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The end of an era, I've had a weird feeling all day that something was gonna happen. I wish luck to Matt, Pat, and Woolie in their future endeavors.


It took me a while but I finally got this guy done! I got discouraged halfway through painting him but persevered. I may redo this one again one day but happy with it. Fun fact: Blood Angels librarians can cast a spell that gives em red energy wings :P


I'm currently in gaming limbo as I don't really know what to play. I don't really wanna start something new but I don't feel like going back to unfinished games. Well in the mean time enjoy this potential pic of Limomaker or Gajknight :P


Played through the battlefield 5 campaign, they were eh. About the only 2 I liked were the French and German campaigns. Also an assload of cops decided to show up in front of my house to arrest a group of teens(vid summary)


A nice little suprise! A conan rts is being made by the same guys doing the C&C remaster. Funcom also plans to announce a single player conan something later in 2019 aswell! Heres hoping that rts is good...


What the fuck did I walk into on discord?


I've never been the biggest devil may cry fan, but the dmc v god damn one!


I got my reaction ready for whatever Alien Blackout is gonna be. Heres hoping im wrong...(Edit) Welp I watched the game awards for nothing. damn insiders and there non knowledge. At least psychonauts 2 is a thing.


I have made pie, now I can marry the town mayor's son and live in the big house and no longer wear drab frocks.


Painted up another of the emperors 🅱ig 🅱ois :P Next time I get a mini in gravis armor I am cutting that hood off. Also wish my lighting wasn't shitty :/


Who the fuck is battlechan? (Pic unrelated)


Gaming Historian continues to be an amazing channel, give a look if you haven't already!


I'm just trucking along fruitlessly waiting until the 6th for that Alien announcement. Been playing alien trilogy and it is fairly decent, but I'd still recommend doom wads over it.


You motherfucker, you could have just sent over mephiston and I would have been giddy. But you also went ahead and got me one of black library's limited edition books!? This is the greatest gift I have ever gotten, Thank you to my secret santa!


So Amanda Ripley from isolation will get to continue her story in comic form, so atleast theres that. Aliens: Resistance #1 of 4 is out this january and is a sequel to defiance, so I guess I got some reading to do. Also heres hoping for good news the 6th.


For those two people that are invested in sandwich quest, I have conquered the other half. FUCK YOU SANDWICH!!! Current status:


I just ate half of a thicc ass sandwich, I think im gonna die now. A beef brisket and pastrami death.


I wish aliens games weren't dead...


My little on again off again project these past 2 months. I can now dump these guys into my space hulk box!


Anyone have one of these adapters? Got some spare cash and kinda really want one.


Anyone wanna trade facial hair? Mines grows too damn fast and I gotta shave bi-weekly now. I could grow it out but I can never get past the neckbeard stage without being disgusted.


I've been working alot of extra hours these past weeks. My secret santa matchup better appreciate this!(excuse to post gif :P)


Gamesack finally did a video on the genesis and its gotten me in the mood to play again. Played some Bloodlines last night and gonna go through Shinobi 3 later today! Also in my mind battle sisters would totally have a mega drive on the ship :P


Im not gonna lie, big daddy calgar is looking mighty fine as a primaris marine. might just buy this one for the hell of it.


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