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It'd be cool if the konami collection had Snatcher so I don't have to pay $500 for it...


Anyone wanna take bets on whether Stadia lasts longer than OnLive?


Gonna build a time machine and shoot whoever it was who invented the word "Moister".


Pics of the mega sg are starting to show up. This is it paired with the sega cd...yeah. I'd still get it but wanna wait on reviews first :P


Getting in the mood again to play some genesis. Im on the hunt for an old crt for my consoles. Have a chance at buying a Sony PVM-1910 but the craigslist ad is 2 months old but updated 6 days ago. here's hoping...


Anyone here planning on getting the Mega SG? Its shipping out early but I kinda wanna see how it turns out especially the Sega cd compatibility.


Playing some more War of Rights, nothing like standing in the line of fire taking reb bullets with a smirk on your face :P


When you're walking through the corn field and the stalks start speaking southern.


I had no idea that this game finally entered early access! I was following War of Rights for a while and wanted to kick into it a bit but forgot. It is VERY early alpha but I've enjoyed the 2 matches i've played. Gonna be playing more later today!


I know im late to the party but quake 1.5 sure is fucking awesome :P Makes me more excited to see if anymore quake stuff is in the future aside from 3drealms' new game.


I opened the door and the cold winter breeze blew against my fat moobs and I wanted to king kong style beat my chest and roar.


I've had the strangest urge to play Starcraft again. Im absolute shit at it but still :P


Did a quick Blood Boi today. The longest thing that took time was drying. With how fast I did him I might start batch painting these guys :thinking: Just need to finish the base.


Comments are still broken eh? A hearty Selam from the Grand Vizier >:) now what to command...


Current status


Beautiful. Absolutely fucking beautiful! I still got one or two empire state troop boxes around...


Me every god damn time.


Ah yes! A mighty librarian has entered the space hulk! Worked on this guy all day after being frustrated painting another miniature last week. I tried to do writing on the book and scroll but couldn't get the lines thin enough so eh :P


I absolutely love this intro!


Those new Vanguard Marines though...


Fun fact: I am one of two people who have reviewed warhammer adventures attack of the necron. At least on Amazon.


I'm not gonna lie, I've just been playing an ass load of heroquest after setting up the amiga workbench again. Still really really want to get the board game if only to have it. Nobody can stop Sigmar the barbarian!


So ends my revisit through the Crysis series! I wouldn't mind a 4th one but also am happy with how it ends. No crashes on this one but I did have to fuck with alot of settings to and eventually locked it to 30 fps. Now to play something a bit less intense


Being an adult means ignoring random phone calls throughout the day and hoping they don't leave a voice mail.


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