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Persona 4 is eating me alive...

So I'm 30 hours into the game, definitely loving it. It is SO awesome that you don't get tired from going into the dungeon. That was the single aspect of Persona 3:FES that made it unplayable for me. I love being able to do countless dun...


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My name is Zack. I bartend, play music, and fix instruments for a living. Video games (rpg's, action/adventure mainly) have always been my main passion. I spend a lot of time on the road so handheld gaming occupies most of my downtime. Documenting my gaming experiences has always been on my list of things to get started, so here I am Destructoid!

Currently playing: Etrian Odyssey, Persona 3:FES, Tekken: Dark Ressurection.

Favorites: Earthbound, Dragon Quest/Warrior, Secret of Mana, anything Atlus... lots of Square/Enix and NIS too.. oh and I love Working Designs (RIP)