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My friend has most of my D&D books so heres some Warhammer ones instead :P


This is the ideal Dawi'Zharr form. You western dawi may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like.


Ugh, it is that time of year where the skylight bathes the tv in glare and I can't see what the hell im playing.


Why yes I still paint blood angels...


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Here is today's experiment. A...Hammerhal-ian? Azyrite? Whatever theyre called now in AoS lol. More info in comments.


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One gif review of Gadzookie vs Monke


Today is the day!


I hope someday to be as smug as this man.


Going oldhammer woth this one. This may be my grognardness but the older daemons look a million times better than the new ones. And to give it the evilest name I can think of...Zahnarzt!


My local taco bell didnt have any tacos.


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Just a humble clansmen standing steadfast at the Karak. RIP the old dwarf kit, it was so beautiful :T Also a handmade base as will all my dwarves get!( you can tell because of finger prints :P)


You ever have the horrible realization that you act a hell of a lot like one of your parents? Even in the smallest of ways...


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It took damn near forever with my procrastination but my Rat Patrol kill team is finally done! Time for this group of ragtags and crusty bitches to fight the xenos menace lol.


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Somewhere out there is a universe where the old world never exploded and we got that Battle for Blackfire Pass expansion :T but for now all I can do is make my own lol.


I have acquired a bar of green stuff. This was a mistake. I can now double my Snakebite Ork output now :P This one is cobbled together from about 4 different ork kits.


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