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Current Status:




Am I doing this right?


Current Status:


The taint of chaos continues! Got a 6th ed plaguebearer done and boy do they trounce the latest ones.


My latest Lord of the Night! Señor Juan Rico Sanchez. Flower admirer. Likes: Carne Asada, King of Fighters, Dragonball Z and plays guitar at his tios house.


I woke up and chose violence.


Daily reminder that Indiana Jones is a sadistic fuck!


Sus Status:


Are all Toms destined to peep? Are all Susans lazy? Will Jose ever get his way...


Permanent Status:


Jeez this took forever lol. Finally getting the lance filled out. Practicing more on tiny tiny battle armor minis :P in another 4 months of procrastination the whole force will be done!




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Presented without comment...


I was supposed to paint something today but got sidetracked. So enjoy the Grenzstadter on vacation :P


Behold! My first uh, coloring? I wanted a new discord avatar so pulled something out from the warhammer fantasy 3rd ed armies book. Think ill be sticking to minis as this looks like something out of a windows 3.1 game lol. Kudos to the dtoid artists here!


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Why yes, they do make micro apes...


Obligatory Weather Girls Status:


I was in the mood so I painted up another EDGE LORD. The Deacon of Doom...


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