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I dont know who these mystery upvoters are but I'm 99% sure they're bots. Current Status:


Current Status:


BEHOLD! A banner painted by timmy, age 7. In the future in probably just gonna print something out. Now I can get to work on the rest of the Grudgebringer infantry.


Got a couple of boyz done to fill out that regiment I did in orktober. Now to make the decision to add another regiment this year...


Mild take: not a fan of how this one turned out :T but its another mini out of the back log so I'll try something else next time :(


Am I doin this right?


I just spent an hour playing with a puppy.


Current Status:


I found this guy at my hobby store for a whopping $8 and had to get it! Gonna go right towards my Orc army, which grows more and more by the day...


Ewwwwww, Wes. (Happy Birthday :P)


What's old is new again! Through the power of Hero Forge I got Sir Roland all HD'd up! Ive had this mini for a bit but finally painted him last night.


The person who was really behind all those downvotes!


Got my year in review.


The 20 minute marine. I did this yesterday but finished the base this morning. More experiments in contrast! This one was done over zenithal and I kinda like it. Sticks out like a sore thumb though amongst my other blood angels.


A simple dwarf quarreler for todays mini, I wish GW didn't stop selling these guys.


Current Status:


Current Status:


I hate being in gaming limbo. I got some games setup and im gonna put em in a random picker and hope I dont lose interest in whatever comes up...


The first minis of the decade, two blood angels!


I'm like super late but i finally saw Bumblebee for my new years viewing and hot damn is it better then the last 4 michael Bay ones combined! Have a happy new year everyone :P


My last one of the decade. Although at this point it was more painting a statue/action figure then painting a mini. Probably gonna take a break for a bit til my next one.


Something sinister approaches...


Merry Orkmas everyone!


Current Status:


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