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So I guess this is gonna be a thing. not gonna lie, Im kinda interested in seeing where this goes...


This must be the scariest transformer I have ever transform. Joint were creaking, tabs were in weird places. BUT, all worth it for motherfucking STEAMPUNK SHOCKWAVE!!! My camera doesnt do this guy justice he is magnificent!


My mind decided to remind me of this songs existence. I don't know why, and the only place I remember it from was guitar hero.


There is a sexual vigor I get out of ebaying. The last 30 seconds of every auction is so thrilling you never know what might happen! (vid unrelated)


Avp2 is finished(my booleg copy). Yup still pretty good and my rankings stay the same with marine campaign on top and alien being the most meh. On to avp3 and maybe an avp 1 revisit. Or I might do something else with my short attention span :P


Im not gonna lie, I miss physical pc games. I especially miss big box pc games :P


A sneak preview of coming attractions :P Im shocked at the plastic quality but a few joints are squeaky so something to be mindful of.


I have the magical power of watching leaked trailers 30 seconds before they get taken down. On a side note, at least we get more cyberpunk 2077 news.


Im just going through some old genesis games for now. but holy shit! I had no idea of this games existence! and it's running on stock genesis hardware too! I'm goin through games like robocop vs terminator and ESWAT so feel free to recommend a shooter :P


So MMC's seekers are apparently still on sale after 6 years. I had no idea of this so I fucking jumped on it. If you haven't heard of it it's based on the hearts of steel comics. Steam punk transformers!


I can't believe Conan Exiles is getting its release tomorrow! Ive been with it since it first launched on early access and am shocked at how far its come. If you like rust or ark I wholly recommened it and for Conan fans wait for a discount.


Is ordering pizza from a different venue considered adultery? If so too late! I already cheated on my usual pizza joint. Worth it :P


I watched The Scorpion King again. I liked it alot more than I remember even if it did get a thousand different things wrong. Still, it is the sword and sandal cheesiness that I fucking love and as close as im gonna get to conan 3.


I wonder why kratos never turned into a giant scorpion...


60 fps in my video games? yeah sure that is fucking fantastic. 60 fps in my videos? absolutely disgusting. I know it has been a thing on youtube for awhile but jesus fucking christ 60 fps videos look ugly every time I watch one. Like a cheap 90s camcorder


Not mine, but holy fucking shit! This guy's work is clean! Mmmmmmm


Still my favorite historical warrior and walking pimp. Fun fact: landsknecht's would carry their money in their codpiece.


Squats still exist!!! Come on GW fucking do a full line release already! Urge to spend forgeworld prices intensifies...


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