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Square Enix's store has Nier music boxes on sale, and a Weiss wallet for preorder. I'm getting poorer by the minute.


I'm bored and want something I can just slam time into, so I'm going to try this FF14 nonsense I hear so much about.


I ate the Froot Loops pizza. Pray for me.


"PLANET TERROR 2: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO: fried onion strings, bacon, cheddar cheese, Sweet Heat BBQ sauce + smoky cheese sauce" Sounds pretty good in theory, but probably not eating it. Have something...stranger planned.


Oh hey, I had rectified spirits this whole time! Bad ideas, ahoy!!!


I was holding out on RE7 until a PC VR edition existed, but that may not ever happen. Should I play it now anyway?


I asked Zombie Burger if they ever made a green been casserole burger. They didn't, but they made a tater tot one in 2015:"THE WOOD CHIPPER: Tater tot patty buns, cheddar cheese, bacon, caramelized onion, tempura fried green beans + mushroom cream sauce"


Square Enix just dropped a lo fi chill album based on old school Final Fantasy, and its on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/6kHs3hlleHNoFyFwTTgzfe


Three days in a row that I just cannot fall asleep at night.


I'm posting this as a public service announcement. Not because I'm thirtsin for a pretty well done cosplay by luxlocosplay


More like Jar-dinera, am I right? Tried all the combos of oil and vinegar in different jars to see which is my favorite. Day 1 the vinegar solution only is my favorite but they get 2 days at room temp to mingle


This is just the happiest dang ol song. I love Wind Waker so much


Making giardiniera tonight, because it sounded really good with roast beef and I wasn't sure if store brands around here would be good. Also, Friday I'm going to drop the king of all mukbang videos.


#indietoid. Pretty sure y'all saw this one coming, but hear me out: its a budget game with a ton of content, and many really interesting systems. A mix of XCom and Final Fantasy Tactics. It has rough edges, and is a slow burn, but I still adore it.


Been binging this series lately. Moraan is clearly my Pakistani goth girlfriend.


Whihc game should be next: Fae Tactics, Code Vein, Shining Resonance Refrain, or something completely different?


Fong's is picking up the void that Zombie Burger has left open for 'weird food'


Were you a gumdrop? In a past life?


Yay I finally did the thing


It’s been like 15 years, someone should maybe tell Scotty


"ZB MAN: smoked + sliced beef brisket, provolone, battered onion rings + Sweet Heat BBQ sauce" Pretty standard really


Sometimes when I'm drifting off to sleep I'm thinking about whatever game I was last playing. Every once in a while, my hands will twitch to the correct input for my made up game scenario. Its kind of wild.


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