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I really really appreciate REmake 2's difficulty. I usually finish re2 with an assload of ammo to spare but here I finished with ONE MAGNUM BULLET! I'm loving this you guys :P also spoilers for REmake 2 in comments.


Thats Claire A all wrapped up. Gonna start Leon B and finish up tomorrow, if I get done fast enought I might speed run REmake 1.


How did Annette know about the parts of the story she wasn't there for?


Me everytime I see kendo get fucking massacred in RE2.


Im 75% sure this pic is fake, but I always think about it every MLK day.


Brothers in Arms series is on GOG! Cheap for all 3 too!


Alien assault has gotten me in the mood to paint another terminator ^_^ had Sergeant Gideon primed for months before I built the courage to paint him. Also hapy birthday to Panda, Larx, and Siddartha :P




Another day another Blood Angel done. He is not as shiny as the picture makes em out to be I swear!


Happy elephant#80 there Wes :P Hope you have some bomb ass tacos to celebrate later!


Unleashed my inner american and went to the range today! Went with my friend who I haven't seen in forever and blasted a zombie and her chihuahua. 10/10 would shoot eye again :P


You ever just get a random childhood memory pop up every once in awhile? Story about my trip to the P.T. Barnum circus with my aunt amd her husband (uncle?) in the comments.


So ends my 3rd(strike) of the RE2 demo. I'm really impressed by the pc port! Heres looking to more Leon "Butt Chin" Kennedy the 25th.


Played through the re2 demo again with 14 minutes to spare :P My god its fantastic! Also glad the "herb" is getting its HD remake lol.


That REmake 2 demo... these next 2 weeks are gonna be a hell of a wait!


I legitimately can't remember the last time I had grape soda...(pic unrelated)


Debating whether I should play Resident Evil 2 now or right before the 25th. Also if I should play REmake 1 as well. Going through resi 2 i'd just be doing Claire A and Leon B. hmmmmmmmmmm...


I don't know how many people remember that bretonnian stormcast I did last year...but here is the other one. I also seemed to have given that head down there a eyebrows :P


Alien Blackout...well atleast that new comic is still coming out I guess?


Astartes part 3 is out!




The last miniature of the year for me, here's to another year!


Reminder that in the next hours that it will be THE FUTURE! Replicants, flying cars, Mega cities, and space colonization/wars will be occuring...Right?


Im having a bit of a geek out moment. They redid the classic rogue trader Crimson Fists last stand in the new primaris style! Complete with commander holding an ork head! Crimson Fists are getting alot of love right now!


My mind auto corrects Sony to sonny and now I cant stop reading it as sonny :/ every headline is a gift to me!


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