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Ive had this mini assembled for a while but I finally got around to painting Brian Blessed! He showed up in shadow of the horned rat so I can legally take him into my grudgebringers :P


Dont believe anything on the internet, this is what the REAL RE3 box art will be like so keep an eye out.


Wrath: Aeon of Ruin is as lovely as youd expect. Punchy weapons, great gore, levels almost as big as your mom. Really wish the whole thing was out already though :/


One last knight to complete the trio, although this shade of silver makes me want to paint more grey knights... Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Just what every mercenary army needs...a cutesy tank! Bringing out some oldhammer for you guys :P


Current Status:


Another knight for today, although I botched his face a little bit.


Hear that noise? Thats the sound of GW backpedaling hard on primaris lore. No more red ultramarines!


Me and my co worker were talking. (for anyone who knows he is the flat earther.) Anyways he was talking about holidays being fake. I responded with "I mean everything is fake if you think about it." It blew his mind and shut him up a little lol.


More experiments in contrast paints. Tried to go for blued steel. Ehhhhh, might do another black wash, or maybe I'll just strip it.


Sometimes you gotta shake the tree to see what falls out.


Commander Morgan Bernhardt of the Grudgebringers. Or at least my interpretation of him in his older years :P


The greatest secret santa gift anyone could ask for. I finally got my Gold...Incan Gold!


Nothing fancy, but a little sneak preview of what I'm doing next.


Teaser for a Friday reveal :P


...Shut up Kerillian.


I HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN! Ive got 3 termies that were shelved for months but by Sanguinius they will be finished! Here is Brother Scipio who tears every tile he is on, even the boarding pod.


Incase anyone wants another perspective on Terminator: Resistance before a sale.


It's international mens day, which means you have to slap man buns at some point today!


This is my favorite dumb mechanic ever put in a video game. I'll let you guess what it actually does :P


Terminator: Resistance is the best futre shock sequel we could have. Pc port is basic but it runs with no problems so far. I do miss these kinds of AA mid tier jank games.


This is an official GW photo.


Its been a little too long for me since I painted a marine. Not gonna lie I was gonna be a space wolves fanboy before I learned who the blood angels were.


More experiments in contrast and the quest for easy method yellow continues.


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