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List of RE characters I want to see a come back from. Carlos Olivera, Billy Coen, Nikolai Zinoviev, Rebecca Chambers (yeah she was in the last movie :P), and most importantly Sheva Alamor! Just make a revelations 3 with em or something...


The collection grows... just need to take out another mortage to get the last six I need :P


Can you think of a more generic title? Getting hyped for RDR2 im gonna be going through a few western games leading up to it. I really liked GUN! back when I played it on the xbox. Lets see how it holds up...


Not from vegas, but I ironically have a lot of family history there as well as lots of visits. Colorado counts as south west right? Quiz in comments for those who wanna give it a go :P


Joining in on the fun :P For some reason i thought this was on pc and not phones. If I had known I would have been playing last night!


So I picked up We Happy Few (yeah yeah) and when I saw the install there was only 2gb on the disc with an 8gb download... I said it before and i'll say it again; The ps4 and xbone are not gonna last 20 years from now when support gets dropped for em :/


I love a good knife throwing act.


Can we just talk about how the pain elemental does a shuffle every time he moves? Also that fucking arch vile gave me ptsd from seeing it.


"and they shall know no fear." Wasn't planning on doing this guy anytime soob but eh, it was an in the moment kind of thing. Really proud of this guy actually ^_^ just need to dry brush the base.


Quick and dirty one for today. Just need to finish the base and maybe gloss coat.


So apparently chad has white lines on his neon green pants... (Song unrelated)


The warhammer community continues to be amazing! Album in comments.


HOW DID I MISS THIS!!! next pre order run I'll be right there, even if I have to stay up all god damn night pressing F5!


Thats DooM 64 finished. I like it a lot more than DooM 2 but slightly less than DooM. Some puzzles were stupid and the last boss can eat a bag of dicks. Didn't have the upgraded gun so I had to cheese the entire fight. Hexen or Quake might be next...


Another genestealer knocked out and Ordellon now has his shiny new shoulder badge and a base thats 3 kinds of grey :P


Im bulking out the ds collection a bit and this is one of the first to come in. I had no idea of this existing and it aint half bad!


Tactical marines can take assault cannons right? Here is my first "custom" mini and tribute to Brother Ordellen from Space Crusade :P just need to finish the base and apply decals.


Still don't know if commanding everyone to dance was a mistake or not, but considering we've had 24 hours worth of gifs and community enjoyment I guess it was a success :P


Since no one can post comments that I can see I declare myself Grand Vizier under the mighty Sultan Niero. I DEMAND ALL OF YOU TO DANCE!


I DID NOTHING WRONG! (this is a pre emptive qpost :P) pic semi related.


Today on "Songs stuck in my head" some Halestorm :P Have a good monday folks!


I'm on my way to losing another belt notch. Not sure how to feel about it considering I didn't really change any of my habits at least that i've noticed. Song unrelated :P




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