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Ive come to the conclusion that Markus Kruber is secretly the other avatar of sigmar. An empire soldier who is some how wiping out regiments of clan rats solo...he must be operating on herohammer rules then :P


My Conan obsession has returned, so the next day/week/month will be me reading hyborian lore and spending way too much on Conan merch. And maybe some Conan Exiles in between. CONAN!


My tax return also showed up last week, so i got myself a little something. He is now the holy grail of my g1 collection.


"Red Communist Chinese have invaded american soil, lets drive Jingwei out of anchorage!" PS: fuck painting white :P


I do like listening to old(er) people talk. Especially the history of my state and whatever random topics arise. Like arguing the best pizza ever :P


In todays age of empires venture, I pulled an opium wars by slaughtering neighboring tribes but not their docks! And forced them to trade with me >:) vid semi related :P


There is only one bad thing about the remaster of age of empires, THEY REMOVED THE DOCK NOISE! LITERALLY UNPLAYABLE!


So in the new HD version of AoE that came out they added small narrations to the missions. When I leave the game the narrator fucking guilts me for leaving!? talking about how my tribe starved to death and was wiped out and shit! aww I love this game :D


Last one for presidents day. Good old honest Abe is my personal hero and favorite president! one of the reasons I read up so much about our civil war history in my youth was because of him. if you havent already go watch steven spielbergs movie Lincoln :P


I completly forgot that age of empire hd was coming out today. It was my first pc game ever! Im pretty happy with the Upatch and my cd copy but tempted to buy to show support for it. Heres hoping AoE 4 doesnt turn out to be another dawn of war 3 :P


Here is todays batch of minis done. Really excited for the mobius fallout minis when they come out aswell!


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