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It has been a while since we've had a dtoid trend. You giys should like, do a dtoid trend :P


Here's a cool take on a biblical classic for you christian teens :P


My one hope for the upcoming Dank Souls remaster is the hope for better servers and connections. Been invaded twice and both opponents moved like choppy messes. Gif unrelated :P


THESE FUCKING ZOMBIES WITH GUNS IN THEIR CHESTS! also happy bdays robert panda z :P


Anyone wanna aid me in my quest? Im trying to find a way to play the mac version of wolf3d. Any mods or total conversions? Ive got 4do emulator since its the same game. Kinda want a higher resolution though :/


i had a mini adventure today. I thought the neighbors got robbed as their front door was open and the cops came later. but it turns out that their little girl just opened the door and walked up the street. er, also happy bday to larx and wes :P


You know I actually used to look forward to this game, until I found out it was always online and only through the stupidest fucking reasons. Shame to because it's from the same people who do The Adventures of Van Helsing! sigh.


So it's sleeting right now at my work. As expected all the pavement and lots are now slippery! It legit took me 5 mins to escape the lot, handicap ramps and small slopes are now mountains.


Look at this fucking bruiser! Mgs shadow eyes because fuck painting eyes :P I do fucking love the mask heads though!


Fair warning, if you ever want to use the beaky helm, cut off the front neck ridge. It would have made my life a billion times easier!


Some averland oldhammer for the day.


So disney decided to release an HD screenshot specifically of #BenSwolo , now you can see him glisten as well :P


Public Service Announcement:


If you could have a grim and gritty realistic reboot of any game what would it be? I'd want a reboot of The Oregon Trail with tons of murder and death and drama.


Caveman Drunk thoughts, THIS GOOD!


Anyone have any experience with upscalers for the ps2? I'm in the mood but dont wanna go through the usual crt way.


Responsible spending? Whats that?


We live in the correct time line.


If youre a transformers collector you know exactly what this is. The upgrade kit that started the 3rd party transformers market and all the great 3rd party figures a fan could ask for! 10 FUCKING YEARS(in september) and I finally got my hands on him!


Mafia is put on hold as I remembered that I own the Godfather on the 360! never beat that version so gonna play through before I touch mafia. (pic unrelated :P)


I think child labor is making a comeback. I keep seeing people at places who look way to young to be working. Eh, maybe its just me...


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