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"APORKALYPSE NOW: smoky chipotle pork patty grilled and dipped in Sweet Heat BBQ sauce; with bread & butter pickles + grilled onions." The name is right up there with a sandwich that I got called The Hogfather. But bread and butter pickles? Ehhh


Fuck sake. Paid for new gutters last week, then paid for my cat to have teeth removed yesterday. Get done with work, ready to settle down, sink starts leaking. So now I have a new faucet and a 6 pack of beer.


ZOMBIE CAT. Not really, but this poor senior dude just got 9 teeth removed and is worse for the wear. Still a bastard to anyone not me, so the vets couldn't clean him up more than that before I got him. Always a fiesty one


Some things never get old


I've been very inspired to create my own game, so I'm going to be doing work on that on twitch, and maybe some games once I get sick of that! twitch.tv/taterchimp


Queso Fresco > Gouda > Mozzarella > Feta > Provolone > Cheddar > American > Cottage > stinky foot cheese > two year old yogurt in the back of my fridge > Blue Cheese.


Streaming Dead by Daylight again at twitch.tv/taterchimp!


Best Buy has some good sales on physical switch games. Got FF12 (again) and Trials of Mana for 20 each. My switch backlog is growing steadily.


"Whats your stance on horse porn?" "Neigh" "This clarifies nothing"


Gonna be streaming Dead By Daylight some tonight, maybe with 2 of my lady friends. Total noob, so it should be pretty fun. Twitch.tv/taterchimp


Ah, the rusty nail. The final weapon in the never ending war against sobriety


Think my new years resolution will be to work on my "dream game" some more. I got the game maker thing from the humble bundle last time, wonder if its still decent to work with or if I should search out another language.


Do you prefer difficulty in games to be more reflexes or memorization?


"BLOOD DINER: biscuit bun, country gravy, loaded hash brown patty (filled w/ bacon, onion, peppers, cheese), cheddar cheese + fried egg." RUN COWARDS


Family cooked turkey on Tuesday so we could have leftovers all week. This is that turkey, the broth from that turkey and a roux, veggies, and a crescent roll top. Was absolutely bomb


Anyone know what the dash does in Bloodstained 2? Thanks


Asking the important questions.


I'm on Illinois. Only the finest glass. Oh no


Deep cut on We Happy Few on Steam today. Tempting, but I dont think I can pull the trigger.


Almost done with XcoMario, and while they aren't too annoying, whoever thought that it was a good idea to have enemies that can teleport - especially without proccing overwatch - should be fired.


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