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So question time. Have you ever played a game for too damn long you dream about it? I kept dreaming i was an ottoman turk murdering british people.


The only way Morpho could ever truly reveal himself.


Accurate depiction of Dere infiltraiting destructoid.


We live in mcCarthy era dtoid. Anyone and everyone is Morpho...


My favorite treacherous cowards in pop culture history ^_^ rest in peace Chris Latta.


Attention: If you are in an abusive relationship please seek help as soon as you can!




I wish playmobil had the balls to release a 1529 seige of vienna set after releasing this martin luther figure.


Finally getting around to playing metro 2033 redux. Was the gas mask breaking mechanic just removed from the game? Im gonna miss that as it gave the surface levels some more tension. It also looks a bit more cartoony then the original. Kinda like avp2010.


Well i had a hell of a morning. Lighting struck the pole across from my street and fried something. Giant lighting arcs of awesomeness were my morning alarm!


Landsknecht. One of my favorite words to say and some of the most fabulous warriors in history! Exact reason i got into warer fantasy(before the explosion).


When you wanted a version of superion but the only colors avalible are flamboyant gay. Also starscream :)


Question time for anyone. I know we have british and australian dtoiders, but do we have any other national dtoiders? French? German? Argentinian? Moon men :P


Petition to Enthusiast Gaming to GIVE ME BACK MY SON!


Transformers:the last knight...it was pretty fun! Then again these movies are my guilty pleasure. I kinda guessed the unicron thing right but of course it is reserved for the sequel :T waiting for armada unicron toy re-release again.


Predicting the plot twist of the new transformers movie: unicron is the earth and its a rip off of transformers prime.


Alan wake american nightmare for whoever wants it. Code in comments. EDIT: taken.


Another night means another serenade. Stay cool night owls of dtoid.


PSA: if youre bored and have netflix watch this! It is alot like beast wars in how weirdly mature it gets.


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