sold


If she doesn't know about announcements from the Big Giant Head, she's too young for you.


Top 3 games played in 2021 - #3. Persona 4 Golden, #2. Tetris Effect, #1. Resident Evil 2 Remake. I did a blog of all the games I played, I'll post in the comments.


Man, Celeste gets really hard at the end. No thank you on the B sides.


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