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I really wish there were more short games, or atleast better paced ones. I'm wearing thin on 120+ hour games where 110 of those hours are meaningless busy work. Or when certain games pull the true ending bullshit.


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Im working on something ;)


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The Sonic movie was definitely better than expected. We now have two good video game movie adaptations!


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Hi neighbor.


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Current Status:


Tom did nothing wrong.


This is probably the funnest mini ive painted so far lol! I really really like what GW did with this guy.


Reminder that Inquisitor Prohpecy is out on consoles today! Time to get your admech on :P


A quickie to clear out the back log of minis. Apothecary white and iyanden yellow are still amongst my favorites!






That's Elderborn all wrapped up! This was the best $11.99 plus tax I have spent on a game in the past few months. Current Status:


You should play Elderborn. Current Status:


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No more DBZA :( https://www.patreon.com/posts/end-of-dbza-33758684


Elderborn is the only game in months to hold my attention. Current Status:


Just a couple of gym bros hacking in the name of khorne :P left is contrast right is traditional. I dont think I'll ever get a hold of using the contrast paints. I will use em to speed up other process though.


Guess who remembered they have a lamp! Ive had this guy for a bit(common theme for me) and finally did him up. RIP empire :T


Elderborn is pretty fucking sweet so far, Current Status:


URUK-HAI!!!...orc :P I went to my GW to see if they had any uruk hai in person but the answer was no. So im just painting the gore gruntas I have as them until I get a box of em.


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