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Happy season 16 Diablo players. This bro is drunk AF, because fuuuuuuuck this year. I would say AMA but I'm now answering til I'm sober, so thats 2020. Fuck.


New season of Diablo today! This gives me something to do idly to ignore reality! Also, I am genuinely impressed at the support that has been given to the game. 16 seasons, and still patching QOL and other changes.


And in my lonely eyes I see myself in elegant stride


I keep seeing posts along the lines of "AOC's tax on the 1% is really popular". Yeah, no shit, 99% of people who have less money want the rich to pay more.


Its almost Nier's 10 year anniversary. Pie in the sky, I would love a PC port, but more realistically, I may have to buy a 'new' 360 to replay it on.


Can we get a DToid group for regular TTT or other such games? On, oh, I dunno, Fridays?


So out of shape that I am working out listening to Meatloaf


Subpoena the Interpreter is probably the worst fan made character I have seen in a long time.


Its curmudgeonly of me, but I feel like AGDQ shouldn't do rom hacks or fan games. It just feels dumb to speedrun a game made for the event that no one knows.


Whats your favorite part of Kill Bill? Mine is where Sonny Chiba yells "shut up"


Dogmeat showed up in my yard today


Would anyone be interested in a blog about my DND campaign? Talking the mythos, basic dungeons layouts, that sort of thing?


My players made it through the drowned church (relatively) unscathed. Up next is 'tuckers cultists', and then the act one finale!


To scale setup of the dragon and his worshippers for tonight's DND


Made a game room out of a guest room, and I gotta tell you guys: the WiiU controller sucks


Ate a Brazilian Steakhouse in Des Moines. That is the most decadent way to eat meat. I was full until dinner the next day, and almost every bite was delicious.


I kind of hate the label but it's good and super local. What's your drink?


Just played Wind Waker in VR, and you can tilt shift it and it is the most adorable thing in the world.


Google "Get Well Soon". 9th image. You beautiful bastards.


The worst part about Far Cry 5 so far has been all the werewolves.


Always remember after a healthy bowel movement to think: "I can fit a dick that large in me"


Far Cry 5 handles really well, and looks super pretty.


If 2018 had a grave, I would piss on it


Y'all need to move to Des Moines so I can have a better caliber of friends.


Nobody likes you, everyone left you, theyre all out without you, having fun.


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