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Beware the Iron Man.


I have my paranoid LP somewhere in my house.


Preparing for eclipse, nothing but black sabbath songs leading up to "the one song".


Wish me luck monday! Im going to break the curse of bad things happening to me when i listen to sabbath bloody sabbath during the eclipse. Then again i might start a war so who knows...


I was at the hobby store and i ended up talking to guy about miniatures for 40 mins. Also i found rx-78-2 and couldnt resist.


In honor of Skaven being officially announced i shall give a shout out to an rts fav of mine. It's old, jank, and there are a million better rts games, but shadow of the horned rat still holds a place in my heart.


How many pinatas have you smashed from the GOG sale? I got bombshell and its pretty alright.


Nice! the GOG pinata sale is a go right now. video completely unrelated :P


Can i reveal one of my irrational fears? The emergency alert system.


Woke up, played sonic mania, saw that metal gear rising is backwards compatible, making burgers later, today was a good day.


Gt to shoot my buddy's 1911 and it is glorious! Cant wait to get my own. Also a rare picture of me and my tangled hair.


Happy Birthday Tohsaka! We dont interact much but you always seem like a cool fellow.


Continuing my Necromunda hype train, yall got a favorite gang? I gotta go with House Goliath on aesthetic alone.


When the gang war is about to pop off in the underhive and one of your gangers faces just melted off.


Some classic Necromunda art for ya. The punk metal and rock is strong!


Eeryone ready to chill? Wish i had my wooden pipe and tobacco pouch on me cause god knows i need a smoke after today.


The more things change the more they stay the same.


i talked about rap but who likes reggae here?


I dont know how many people here like rap but which side do you prefer? i prefer East Coast Beast Coast. EDIT: and yes Dirty South but no more! Otherwise the qpost wont fit.


the one on the right realistically only took a couple of hours but he was assembled and primed in june. then summer happened. the one on the left is def next.


Welp i nabbed myself the pc version of night trap. gonna go for the ps4 version but at 2% remaining stock i doubt it :( also expect fallout minis soon...


Also here is some classic sterling. I never noticed how PIERCING blue his eyes are...


yay! my miniatures arrived ^_^ all the way from mighty slovakia no less! will assemble one later.


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