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So after my bioshock retread ill be planning on a mafia playthrough! Never really played the series before except half of mafia 2, but this time im going to finish the whole series. also might smoke a cigar while doing it and make fun of jersey :P




So weird and specific question but, any british or australian dtoider haver an ancestor that fought in gallipoli? Edit: and canadians! You were there too, well newfoundland canadians but still :P


Major Tom and Rocket Man are the same person...


You know, I love seeing a woman slap things. These include her slapping another woman for being a bitch, her slapping a man for something scandalous, or just a slap in general for when some one is going crazy and they need to calm em down.


Sony...why, in the year of our lord 2017, do you STILL insist on charging a fucking $5 minimum to my card when all I want to do is buy something less than that!? Microsoft and steam dont do that shit! Hell GoG doesnt either!


I've beaten enough new games to justify giving my backlog the finger :P So time to go through the bioshock series again! My god do I love this series so much! this is one of those games I like to play during the cold months especially.


This is 100% correct.


All I want for christmas, is GOLD! Mr.Bond.seriously, elfster let me wishlist gold 10 oz bars :P


Yay! It arrived! for some reason this wasnt set to release until january. Also, the skirmish board game set for march is a completly different game just using the same miniatures,huh. Now im just debating whether to paint em or not. Comparison pics (cont)


One of my favorite video game cutscenes ever! Everyone in this situation is retarded. The cop for not being able to kill TWO zombies, the pilot for getting annihilated, and leon/claire for just standing there watching it unfold!


Yeah, I think i'll be moving on from Parasite Eve. Or atleast do it in small bursts. Spoilers about the chrysler building, IT'S FUCKING BORING! even for me! Shame because the rest of the game is pretty good considering my dislike for jrpg's. time for re2!


Welp, just "finished" parasite eve. But wait!? The chrysler bulding awaits! IT'S NOT OVER YET!


Probably the wrong place to ask this question but lets see. Who would win in an epic court case, Matlock or Perry Mason?


That 16 hour shift I worked net me a pretty penny! Gonna get myself something nice for the board game collection :)


Im gonna do something completly uncharacteristic of me. Im about to go through a jrpg :P to be fair i've seen the tbfp walkthrough a billion times. I just want to see the chrysler building for myself. Heres to Aya Breakowski :P


Ugh, gonna have to wait for my nephew to show up tonight. If he doesnt show up then it's gonna be tomorrow.


I will say one thing, the dtoid name changer is racist! It refuses to let me use the glorious Ø in my name :( pic related.


bong264? He will be away for the holidays. Cousin bjørn264(no fell handed relation)will be here for the holidays! Now lets kill us some thousands sons heretics!


Welp that was an experience. Good thing my account wasn't effected by the warp! Otherwise some heresy purging would have to be performed...


Dtoid...how the fuck did I get access to greenhornets account!!! Its me bong264! WHAT THE FUCK!


The best part of black friday is always the aftermath videos!


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