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I miss Weekend Destructainment. Whatever that segment was called.


Elden Ring Log: Did 13,000 damage in one attack against the largest dragon I've ever seen. I also killed a putrid avatar way out of my league, worth 20,000 more runes than the aforementioned dragon. Still really digging this game.


But this is what I really got from ZB today: "TRAILER TRASH, American cheese, fried pickle, chicken fried bacon, cheese curds, ranch dressing"


"KAIJU RETURNS: beef patty, soy glaze, Japanese cream cheese spread, sashimi ground spicy ahi tuna, fried rice noodles + Napa cabbage slaw". Hard pass for me.


I wonder how long I could run a D&D campaign by aping the first Halo game's plot before the players notice.


I saw a post calling Ghilles in the Mist the best level in gaming, but I couldn't immediately think of other "best levels". I think Silent Cartographer is best I can do. What do you think the best level in gaming is?


Day 2 of Eld Ring: fought a bunch of giant hands (my legit childhood nightmare) and got my ass kicked by a lady on a horse. I upgraded me weapon past +1 and was doing better, but decided to fight a giant and accidentally found where I was supposed to go.


My work matches personal donations to charity. Also, after 20 hours of volunteering, they give 200 dollars to a charity of your choice. Extra life and blood donations count as volunteer time. So my work is giving about 500 to charity this year (so far)


Had a Chrono Trigger LetsPlay in the background and Robo's theme got me mad nostalgic. I've also fallen asleep past 4 each day this week, so I might just be mentally weak.


First day of playing Elden Ring and am wowed. I killed a guy guarding a tomb, I found DK Mode dogs and birds, I fought a giant bear...this game is really fun.


Unedited, Think Caius, think!


I forgot if I saw this here or on twitter first, so just to be sure:


Also, reminded this music video exists. What are some of your favorite music videos?


Took me 6.5 hours to beat Dark Souls this time around. I'm getting rusty.


I beat FF13-2 and honestly, what the fuck.


"U.Z.O.: brined and battered 10oz pork tenderloin fried crispy, Prairie Breeze cheese, shredded iceberg lettuce, pickled red onion, heirloom tomato relish and garlic mayo." An Iowa classic.


Dead by Daylight is getting a dating game.


2 hours to go! Switching to tetris because my brain is mush. Help out kids / say hello if you want!


Just beat the Dark Souls incentive to ring 2 bells (in 65 minutes!). Still lenty of stream left, at least another 6.5 more hours. About 100 shy of goal #ForTheKids. Join at twitch.tv/taterchimp if you want, or check my blog for details


Today's the day! Extra Life Charity stream! We are starting at almost $700 of a (new) $1,000 dollar goal. If you want to view me struggle with FF13-2 or help meet the goal #forTheKids, drop on by!


Friday the 13th! You know what that means! 1: its my birthday! 2: Extra life 12 hour stream of FF13-2 tomorrow! Check out my blog for more details. I haven't even started it yet, and we are already crushing it. Dare I dream $1,000?


"ONIBABA: Swiss cheese, tamari-glazed pulled bacon, fried egg*, quick pickled baby bok choy + carrot, crispy Japanese mushrooms + scallions, chili crunch mayo." I know all those words, but I can't process them all together.


"why I am burned out on Isaac?". Past 2 weeks playtime is 50 hours. No, yeah. That makes sense


People seem to think this is funny, but because I'm colorblind I'm at a Loss for why


Games FF13-2 Reminds me of: Metal Gear Solid 2, Pokemon, Resident Evil 4, Devil May Cry, Chrono Trigger, and Kingdom Hearts.


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