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Current Status:


Current Status:


Current Status:


Got some more grognard stuff done, grenadier orcs and they are ugly lol. Atleast I can try out some 70s/80s orc skintones.


Not gonna lie I always thought Batman was a celibate. Like a battle monk or something...


And it only took 20 years...


Current Status:


It's that time of year where the weather makes the room I paint in unbearable so my mini output will be less than I want. In the meantime enjoy this blueberry :P


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If I didnt have a fear of resin id have gotten a 3d printer by now...


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I have 4 hidden blank qposts because I keep mashing through the new menu...


Shadow of the Horned Rat is free on GOG but be warned, it definitely shows its age and also you must have an encyclopedic knowledge of how 4th/5th ed Warhammer Fantasy works. Vid unrelated...


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I am proud to announce that the reptilian menace has been captured in a spirit totem :P Also to expect more grognard materials in the near future...


Oh my god necromunda hired gun is so jank, its so fucking trash, I fucking love it!


I leave for a week and everything is fucked up.


It is with a heavy heart that I say my time draws near. Nothing left to say but so long, and thanks for all the fish!


I managed to leave the Hotel California.


Id like to also mention that I'm a decorated war hero of the napoleonic wars.


I am the one who goes bump in the night.


Contrary to what you might believe, I actually have a very thick south mountain appalachian drawl.


Everytime some one mentions Metroid Prime 4 I delay it by 6 months.


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