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Its sunday and its 3am, lets just roll with it.


It's a start, I really hope alot more BC xbox titles get on with little hassle but thats me hoping. come on mechassault!


#CaptureD'écranSamedi cela pourrait être ma capture d'écran préférée que j'ai jamais prise de bf1.


So i don't know if i just haven't been paying attention but apparently people think robocop 2 is bad? What!? Its pretty fucking good if you ask me, hell even the kid actor isnt cancer like newt or john connor. Opinions?


Briton Boys II: back to the chip shop.


Gonna be away for the day, don't worry dtoid. I'll be watching you...


Have you eaten breakfast? You should eat some breakfast...


What's with all the beautiful people on dtoid!? Seriously every damn one of you is gorgeous!


I'm not racist but...the borg are trying to assimilate me again! So much for the tolerant left...


well playing age of empires 2 with @BigDoniel made me realize I need a hell of a lot more practice. also ships save lives!(Thanks again don:P)


I'm 1/3 of way through evil within (chapter 5) and taking a break. here's some nidhog 2 ost for ya.


Alright guys starting my evil within venture. If my next qpost isnt about how far I got then slap me. Also happy birthday! To my mom who I thought was a witch when I was a kid.


The evil within 2 is pretty good so far, but i really should play the first one first. if i were to play on easy difficutly how long would it take?


#MensHealthToid I got scared early this week. I found a lump on my...skin, but it appears to have dissapeared. Also felt like a spider bite though.


A final nsfw post before occams bans me(and possibly this :P).


What if Morpho is the one creating the bots? Making us all distracted by these advanced automatons and proceeds to sneak in and assimilate dtoid users! Its getting even harder to trust people around here...


I want to do a thought experiment, so feel free to join in if you want. What is the first image in your mind that appears when the words "Old Man" are said?


You know, Cuphead is technically Shang Tsung with all the soul stealing and murder.


You know cuphead really isn't that hard. Just pour "dip" all over it.


This is Crazy Horse (memorial). Apparently actual photos of him dont exist. He's a crazy fucker :P


This is Benito Jaurez, Mexico's first indigenous president. He He helped gained equal rights for indigenous peoples, overthrew the empire and reformed the republic, and was also 4'6 :P


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