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Cheese quesadilla is a funny phrase. Its basically the equivalent of PIN number and ATM machine. cheesy cheese tortilla :P


May I say, ork painters have my respect. Checker patterns are a bitch! Just gotta do a little clean up on the grass and this outrider is done.


My cat, I love my cat. But sometimes I fucking hate her! I left the side door open but she likes going out the back. I open the back door for her and sit down at my desk and not 2 minutes later she found her way inside through the side door and meows!


Conan Exiles was updated on consoles today, Due to my pc being unrelaible I havent really followed the updates. Holy shit, the new changes make it a much much better game! its also harder then trex shit! For me as a conan fan its definitely a dream game!


I beat titanfall 2 :/ well atleast I got something to do till friday :P


I forgot to ask one important question on the god of war article. Whats this games dumb ass sex mini game gonna be? Are we gonna just have a massive valkyrie orgy while arteus just hides in a nearby bush somewhere?


It ain't warhammer unless there is an obscene amount of skulls involved :P


I have decided to go through titanfall 2 campaign/ multiplayer again for the wait till friday. my only wish is that there was a new game plus with all the classes unlocked so I could go through the whole thing with legion :P


I think I made a mistake. I thought god of war 3 would take longer but im already at the cavern return. If I finish then ill have like 7 days til dad of war left. hmmmmmm... EDIT: yeah went ahead and beat it. Guess i'll do...something until friday :/


Why yes, I do have a zeus miniature. This one is from hero forge! First time ever using em an they are A-Ok!


I somehow completely forgot about the dumb giant music box that operates on dualshock buttons.


My little break worked! Finished the wolfenstein 2 dlc(it's fine) and finished up god of war 2. Now only GoW3 remains!


A combination of me being poor and not having space for threezero's offerings, I got these guys! Glyos was licensed to make these guys and they are adorable ^_^ might repaint the t-45...


I hate to say this right now of all times but I think im temporarily burned out on god of war right now. only have 2&3 to finish but might play something else for just today. I still got 9 days right?


I do like google's doodle today. Omar Sharif is a fucking boss!


Πρόσταγμα? Έτοιμος. Εισβολή! Εις Μάχην!


I know there was a splat fest about it but im curious to know the sites opinion. Sci-fi or Fantasy? (Strawpoll in comments)


Yo! Hapy birfday ackbong :P [accurate depiction of when we meet one day]


Reminder that chickens need glasses otherwise they start eating each other.


Working an off day is weird, especially when employees mention it. Also still weirded out that said employees know me and my routine...


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