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Two for one today, dreaming of a colder place...


Got another fabulous defender of black fire pass done, I'm not gonna be a coward on the next one and do the color alternations that are expected of landsknechts.


Happy birthday ninja! nothing for frosty because he's a dirty ultra marines player :P


Real real happy with how this one turned out! Dwarves and Orcs are two of my favorite mini type to do.


I finished my romp through Assassin's Creed 2 and it still fairly good if aged. I'd play through the rest of the trilogy if it wasnt for Ghost Sushi coming out next week. Also codpieces :P


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Krumpin' Statiz;


Late Night Status:


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Current Status/ 100% totally historically accurate no shut up tho:


Two for one today. Im kinda all over the place on what I wanna do lol.


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Did they ever make a good Superman game?


So anyways here is 16th century Wes fighting a zombie :P


The lost Von Carstein sibling. Not my best but oh well lol. Have to stop myself from buying up a vampire counts army now...


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So I dont know how much of it is actually done (read its up to the pillars) but I am impressed by Blood Omnicide so far!


I was today years old when I learned blood omen received a 3d mod...


Going vintage for this friday. Fun fact: thats the first space marine they ever released!


So I started these grots around March but me being me ignored them until now. Contrast paints sure do help a ton! I don't know if im gonna be doing anymore 40k orks from now on though...


Bangle is my favorite word to say.


Did two different minis today, traditional on the left and contrast on the right. Ive had those grots primed since March and need to finish the little bastards!


#ConfessionToid I have never seen Band of Brothers, but I did just finish wathcing it's sister series The Pacific and holy shit... That gets emotionally exhausting towards the end, especially episode 9. I highly recommend it if you havent seen it.


Current Status:r/minipainting is a fantastic place 😂


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