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Its still weird to me that when I think about a game where your choices actually matter my mind goes to Alpha Protocol. That game did so much right, except everything that matters.


Game #48 of the year is Yakuza 0. What a wonderful cloth engine. Gameplay was fine. Majima's half is much better, but Kiryu has better combat. I am totally fine taking a break form the series then doing Kiwami


Wrapping up Yakuza, and I recognized when someone said good grief in Japanese. Too much Jojo, I guess.


Have an interview scheduled for a job that would be a 50 percent pay raise but would have me leave me job of 13.5 years. Mixed feelings


Merry Dwarf Fortress day, to those who celebrate.


I got a bunch of moogles to protect some kids. Now to see if they will actually fight for them. Got Molulu, Moghan, and Moguel. I gained some gil from it, but I consider it my contribution to the Returners.


Nora and I went to the Christmas market, and I got what is probably my favorite picture of her.


Preconceptions for games are weird. I thought Yakuza would be more Devil May Cry, less visual novel. I also had this problem once or twice before this year, judging games before I ever played them.


"THE ZOMBIE OF BOURBON COUNTY: Crispy Bourbon County Coffee Stout braised beef short rib, jalapeƱo bacon, Cheddar + Monterey Jack cheese, fried egg, crispy tobacco onions, mayo, pickled mustard seed + Bourbon County Coffee Stout jus."


Game #47 of 2022 beaten is Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. Yeah, its pretty good


Not sure if the post link will work. Making (and updating) everyone's number one spotify song, in case you want the jarring tonal shifts of DToid radio



I love everything about this


This weekeng there is an arcade auction, a Christkindlemart, and I'm going to get blasted on grain alcohol. Its gonna be a good one.


Bloodstained is the soymilk of Castlevania. People telling you that you really cant tell the difference after a little bit, but you can. You can.


Need a cause for Giving Tuesday? Why not Extra Life?


Reading random spoilers for Catherine really makes me appreciate just how buckwild the game is. So glad I beat it after owning it for 11 years.


Sojiro guides you through a sex dungeon while Kaine tries to ruin your relationship with Kawakami, meanwhile your friend Weiss is jealous of your scoring single life ability. Its the game that keeps giving.


Green been casserole soup, cauliflower gratin, silken tofu chocolate peanut butter mousse, and spatchcocked chicken with homemade gravy. And black coffee for digestion


I really want to do what I'm going to call the "Chris Carter" challenge and beat 52 games in 52 weeks. I think I have to pick shorter games to do it, and that feels like a compromise. Anyway, time to start up Yakuza 0


Game 45 Completed of 2022 is Hellblade. A game that demands your full attention with such amazing sound design backed by insane visuals. Tackles mental issues in a really fascinating way. Well worth a revisit.


Stock: reducing. Chicken: dry brining. Pud: ding.


Got my ass kicked in Dota pubs, but by god was it fun


Game 44 of 2022: Deadly Premonition 2. Don't play it. It isn't good


Got Catherine and P5 Strikers on the switch. Catherine on PC just killed itself trying to run, so I'm glad it was on sale. Also been a white whale of mine because I've never been in a good headspace for "I have too many girlfriends" as a real problem


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