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In todays age of empires venture, I pulled an opium wars by slaughtering neighboring tribes but not their docks! And forced them to trade with me >:) vid semi related :P


There is only one bad thing about the remaster of age of empires, THEY REMOVED THE DOCK NOISE! LITERALLY UNPLAYABLE!


So in the new HD version of AoE that came out they added small narrations to the missions. When I leave the game the narrator fucking guilts me for leaving!? talking about how my tribe starved to death and was wiped out and shit! aww I love this game :D


Last one for presidents day. Good old honest Abe is my personal hero and favorite president! one of the reasons I read up so much about our civil war history in my youth was because of him. if you havent already go watch steven spielbergs movie Lincoln :P


I completly forgot that age of empire hd was coming out today. It was my first pc game ever! Im pretty happy with the Upatch and my cd copy but tempted to buy to show support for it. Heres hoping AoE 4 doesnt turn out to be another dawn of war 3 :P


Here is todays batch of minis done. Really excited for the mobius fallout minis when they come out aswell!


Im fucking high on fumes right now! I got some spray primer on me and am now scrubbing myself in alcohol.


As part of my revisit of 2000's games I will also be playing Area 51 at some point. It has David Duchovny in it!


Today was my favorite day, Range Day! I had my cylinder lock up only once though so that was fun. Also of note, buy cleaner ammo for the future!


Playing a wired mix of games currently. I am playing Blood Omen (My favorite zelda game :P) and red dead revolver which I apparently forgot most of... Rockstar needs to bring back midget gunslingers and rampanging dynamite men!


Gonna be the gatekeeper this entire morning. The employee garage has em now and im the guy who lets em in when their badge doesnt work because of course nothing ever goes right! Have this awesome picture I found on the internet while I sulk :/


Heavymetaljesus put me in an xbox mood and ive never been happier! Im also shocked that games still look halfway decent/great through component on a 60in 4k tv! Plus I forgot how cheap the games were and im embarrassed to day ive been splurging :P


Here is Sir Roland who is a G! I fucking love 80s minis! Tried to paint as close to the white dwarf version pictured and im not that far off(imo :P). Wish GW would do a throwback line sometime but knowing them they would be finecast :/


Welp, thats the super blue blood moon eclipse hyper XD turbo deluxe hd remaster edition with cheese event over with. Should of just called the damn thing purple moon! Also cosmic events always give me headaches.


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