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Garlic Bread is actually Garlic Toast. Wake up sheeple!


These two words should never be this close together, thank you very much


Dear Maine tourist board: please consider "I want you inside ME" as your official state slogan. Youre welcome.


Giving blood today. Did the survey and at the end is team Liquids logo. I think that's a weird thing to rip off. Turns out, they created Heal for Real, a drive to get gamers to donate. That's pretty swell of them


May be dropping a substantial amount of money to get my Ehrgeiz cabinet updated with an LCD screen so it isn't so darn blue. Found out I got a really good deal on it at auction, so it seems like an okay investment.


Years later, Skyrim's main theme is still, and I hate to use this word, epic.


I know I'm late, but this tickles my fancy


Arbitrary metal ish tuesday


Just wanted to give a shoutout to all my middle class brown eyed cisgendered hetero white males. We can do it!


My ex may have been a heartless parasite, but goddamn if she wasn't right about how good gouda is


Maybe weighted blankets are good for anxiety because you don't notice the pressure on your chest when its also on your legs.


I can give blood again! Drain me dry so I have karmic balance, fuckers!


First rule of Minecraft is never dig down. What are other First Rules for other games?


Hire score after I tranced out in galagaa. Beat the old one by 50 percent and is probably my PB


Decided to put Bojack Horseman on as background noise. I watched it once and didn't like it, but now I'm actually invested.


2 kind of people. Those who can complete by inference


Saw IT Part 2. Liked it, but not really a horror movie, and not really a dark comedy either. They couldn't write it a good ending, either ;)


Three things left to come up with for my D&D campaign: Need townsfolk (hate making them), making special event bounties, and creating stat sheets for lieutenants (boring to me). This has been a big undertaking, and the players will surely derail it all.


BRB, getting new t shirt


I resisted temptation to continue my last Fire Emblem route to instead play Dota 2 Turbo matches. I need a new game one of these days


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