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An exercise in group coherency for this squad. I'll finish up the other 3 later and can finally get to the model ive been waiting to paint!


I made a dumb purchase. I got my next project after the iron warriors are finished...


Ive never seen dwarves have dirty beards even after battle...


Current status:


Current Status:


As is tradition I painted up another totally not terran marine before starting on another iron warriors project.


Today's experimemt with contrast paints. It's...kinda ugly. This stuff has a learning curve that I'm slowly coming to grips to.


Waking up to a cold tile floor, Summer is coming to an end...


I'm never painting white again.


5 more dirt munchers finished. Also #ConfessionToid time, I'm technically done with a majority of the apocalypse box. I bought an extra box of CSM before I got it :P I'll just store the extra away and paint em as night lords later.


How many people remember the thing video game? The official/unofficial sequel to the 82 movie?


Holy shit, that final act in gears 5 is depressing. Not in the cynical douche way like I'm actually sad. 2.5 stars out of 3, now to wait for 6!


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Gears of war 5 is exactly what I needed.


I haven't forgotten! Im determined to finish the damn apocalypse box! 5 more rude boys off the assembly line, 15 more to go!


Grass grows, birds fly, GW shoves half assed lore into 40k. I'm not a huge Dark Angels fan but I know enough that just ham fisting primaris marines into ravenwing and deathwing is plain old dumb :T


Whats the consensus on the recent planet of the apes trilogy? I've actually never seen dawn of or war of yet but plan on fixing that this week.


Im the asshole who purposefully screams everytime I sneeze. #MikeMondays


He hasnt been here in a few weeks but I still remember. Happy Birthday Retrofaction!


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Meanwhile in discord...


Because im a masochist, I just played through all of Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel. Four words: Buttrock, BAWLS, and SHIEEEEIT. No footage of the Super Mutant bathroom scene exists that im not lazy enough to find, but it sums up the game perfectly.


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You've gotten a lot farther than you should have, but then again you haven't met Frank Horrigan either. Your ride's over, mutie. Time to die.


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